Las Vegas 2023 - Prepping for the Most Exciting Year Yet!

Last Update: Feb 2, 2023


Here we are just returning from the Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference for 2023, and I have had a few days to digest everything that took place, all the discussions that were had, and of course the fun the group had together this year.

Now I want to take all of these thoughts and ideas, and help you understand why the Vegas trip every year is so important to us, to super affiliates, and to YOU as a member within the WA community.

The reality is, we are on a mission to be our best selves, all of us (including you I assume). Each and every year WA evolves and improves based on what is happening in the Internet world, but as importantly based on feedback we get and being able to hash out new concepts, ideas, and platforms.

This year is no different and we had some of the most engaging and powerful material to discuss in Vegas this year. We also had a tonne of fun. So let me give you a full breakdown.

The Conference.

This year we set out our 4 day conference with a meet and greet. We got into some intensely fun and interactive discussions about the state of the internet business world, where we see AI heading and the potential positive and negative impacts, and the excitement about the opportunity that lie ahead.

This was also a great opportunity to reconnect, as it has been an entire year since we met. The thing about meeting up with like-minded folks and old friends from WA, is that we immediately pick up where we left off.

The next morning we got rolling at 10am, and we hit the ground running chatting about some big developments that we have slated, new platforms that are late stage development, and introduce a new "beta" platform that only the Super Affiliates currently have access to.

Each day we order lunch, take a break, and then jump back into things. The next 3 days of meetings were pure magic, we were able to nail down some really good ideas to further help the community and improve the platform here. There was a few themes over the 3 days of full conference that stood out...

(1) The community and platform are first and foremost. Every single thing we discuss in some way will benefit the community and platform at Wealthy Affiliate. We have spent the last 17 years evolving, improving and innovating here within the platform...and that is going to remain the theme of 2023. Lots of exciting things to come.

(2) Conversions and affiliate revenue. We discussed ways in which affiliates could create and grow a successful business online, with a longer term promotional strategy. We are working towards a game plan to make it achievable for a 7 figure recurring income for Super Affiliates within the next 2-3 years, and we laid out these plans for this within the conference (this could be YOU).

(3) Advancements within WA leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence). We have already released AI platforms into Wealthy Affiliate with many more to come. The Niche Finder AI platform was the first of many exciting developments that we have going on behind the scenes.

There were extensive discussions about AI during the conference, the benefits, the drawbacks, and where we see implementations that could truly help YOU become way more efficient with your online business....and also become more focused and organized. So much exciting stuff coming on this end.

(4) The education here at WA. There were some really extensive discussions about the direction of the education here, how to effectively educate people in the early stages, and the organization and "mastering" of particular facets.

We are going to nail all of these in the year ahead, and allow ANYONE here to basically leverage any business model within the online world to achieve success. There is no ONE right way, and we currently have comprehensive training across 10 different categories through our classes platform, with over 350+ new expert classes to come in the year ahead!

(5) Creating more success, with more efficiency. At the end of the day, your success is our success. Our goal at the end of the day is to keep folks motivated towards their goals, and to provide them an environment they can lean on to create any level of success they want within the online world. There is no upper cap to your potential, and we to help you harness your full potential.

The Entertainment.

This year was filled with lots of food, lots of laughs, and lots of catering over the 4-day conference.

We shared several awesome meals, from Tom Colicchio's Craftsteak on the first evening, to Beer Haus a renown sports pub in Vegas (by the Arena), to a fully catered Japanese spread with a cocktail bartender on call mixing up some amazing drinks.

In between this, we ventured our way to the Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan for some fancy cocktails, and a bunch of us even had the opportunity to run a few tables in the casino (Blackjack was the main game this year).

In the midst of all the entertainment, great food and hanging out, we all had the opportunity to network, share ideas, come up with new ideas, and plan for big success in the year ahead.

That is what it is all about, fun, food, interaction, and connection!

The Swag.

We stepped it up this year with swag on the wearables side of things.

This year we had some really cool stuff, this included padfolios, cash, pens, yeti coffee mugs, hats and hoodies.

You can check out some of this swag below...

We get asked every year "how can I get my hands on this swag", and there is one and only one way to do this, reach the Vegas criteria. Expect to see some of the swag within the expert classes coming up, I know I will be sporting some of the new 2023 edition swag!

Getting YOU There Next Year!

All in all, we had another brilliant experience down in Vegas. There however was one missing thing, and that is YOU!

We want to get you down there next year and we know you are entirely capable of achieving Super Affiliate status in the year ahead. As we continue to advance Wealthy Affiliate, it is only going to get easier and easier to promote, to recommend, and the 300 sale mark is only going to get easier to achieve than ever!

Not to say it won't take some effort and dedication, but here is the cool thing. There are 5.25 BILLION people online, and with the new world that we are moving towards, more and more people are looking for the many freedoms (time, location and financial) that being an Internet Entrepreneur provides.

