Our Best EVER, Inflation BUSTING Offer is Coming.

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I just wanted to touch base with everyone today because I have been getting lots of questions about Black Friday and whether or not we are going to have another “discount” in the upcoming year.

The answer is an emphatic YES.

Not only are we going to be offering our BIGGEST discount ever, this is going to serve as a significant affiliate opportunity, our biggest ever in fact.

Let me give you a little insight here…

When we started our company back in the dinosaur era of the internet (circa, 2005), we ran a little keyword website called WealthyAffiliate.com. At the time, Carson and I both had 3 years full-time experience within the PPC world and were very successful affiliate marketers, relatively speaking.

Each and every week we would give people a keyword list of 30 words or so, with a few relevant affiliate programs, and give them potential “ads” they could throw up on Google Adwords (now referred to as Google Ads).

People would take these keywords, put up ads, and direct people to these affiliate programs or to their websites, and generate revenue. That is it. It was working, and we knew it would work because this is exactly how we were making money with our flourishing affiliate marketing businesses at the time.

Guess how much our “keyword list” service at Wealthy Affiliate cost back in 2005?

$359.88 per year.

If you have your calculator out, this is $29.99 per month. For a “keyword list” per week. People loved the service, and most people were upgrading to yearly memberships which is funny, because it wasn’t even a discount on the monthly payment. That shows a lack of our marketing skills back then, but we were also very new to running a “business 2 consumer” business, we were used to creating affiliate marketing campaigns for ourselves.

Anyways, here we are in 2021...heading into 2022. If you have watched the news lately, all you hear about is inflation. Since 2005, inflation has gone up 42% and compounded, this is likely going to be 50% after the data comes out for this year.

So the $359.88 membership in “today’s” prices is $539.82.

Inflation has gone up 42% since then, a $1 back then is worth much less than today. In fact, to get the same value for $1, you would need to spend $1.42.

In other words, if we had changed nothing about our “keyword list” service, in theory our pricing today on the basis of inflation alone should be $539.82.

But it isn’t, and our service has obviously changed drastically to the point where we offer 100x more than we did then, and a cheaper price (inflation adjusted) than we did then.

We are now THE most respected and reputable ALL INCLUSIVE platform for creating and growing businesses online, offering you everything you need under one roof.

  • The core training and weekly added training resources.
  • The weekly expert classes….over 250+ per year.
  • State of the art hosting, and website platform.
  • A keyword and market research suite (Jaaxy).
  • A writing platform that is going to evolve drastically in 2022.
  • The ability to network with close to 2.5MM aspiring and successful entrepreneurs.

And of course way more...but let’s move onto this year’s deal. I think you get the “deal” behind our back story, now it is time to explain what the DEAL is with this year’s Black Friday offer.

So Kyle, What is the Black Friday Price?!...Spit it Out

Alright, I’m getting to that. I just wanted to share a bit of the back story behind Wealthy Affiliate and where we started, and where we have come in the past 16+ years. A lot has changed, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our pricing.

This year we are doing something EXTRA special for folks, we are not only bringing back our $299 price point for Premium Yearly memberships, we are going to be offering our Premium Plus+ memberships at a price that is lower than our “inflation adjusted” price dating back to 2005 when we were a measly keyword list site...and honestly knew WAY LESS about business than we thought we did.

Premium Yearly Membership = $299/year.
Premium Plus+ Yearly Membership =

So you are going to be able to get up to a $689 discount off of the normal monthly price of the membership with Premium Plus+, and $289 off the normal price of Premium. YOU DECIDE. Whatever fits you and your situation best.

But this offer is only going to be available for 4 days, Friday, November 26th @ 9AM to November 30th @ 11:59PM PST.

There you have it. Beat inflation. Get OUR best service that we have ever built and our best service we will be building onto the year ahead.

Are you ready?

PS. We have some awesome bonuses coming...never seen before stuff (including a new tool this year). More on that next week, along with the AMAZING affiliate opportunity that this represents.

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Thank you again Kyle and Carson for this amazing platform and keeping delivering those TOP deals on the market!

WA is so valuable that there is no questions asked on my side and going for it this year as well.

Wishing everyone else great success for the years to come and beyond!



Awesome Olivier, if you are a long term member this is a no-brainer and we want everyone to be in a position where they don't have to worry about the costs of running a business throughout the year...and so they can focus solely on building their actual business.

Wishing you an amazing year ahead brother!

Thank you for taking the time to respond Kyle and also for your best wishes regarding my future success to come at WA.

Really Appreciated!


AWESOME! Thank you! You and Carson always deliver the best and I am still happy I joined WA in August 2013 then took the Black Friday deal in November 2013.

I may not be as active in the community as I was before, but I will NEVER leave. It makes no sense to do so with everything WA offers under one roof and for such a low price.

So once again, thank you Kyle and Carson. The two of you are a blessing to the affiliate marketing community. I wish you both, and your families, a Happy Holiday Season!


As always, it is great to hear from you Robert. Wishing you nothing but success in the year ahead and we still need to get you down to Vegas one of these years. Hopefully it is next year!

Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

Kyle, do I understand correctly that the Enterprise version of Jaxxy is included in the Plus membership with no additional monthly fee for it?

I ask because I'm currently grandfathered in my pro version for Jaaxy at $19 per month and if Enterprise is included does that mean I can cancel my pro version.

Yes, that is correct. Enterprise is included. You are better off cancelling you Pro version at Jaaxy, and then moving to Premium Plus+. There is also a new alphabet soup x beta tool that is going to be available to Premium Plus+ BF members as well. I have a class that I am going to be walking folks through this tool next Saturday. :)

I hope you are you doing well Leo!

Doing well thanks - Cool, I will cancel pro after I upgrade

Oh wow! I want to take that deal either for Premium or Premium Plus, but my yearly Premium membership is renewed on the 16th of November and Black Friday starts on the 26th. If I renew at the price I pay now and I get the Black Friday deal afterwards, will my yearly price be adjusted and will I get a refund of what I paid or how would that work? Is that even possible?


Believe you get to add an additional year and then for the following years you would be grandfathered at the new BF 2021 price (i.e. not subject to price increase) as long as you remain subscribed to the platform.

We are in same position, ours renewed 4th of November.

Hope this helps.

OK; so I renew for the current price I'm paying and when I sign up for the Black Friday deal I get refunded the difference?

Hey Christine,

I paid $258 (and was grandfathered in at $299) in May last year.

What I did was renewed monthly $49 on 29th April. Then Kyle offered a Black Friday Lockdown Offer on May 7th @ $299.. So, I purchased that and got the pro-rata price.

So, you could do something similar.

Remove your billing details (or cancel subscription if that's possible) the day before renewal, but purchase a monthly premium subscription. You should then get the $299 Premium deal on 26th with 10 days "discount". The same goes for Premium Plus.


Thank you, Partha! That helps a lot :-)

Yes that is what I was trying to explain in my blog post - just change to monthly just when your membership renews in November. Do that for the few weeks and then buy the black friday deal, its amazing!

You will be notified in advance about this offer, and how you will be able to take advantage of it. But yes, you are certainly going to be able to leverage this new pricing.

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