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I am currently living in Northern California area and I am close to my retirement years...I am looking to supplement or replace my current "J.O.B." (just over broke) income so that I could live the rest of my life comfortably without having to worry about money. I am new to this Internet Marketing thing and I have seen way too much programs out there that promise you that you will make $10K in 90 minutes or that this one secret software with one click will make you $10K overnight...you know the Guru's selling their programs for several thousands of dollars...After I have become successful or financially stable without a BOSS, I would like to "GIVE BACK" or teach someone else how to do the same thing. I believe that this would definitely help out the economy because "Uncle Sam" or the government will not help us. Its all about helping each other out and "paying it forward!"
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lmc6837 Premium
I really like your attitude: pay it forward. I hope youll become wildly successful so you can do just that. Good luck with WA and welcome. Lisa
melissafitz Premium
Welcome and thanks for the follow.
3MGMarketing Premium
hello there! you found the right place to be able to do just that. Welcome to WAU..
williamhall Premium
Greetings! Thanks for the follow. You are in the right place to learn Internet Marketing! Good Luck!
Carson Premium Plus
Hi There and Welcome to WA!

As you are just new to the community I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello and let you know that I am here to help you get started.

I've helped 1000's of people over the years build thriving online businesses and the Wealthy Affiliate platform will provide you the tools and training to succeed as well.

Kyle, myself, and many other very helpful people hang out at WA and are always willing to lend a hand.

If you ahve any questions I suggest using the Live chat as you will get answers very quickly. Or you can ask questions within tutorials, blogs, or directly to other members on their Spaces.

Here is the initial training that I suggest you get started with:

I look forward to working with you.