Our Black Friday Event, Be Your Best in 2016!

Last Update: November 23, 2015

Hey Folks,

Many of you are already aware of the Black Friday festivities that are going to be taking place here at WA later this week, but for those that are not I am going to walk you through the events.

On Black Friday (November 27th, 2015) at 10AM PST we are going to be offering a HUGE discount on yearly memberships here at Wealthy Affiliate. From the days of November 27th - November 30th at 11:59PM PST, you are going to be able to get a yearly membership for $299 if you are either a monthly or a Starter member.

This is insane when you put it into perspective…

  • 53% discount on the normal monthly membership price!
  • $0.82 per day to run a business of any level/size online!
  • $24.91 per month for Premium access here at WA!
  • Much less than our membership price when we started WA 10 years ago!

There is nothing in the industry that comes close to what we offer you here at Wealthy Affiliate and we plan to keep it this way. In fact, if you have been around WA for any length of time you are aware of just how often we improve, evolve and innovate the platform/service/community here at WA. No extra fee. No upsells. Premium includes absolutely EVERYTHING.

We have some exciting rollouts planned in December and moving through 2016 is going to be no different. We are confident that it will be the most successful year for members here at WA. Lots of brilliant, member-centric stuff in the works.

But that is not all...there is a Never Seen Before Bonus throwing down..

I am not giving out the full details just yet this, but I have spent a considerable amount of time putting something together for all the Black Friday upgrades. In fact, I am just putting the final touches on a several month project, most of which was digging into the techniques, strategies and natural behaviours that almost nobody (other than those that are successful) are doing, and things that you absolutely should be doing.

It is a 3 video series and I think it is going to create “breakthrough” moments for many! This is going to be automatically delivered to anyone that upgrade through the $299 offer this Friday..and definitely will be the cherry on top of everything else you are getting here.

  • The lowest price ever, $299 per year.
  • A 3 video, never seen before bonus sequence.
  • Premium access to WA, the most powerful business building platform for an entire year.

Also, we are kicking things off in a big way on Friday with a more than appropriate way with our ”Let’s Talk Turkey - Live & Uncut Q & A”. What better way to bring on this Black Friday event then an open forum where members here will be able to ask any questions they have.

Here are some of the segments that this awesome live class will be divided up into.

* Q & A on Content

* Q & A on Traffic

* Q & A on Design

* Q & A on SEO

* Q & A on Email Marketing

* Q & A on Paid Traffic

* Q & A on Conversions

So if you plan on taking advantage of the Black Friday offer or you are already a Premium member, make sure you tune into this event! You can register for this event and submit your pre-event questions for Jay here...

==> REGISTER HERE: Let's Talk Turkey - Live & Uncut Q & A

Why Go Yearly?

Those that experience the most success online (and at the highest rate) are those that give themselves enough time to succeed. Over the years I have seen many folks fail, but also seen MANY folks succeed.

There is one clear factor that really differentiates those that are vastly successful and those that end up failing. TIME!

People tend to want success fast (as in RIGHT NOW) and that is not a reality. It personally took me three full months to make my first sale online and for some of you. But to build a skyscraper you have to be sitting on a firm foundation, and the first month(s) should be dedicated to building that foundation.

Yearly members are by far our highest achievers, have the highest success rates, and are generating the most income with their businesses because they are dedicated to their success.

Everything you need to create and grow an online business is here at WA. The only missing piece is you, your effort, and a bit of time. The yearly membership is your answer and will ensure that your path to success happens!

So this Friday, get ready to go yearly. It is an offer that comes once per year, and this specific offer will likely never be available again!

Want to Earn Some $$$ Promoting the Black Friday Offer?

There is going to be significant interest around the Black Friday event there at WA and we anticipate this to be a record breaking weekend for affiliate commissions.

Every single member here at WA has an affiliate account and you all have your own unique affiliate link that you can use to capitalize on this opportunity.

If you want to take advantage of this event and earn up to $130 recurring commissions, your special Black Friday affiliate link is now available on the Affiliate Program homepage.


You simply grab your affiliate link and share it wherever you like.

Some suggestions would be through your social profiles (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc), on your website, within your email list (if you have one), other forums, emailing your personal friends/family/acquaintances, you could even hold a sandwich board outside your local mall if that is something you fancy (ok, that last one was a joke).

There are also some banners that can leverage to add to your website. If you go to the Banners tab, you will see a bunch of new Black Friday promotional banners where you can download or link to them, or add them to your Facebook profile or other social media sites with your affiliate link attached.


Come this Friday, November 27th at 10AM PST the excitement is truly going to begin. You can get a massive discount on the WA Yearly Premium membership and get a special “never seen before” bonus in this process! Get ready!



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acoolmil Premium
Looking forward to the offer Kyle.
Kyle Premium
rossky Premium
Go ahead, guys! I have the yearly subscription. I figured it will take at least one year to compete this program. At this price, it's even less than a dollar a day! It's a bargain!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, for sure. I can assure you that platform/community will only get better and better with each day that passes and we have an exciting year ahead planned!
rossky Premium
I like it here and I look forward to an exciting year ahead!
Fantastic Kyle. WA just gets better and better!
Kyle Premium
That is the ultimate goal, we still feel as though we are just getting started 10 years later. Some really cool stuff coming in early December and of course slated through 2016. :)
VinceP1 Premium
This is a great deal Kyle. Did it last year, and plan to do it again this year.

What you get in the process of the yearly membership is worth multiples in terms of community, education, support , feedback, and ways to better yourself and your life in general.

Thanks Kyle!
Kyle Premium
Our goal has always been to help the most people possible, which our price point represents...versus trying to make the most money possible. Although we invest millions into the platform every year, we are now offering our lowest price ever. :)

Look forward to working with you in the year ahead Vincent!
Shawn Martin Premium
Great info Kyle. I know I am taking advantage of another year here at WA and getting the Black Friday discount to do it is just a bonus. I look forward to the videos and the live classes!
As always, you guys deliver. :)
Kyle Premium
Awesome Shawn, can't wait to see where you take your business in the year ahead (and of course I look forward to hanging out for another year). :)
fyre Premium
Is this your month to renew Shawn?
Shawn Martin Premium
yes it is but I believe that the new year would start at the end of your current years subscription so you would not loose any time.
fyre Premium
Kyle laid it down ...I can't re-register until next June. Can't blame a girl for trying hehee. Thank you for the reminder too. I can PM him to receive the bonuses.

We are so blessed...and I am SO grateful!

Thank you brother SHawn <3