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I'm James Tolve and I'm an internet and affiliate marketing entrepreneur. I've been around the internet doing and practicing different marketing techniques and systems focusing on affiliate and internet marketing. I realize that among the hardest things to do is starting out your online business so it's been more of a passion for me to reach out and provide tips and training for all.
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DavidArturo Premium
Hey, thanks for the follow!
dazzlefish Premium
Love your site!!!
At last a site with some color. Notice you don't use WordPress. LOL
producechick Premium
hi James, Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to learning from you!
gremlac Premium
Thanks for the follow James and welcome to WA. Best of luck on everything you do. You got an advantage because you know some stuff about networking. As for me Zero except I do use facebook hehehe. See you around.
Thanks for the follow ;)
mama2karsten Premium
Checked out your website.. nice! There are many theories on making one stand-out in an ocean of competition.. but is possible. Legitimate tips and training are definitely needed on the internet. Thanks for the following me.
jhoecannon Premium
James, thanks for the follow. Yes, starting out in IM is hard to do, but remember this...People DO NOT fail at internet marketing...they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.
ronamo Premium
Hi James,Thank you very much for the follow. If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thanks ;)
jellison Premium
Hey James! Thanks for the follow. I hope your IM businesses are doing great. I wish you the best.
GaiC Premium

Thanks for the follow. I hope it works out for you here and you find what you need.

The WAbinars are a great tool to get you started. Jay does them every week either Friday night or Saturday morning depending where you are in the world. They are recorded so you can watch them later too :)

Browse through the training tons of great resources there. Live chat to get involved and questions answered.

There is a community of people here willing and ready to help you. If you need help just sing out.

Good luck

Shawn Martin Premium
Thanks for the follow!