JUST LAUNCHED: A New Look & New Vision for SiteContent!

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Change. It's the one constant in the digital world...our world.

Today, I'm excited to announce that we are going to be in the thick of that change, as I reveal an evolutionary step we've taken with our 'SiteContent' platform...and this is just the first of MANY.

A little back story first though..

When we set out to rethink the SiteContent platform last December, our mission was straight-forward, yet ambitious:

  • to make you more efficient
  • to make you more organized
  • to leverage all technology that we have access to
  • to be way more mobile ready for the mobile age

The answer is to our approach it not just a simple redesign; instead, it's a reimagining of possibilities, a vision for the future. A future that now exists with AI, but one that still needs to focus on practicality, function, and design that is intuitive and appealing to an end user.

We also wanted to retain all of the favorite features within the platform, while removing redundancies and things that are not needed, and don't add value. And it needs to be SIMPLE, so easy my mom can use it. And it needs to be fast...and work brilliantly on mobile.

These were all considerations that we focused with in our design. You will have noticed the following improvements if you have jumped into the platform.

  • Brand New Dashboard. overhauled dashboard, designed with a user-focused mindset, now provides a visually appealing and intuitive interface that enhances your experience. We've not just refined the look; we've revolutionized it, embracing a clean, vibrant aesthetic that prioritizes functionality, while also being easy to navigate.
  • New & Improved Editor. The last version of the SiteContent Editor didn't come without it's awkward and annoying quirks. Spacing issues, bulleted list headaches, image insertion issues. The reality is that was technology we built in 2018, and it needed to be updated to our latest tech in our new environment. We are using a stable "editor" framework site wide here at WA, the same that tech giants like Facebook are using.
  • Enhanced Article Management. We have created a new and refreshed management area for all of your content. Organizing and streamlining your work easier than ever. Gone are the days when you'd lose precious time hunting for specific features or navigation tools. You can now organize all of your content in folders, see which content is clearly published already, and sort your content by website. We have also retained the "word goals" so you can track your efforts and hit all of those writing milestones.
  • Mobile Focused. Our redesigned platform has been built from the ground up with mobile usage in mind. Whether you're at your desk, a coffee shop, or on the move, you can now enjoy the full Site Content experience. More and more people are looking to perform business related tasks on the fly, and we have you covered.

But while these improvements are indeed solid improvements for the platform, it's the under-the-hood changes and the move towards an AI-assisted world that are truly going to be setting the stage for an exciting future of platforms and releases here at WA.

Let's jump into the initial artificial intelligence (AI) integration into SiteContent and how this will evolve moving forward.

The Growing Importance of AI in Content Creation

We are living in a world now where it is tough to go a few hours without hearing something about "AI". While it AI can have incredible uses in our business, there is a fine line between use, function, and usability.

Our approach to AI at Wealthy Affiliate is pretty simple. We don't believe in an AI "created" world, it's simply not going to happen. We believe in an "AI-assisted" world, and this is one that will always require YOU to be involved in the process. Whether it is research, outlining articles, writing articles, analyzing your content/website, or otherwise.

AI is not replacing us, it is making us faster than ever and allowing us to solve bigger problems than ever (and do so with incredible efficiency).

With every click, every post, and every article, it's becoming increasingly clear: The OLD you and me? They are quickly being pushed into the past. The NEW us, powered by the capabilities of AI is where we are headed, and where you will be headed with Wealthy Affiliate.

We are going to be building out platforms and services here within WA where we utilize AI to it's fullest extent, simplifying processes that were once complicated (and often times mundane). The goal, to make you more efficient than ever. Not just a little more efficient, but 5-10x more efficient.

It's time, and the game is going to change.

New SiteContent Platform - AI Outlines

Many of you have already jumped in and started using the new platform, but let's have a look how we're using it here in our initial release of the new SiteContent.

When you go to create a new article, you are going to notice the "Using Article Designer":

If you select that, it is going to take you into a brand new world. This is what you will see upon clicking into the Article Deisgner.

This is your new home base for creating content, as you are going to start out by choosing your Type of Content (Blog Post or About Me), and then you will move forward with the process of building out your content outline.

The first step is to choose your article topic, which is in essence the "keyword phrase" or title of your article. As you type in that search area, you will notice that a lot of different keyword ideas come up.

Then below that is an "Add content details" section that is optional, but if there is anything in particular that you want to make sure is included in the article, you will want to include it there.

Upon doing this, you will choose the "Length" of the content. In this case I am choosing an article with 5 sections, and when I write it out, this article should naturally be around the 1401 - 1700 word mark (although this is just a suggestion).

Upon doing this, you can create your first run of your outline, which is then also editable. This creation process may take up to a minute or so while the AI platform works it magic.

You can edit any one of these sections if you want, adding new bullet points, editing existing ones, and even adding entirely new sections. This is the "prep" before the main event, when you will be heading off to the Author section to add your content.