We are more excited than ever about the state of Wealthy Affiliate, the platform, the community, and the opportunity for affiliates.

The questions is, are we going to see you down in Vegas next year? I really hope so!

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Thank you for the Vegas conference Kyle (and Carson)!

Great conversations and moments with you and all the other WA friends. It's always great to talk about business and the future.

By the way, I'm wearing the WA cap today. It's really nice! :D

Was an amazing time as always Roope, was great to have you there once again! I am actually wearing my cap right now as well lol.

Wishing you nothing but success in the year ahead and we are looking forward to next year already!

Hi Kyle,

Great job in Vegas in planning for the future. This new platform sounds really intriguing. Perhaps it is to help the Super Affiliates leverage their time even more. That would make sense.

I did the numbers to see what I need to do to achieve 300 sign-ups a year. Can you check my calculation to see if this makes sense?

Let's start off with 10 referrals a day on average. Instead of making that for 365 days, I'll go conservative at 300 days. The total number of referrals would then be 3000 per year.

Assuming a 10% conversion rate, that would result in 300 paid members.

Voila! That would be it.

However, life doesn't work in neat projections. The chances are the referral growth would start off in a trickle. And accelerate to a torrent as the year progresses. Of course, this assumes I put into action key things about the business taught here.

I have started down this path and am in the trickle phase. I must do what it takes to accelerate that trickle into a torrent. The lessons I am taking definitely can help me achieve that.

To summarize, an average of 10 referrals a day for 300 days in a year with a 10% minimum conversion. rate. That would do it.

Tomorrow I will be working with the VP of Public Relations of my Toastmasters club on a speech on Affiliate Marketing. She will be helping me optimize the technical aspects of Zoom that will involve using screen share. It will be video recorded.

This is going to be the start of several future speeches on various aspects of affiliate marketing that will also be recorded.

I am hopeful to create a series of videos that I can upload to my YouTube Channel. Once I get this rolling, I can also make videos outside of a Toastmasters meeting.

If it's to be it's up to me.



What a great week it was and we can't thank you guys enough. Already looking forward to next year, more great conversations and great moments... especially with friends who are also on this journey, who can relate to this crazy unique life we live.

Oh... and I'm sitting here wearing my WA hoodie, sipping coffee from my WA Yeti 😄
You guys nailed it with the swag this year (not that it wasn't good before, of course it was).

Awesome Jay, so glad to see you down there again and it was nice to hang out with you guys! I think we got a lot of validation on our ideas, and we were really able to hash out some concepts heading into the year ahead. We have hit the ground running since we have been back and lots that we discussed is already moving along.

I know you are going to have a gangbuster year this year, and I can't wait to see you down there next year!

And yes, the swag I think was the best yet this year. I have been rolling around with my hat for the past week since I have been home lol .

Kyle, the post listed fantastic goals and plans for WA. This is wonderful. I recognize some of the people in the photo but the rest I do not know the. I list them as Kyle, Carson, Jay, Vitality, Eric, Tim, Roope, and the other four I don't know who. The guy in the yellow shirt with the black hat (the person next to him-female black hair) who is that? Big guy with a gray jacket and salt and pepper hair who? and the guy in the back behind Tim and next to Eric? Too bad, Grace (aka little mama) was not there as she was in preceding years. There were many other Super Affiliates who weren't there either. I hope we can increase the number of super affiliates to make it special as this platform grows.

Jay West was in there as well (with his wife), and Dale...and the guy with the grey sweater is actually a good friend from Vegas who used to work at the hotel that stopped by (and photo bombed lol).

And there are always other Super Affiliates that cannot make it, still some people are reluctant to travel, some have young families, some are coming from a long ways around the world, and there are still some issues with vaccines. So you can almost double the number usually from what you see in the photo.

Some people do move on, are have a change in business plans and that is just the reality. We do have a lot of our long time affiliates that are going to be making a comeback this year.

Always lots of fun!

Yes, I get that. The pandemic isn't over. I know it's risky with worldwide covid and vaccine issues. As you stated many reasons why some could not make it there. Thanks for explaining. I'm glad y’all had a great time, lots of food, and fun.

I was wondering who was that front-row guy in the gray sweatshirt 😉

Funny how Eric is so much taller than everyone else. He seems to be standing on a stool, but he's actually that tall! 🙂

What you cannot see are his shoes.


Such a great time! Loved it!
Can't wait till next year!

The hoodie is my go-to for all my classes now!

So fun, looking forward to it as well. Noticed the hoodie as well, a good look for the classes!

Sound awesome that you are working on more roll outs to get our business to another level and making it easier to become a super affiliate. Great stuff Kyle.


Always working on new things behind the scenes, we have our most exciting slate of releases planned for the year ahead. We need to get you down in Vegas one of these days David!

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