Introducing a SHOCKING Event in the Online Business World!

Last Update: October 12, 2012

Today we have a MAJOR announcement to make.

We are officially rolling out our STARTER MEMBERSHIP at Wealthy Affiliate.

Starter Membership Cost = $0!

Starter Membership Length = FOREVER!

You read that correctly. The cost to have a Starter Membership is $0. It includes full access to the WA community and there is no longer a "trial period" is forever!

The Starter Membership is officially here and here to stay.

Anyone and everyone that joins Wealthy Affiliate is instantly getting an awesome Starter membership. This is far more powerful than any other service out there, including all of the products and services that you are used to paying for.

  • Where else can you find over 500 training modules on nearly every topic related to Online business?
  • Where else can you build a website and have it up and running in literally just seconds?
  • Where else can you build relationships, network, and get instant support for everything related to running an online business?
  • Where else can you learn to build an online business without any up front costs?
The answer is NOWHERE.

All of the paid products and services offering the "next shiny thing" are simply plaguing your inbox on a daily basis. They do not offer the value, tool set, services or support that our WA Starter membership offers.

The Starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate provides this streamlined platform for everyone interested in earning revenue online.

With the introduction of the Starter membership, Wealthy Affiliate is now a fully “open” and "collaborative" community dedicated to Internet business. This means that there is no 10-day trial period where a new member will lose access after 10 days. Every member with a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate and everyone who has been on the 10 day trial in the past, now have full access to the Starter level membership. This an opportunity to learn at their own pace and realize the massive benefit of being part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

There are 1000’s of new members every week that come to WA with little or no knowledge about the vast opportunities available online. Previously, the 10-day trial was just not enough time for someone to be able to start the initial Getting Started training.

Now EVERYONE can. No time limits. No limits to when you can access. NOBODY ever gets cut-off.

Now all members have an unlimited amount of time with their Starter membership to work through the initial training, familiarize themselves with the WA platform, build websites, create content, access the loads of training within WA, build relationships with others...and start their way through a very successful journey through the online business world.

Wealthy Affiliate is your HOME BASE. Wealthy Affiliate your GO TO. Wealthy Affiliate is a SAFE HAVEN from scams. Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY PLACE you will ever need if you are even remotely interested in creating a business online.

Congratulations to All Premium Members - Premium is in a League of It’s Own

Premium Level membership is in a league of its own - Nothing (absolutely nothing) online exists that can compete, or even remotely offer a platform at the same level. If you are a PREMIUM member or thinking of becoming a premium member, you have everything you need to grow and sustain a successful business within the online world.

Premium members enjoy the most complete Online business platform available...PERIOD! With everything required to own and operate a fully optimized and profitable business. The Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership will take your knowledge to a level that few people in the online world possess, thus your business will stand in a league of it’s own as well.

Live weekly video training, unlimited web hosting and website installations, access to premium courses, premium support, premium.. well premium everything.

Here is a list of what you get as a Premium vs Starter member:

The Premium offering will continue to grow. Wealthy Affiliate as a community will continue to grow. The wheels are always turning behind the scenes and we are still yet to churn out some of our greatest innovations yet. THE BEST is still to come.

So today, I would like to invite anyone back that was part of the 10 Day Trial. You now have full access to the Starter membership with no time restrictions.


If you are not a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community yet, you can join in on the awesome community and claim your Starter membership RIGHT NOW.


This is an exciting day for us. One we have been pushing towards for quite some time now and I can honestly say that there is sheer awesomeness in your future.

Make WA your HOME for online business education, networking and development today! There is no better place....

Your Friends,

Kyle & Carson
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Recent messages
Way to go!
Carson Premium Plus
I look forward to getting a chance to work with you!
jjstockman Premium
Great idea. This should help new members that were having a hard time getting started!
Carson Premium Plus
One of the biggest problems people faced at Wealthy Affiliate when we offered only 10 days as a trial was being able to get started. Our goal has always been to reach out to every single person that we can, but the 10 day trial didn't allow us to do that. Now that the Starter membership does not have a time limit we hope that every single person that comes into WA will call it their home for online business and start working through the outstanding training that is available to Starter members. Thanks for the comment!
IveTriedThat Premium
Hot. Damn.
Carson Premium Plus
Hot Damn is right Steve! All of those people who never got a chance to get started within their 10 days now have the ability to come back to WA and give it a real shot. Our hope is that 1000's of members are able to come back and get off the ground with starting their businesses.. exciting stuff :)
freeyourmind Premium
WOW! Thanks Kyle and Carson, you guys ROCK!
Kyle Premium Plus
Thanks for your kind words! To your successful future here at WA...
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
My jaw is officially on the ground.... :)
Kyle Premium Plus
This is really it. This is a reality and this is going to be benefit all membership levels here at WA! The future is very BRIGHT ahead for members within the Wealthy Affiliate community, both Starter and Premium members!
Carson Premium Plus
For Kyle and I, today is monumental to the success that people achieve within the WA community. It is a milestone that we have had as part of our goals and the removal of the trial time limit will allow us to push forward with some absolutely industry changing upgrades coming to WA very soon. In the coming weeks, months, and well into next year we have endless updates planned that will create even more space between the Wealthy Affiliate community and anything else out there!