These outline algorithms are built with SEO in mind, Helpful Content, and appropriately building out an article with a proper flow to it (intro, body, conclusion). Also, we built this to take the complex AI work out of your hands, and to provide a clean interface to build "quality" outlines.

After you are done with the outlines, you are ready for the "prime time"...content creation. First though, you will be choosing your author. This is the part of the platform that alludes to "future" updates, and probably the most exciting platform we have ever worked on, AI Authors which we will have more details on soon.

So choose "Write the Article Myself" and then export to the editor.

Voila. Your article is now in your SiteContent editor and ready to go!

We have gone from concept, to full article outline in 2 minutes or less. The research has been done for you, the flow has been done for you, the organization has been done for you, the typing of these ideas also done for you.

Gone are the days of grappling with content structure and flow. Our AI tool takes the heavy lifting off your shoulders by providing you with the optimal structure for your content based on your keyword or topic. All you’ve got to do now is fill in the gaps.

Hours saved on every article.

SiteContent "Content Outlines" & Word Credits

Each Content Outline will cost you 100 word credits. You are going to get 300 word credits total with Starter membership, 1,500 per month (or 15 full outlines) with Premium, and 3,000 per month (or 30 outlines monthly) with Premium Plus+ membership.

Embracing the Future with SiteContent

Now, let's talk about the bigger picture. Beyond the new AI features and improvements, this launch represents a significant step in our broader journey. Our goal with SiteContent is going to be to reshape the future of content creation.

Again, the big "Coming Soon" label on the AI Authors platform probably piqued your interest. This is in fact coming soon, and something that we have been using and polishing for the last 9 months. I use it every day, and I know it is going to blow your mind when we roll it out.

Our AI Author platform (which full writes your content) is going to be moving into a Beta before the year's out, and it is initially going to be exclusive to Premium Plus+ members during the Beta. This will almost certainly be followed by a full rollout in early 2024, where Premium members will get access to it as well.

The digital world is moving at a faster pace than ever, and staying stagnant is not an option for us. We are reinventing not just content, but WA, and the way in which you will be building businesses online in the future.

This is just brushing the surface as to where we are headed and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the community, and for the platform here at WA.

We genuinely appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing the incredible content you create with our new technology at your disposal.

We would love to hear your feedback, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please drop them below!

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Recent Comments


Happy New Year, Kyle!

I may have said before that these updates are taking us off the charts.
In my humble opinion, WA is now in a class all by ourselves.
If a member does not find success using our tools, resources and community support then they have some serious inner searching to do.

Our family took some much-needed time off in December to enjoy the Season to its fullest.
After writing continuously for over 4 years (tracked by Grammarly) I chose to pause for a while.

But . . . ❤️

Our new SiteContent platform changes the game for us and there is no excuse now.

This is a Wood Dragon Year - my year - and I intend to make it one of my very best.

Thank you - to you, Carson and our WA Team - for all the success you support.
Thank you for believing in us and for helping us to discover and harness possibilities that may have once been out of our reach.

Have a terrific year!


I totally agree, Cassi!

The new training and Hubs are off the charts!



Last night, I dragged myself to bed at about 2 AM.
I could not bring myself to walk away from all that has happened in WA during the holidays.

Love it!


We definitely have a lot to look forward to here, and these updates are just getting started. What we have slated for the evolution of the Hubs, Designer and Author platforms (as well as other updates that will be taking place here) I think are trying going to blow your mind.

Glad you got to enjoy the holiday season and Happy New Year to you as well Cassi. Wishing you nothing but amazing things in 2024, health, happiness and prosperity! :)

I am proud beyond measure, Kyle.
Truly honoured to be on this journey with all our WAffiliates.

Thank you!

Hey sir Kyle! Thanks so much for your powerful and amazing helpful information about the new updates and developments made in our lucrative WA platform. For this awesome Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform, I must anchor myself and my entire future. I am very much assured of great success in my online business here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Yes, anchor yourself here. We are not going anywhere, and we plan on leading the industry in every respect. Speed and quality are going to be a few things you see us really focus on in the year ahead, and we have some exciting releases in the next few months here that are going to change the game!

I haven't used it for new content yet. However, have noticed a few glitches for existing content. One that came up today is that in Site Content, you have a choice to select H1, H2, and H3, but I don't see a selection for paragraph. I know that P is the default, but I have a template that for some reason has 3 H3 lines in a row and I can't seem to change to paragraph for any of the lines. It's just an issue of consistent spacing, but it matters to me...

P is default, and if you have H3 lines, put your cursor in that line, and you will see H3 highlighted in the toolbar. Deselect that and it will become P content. :)

Great tool, but am having a couple of little problems adding extra content to something I wrote yesterday. The "writing page" keeps closing on me. I will explain more later as I am about to teach now.
Could be me , could be anything. When I get a chance I will look at this.
But overall...I love it.

This should be resolved now, but do let us know if you have any issues at all (as we will escalate and get fixed). But the page closing issue was resolved, it was an issue that was tied to the "auto save" feature.

Happened to me too. Adding anything, a character, an image etc., the content closed. However, that was 2 days ago and that glitch is fixed for me...

Thanks, must try again.

Thanks 8-))

Good luck. I also am having issues putting text in bold. Does that work for you?

Yeh, try triple spacing. Hit the bold text with the same header button and then bring it together by deleting space.
I know, as clear as mud.
If enough people wanted it I would do a small training course on it… but my training days are as rare as spotting Biden on a Unicorn. Lol

Kyle! ❤️
Kyle! ❤️
Kyle! ❤️

Last night, I stayed up until the wee hours of this morning because I caught this new SiteContent while writing content for my latest website.

Truth be told, I have not yet finished the article I was writing because I deep-dived into the Article Designer.

Boy was I engaged!

This wasn't Goldilocks, this was Star Wars meets the Matrix!

When I eventually peeled myself away from my laptop I had 8 article outlines.

This is genius!

I cannot wait to see what it does for my productivity and the expansion of my online business.

Thank you!


A new toy, Lol...same as me.

Hey, Stephen!!!
I spent my ENTIRE weekend working with Article Designer.
I ❤️it.

So excited about the other updates that will be happening soon. 🙂
Have a great week.

🐛 Change Happens at the Congruent Point. 🦋

Kyle, I must say, you're absolutely killing it with the development on this platform. The attention to detail and dedication from you and your brilliant squad are mind-blowing.

I'm genuinely blown away by you and the teams outstanding work that exceeds all expectations. Investing in this platform is a total no-brainer because of the immense value it offers. (if people don't see that, they are cray cray) Compared to other platforms, this one is in a league of its own, providing unparalleled benefits.

I'm super stoked to implement these improvements you've crafted. The new look is sleek, clean, and functions flawlessly, making the user experience a breeze.

Words can't express how impressed I am with you and the whole team who made this happen. Your dedication and expertise have turned this platform into something extraordinary. Thanks a million for your hard work and commitment to excellence! You rock! 2024 is going to be clutch!!

This is definitely exciting and interesting news...ChatGPT coupled with what you're offering us WA'ers, is great.

I'm looking forward to what will make my writing life easier.


Thanks for thinking of us. Writing for our blogs and sites, will never be the same again!
Goodbye writer's block...


Well, after reading this article by Kyle, I went ahead and made an outline with the Article Designer.

It gave me a 5 section outline in under a minute. Even added ideas to my article that I hadn't thought of before...

It took me 20 minutes to write the article as it was one I'd been thinking about for several months.

Giving me an outline was the juice to get my creative thoughts flowing smoothly.

It was only a 700-word article, but I'm pleased with it.

Incorporating AI into Site Content was a brilliant idea and well worth the effort. Now I'll be able to spit out content more rapidly as I had slowed my writing down to a snail's pace during this year.

My creative juices were rather stagnant, to say the least.

But now, the sky's the limit - and this is only the beginning of the new changes that are going to be rolled out in the coming year.

Well done Kyle and Carson! A big thanks to both of you for keeping us here at WA where the support is second to none and the training top-notch.

If you haven't gone premium by now, what are you waiting for??!!

Hello Kyle

Thank you for this great blog post. This looks amazing and I can't wait to dive in and check it out. This update is just what we needed and is going to make writing content so much easier.

I'm really excited for the future updates and I look forward to learning more about the AI author feature. I also now understand what you are trying to do for us with AI. I was always worried you wanted AI to replace us and do everything for us but now I understand you are just want it to assist us.

I like the sound of an AI assisted world and this is what I want as well. I love the new look of Site Content and as soon as I have time I will go and check it out. I'm really excited to try it out and learn more about it. May I suggest you make an updated video about the Site Content platform?

Now that it's been updated I think it would be useful to have an updated video of the Site Content platform in the training on WA as well. You have got me hyped and excited for the future and I can't wait to see more and learn more as well as see the rest of the new changes that are coming to WA in the future.

Thank you again for this great blog post. I hope you have a great day and a great weekend. All the best to your success.



I think that was the concern of many here, and was probably appropriate based on some the sentiment I was leaving in my posts.

The reality is that AI is not perfect, far from it. It is a beautiful thing in many ways though, and that is the part we want to harness and capitalize on here within WA.

I don't see AI as replacing us, EVER. I see AI getting better, but there is always going to be the requirement for people to approve and improve upon it's outputs...as they will never be perfect. We are moving to an AI assisted world, and the platform here at WA is certainly going to be AI-assisted and driven (and is going to remove your need to create prompts, training, and fumble through the AI environments).

Enjoy the new platform and environment here, and expect more awesomeness out of us as we move forward through the rest of the year and right through 2024. These are exciting times at WA!

Hello Kyle

Thank you for your reply. I agree with you and I really look forward to trying out the new Site Content and seeing what other amazing new things come to WA in the future. Thank you again for your reply. All the best to your success.



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