A New Year, Brings a New WAY Of Building A Business Online.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

In tune with the arrival of 2024, I want to explain just how radically the online business world has changed in the past few months here within WA, and how we are changing the game of convention that the world of online business worlds has been working within for the past decade.

There has never been this much SPEED.

There has never been this much EFFICIENCY.

There has never been this much OPPORTUNITY.

Once upon a time, the process was cumbersome and slow, but that’s not the case anymore. With constant technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors, the way we approach online entrepreneurship naturally had to evolve as well.

In this post, I'm going to help you understand the depth of this evolution. We'll contrast what I will be referring to as the 'Old Way' – a labor-intensive and time-consuming approach, with the 'New Way’ – a streamlined, technology-driven method that's shaking up how online businesses come to life.

What was once a 40-day marathon (based on committing 1-hour per day) can now be, with the right tools and strategies, done in less than an hour. That is how drastic this evolution is...and what you have access to now within the walls of your membership here at WA!

The 'Old Way' of Building an Online Business: A HUGE Time Investment. (40 Hours, 17 Steps)

If you are stepping into the online world as a newbie, you're familiar with the drill: every element of building an online business is somewhat discrete, and sometimes a daunting step.

I want to break down the conventional way of building a business, the OLD WAY...which by all accounts takes 40 HOURS total to get a business up and running. Here is what that looks like.

  • Discover and Choose Niche - 2 hours
  • Decide on a Brand - 1 hour
  • BUY a Domain - 30 minutes
  • BUY Website Hosting - 1 hour
  • Update Your DNS - 15 minutes
  • Set-up a Wordpress Website - 30 minutes
  • Manually Set-up Plugins - 30 minutes
  • Learn Wordpress Block Editor - 3 hours
  • Create Your Initial Website Posts - 2 hours
  • BUY Keyword Tool - 30 minutes
  • Learn Keyword Research - 12 hours
  • Research and Find Keywords - 15 minutes
  • Learn SEO - 12 hours
  • Create a Content Outline for Your Keyword - 30 minutes
  • Research Content to Include in Your Article - 1 Hour
  • Write 1,000 Article Manually - 3 Hours
  • Publish Content - 5 minutes

So, you're looking at well over a day's work - stretched over 40 days if you were squeezing your business-building into one-hour daily increments. All this before even talking about penning a 1,000-word article or hitting the 'Publish' button.

Transitioning smoothly from the historical process, let's look ahead. The scene changes with Wealthy Affiliate's framework, which compresses these steps into minutes instead of months. Making the leap from the 'Old Way' to Wealthy Affiliate's 'New Way' isn't just a shift in speed; it's a transformation in how online business is done.

Wealthy Affiliate's 'New Way': Streamlining The Process. (35 Minutes, 3 Steps)

Now, let's talk about Wealthy Affiliate's fresh NEW approach to building an online business, that has vastly upgraded with the introduction of the platform's innovative Hubs technology.

In a world where "every minute counts", we have compressed what would have been a 40-hour setup process into a mere 35 minutes through our WA Engine.

Step 1: Go Through Hubs Wizard (5 Minutes)

You're starting a brand new business, and don't know where to start. Naturally a passion or interest is the best starting point. As you move through the Hub Wizard, it helps you refine and polish your niche and brand with the Niche & Brand Finder technology that is built right in.

You decide on your niche, confirm your brand identity, choose your domain (which is preselected), and your website is built. Wordpress setup? Check. Plugins? Installed and configured.

We have taken a process that used to take a significant amount of time (and to be frank, many people NEVER were able to finish), and turn this into a 5 minute process.

Step 2: Done For You Blueprint Through Hubs (INSANT)

Now that your foundation is set, we now provide you with a "blue print" for your business.

This is a comprehensive "Done for You Blueprint" where you can manage your website, access a plethora of different research/content side ideas, perform keyword research, get structure for your website and access the integrative training. From the moment you start, you're set up for success with access to top-tier research, training and website management area.

Step 3: Build Your Initial Website Framework (15 Minutes)

Once you're ready to start populating your site with content, you turn towards the Article Designer, and leverage the SiteContentTemplates platforms. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to use this tool to craft your initial "About Me" page and your "Privacy Policy" pages, the first start of your website foundation.

Step 4: Create and Publish SEO-Ready Content (15 Minutes)

And when it's time to jump into the website build out process, the creation of your 1,000 to 3,000-word SEO-ready, keyword-rich content are going to be built initially within the AI "assisted" process.

This combines the research done (along with your creative input) to structure your initial article outline using the Article Designer, and then pairs with AI Authors, to create an initial, high-quality content base that you can then edit, polish, add imagery and refine before publication. This typically takes another 15 minutes. It's not just speedy, it's content that ranks.

In the time it would have taken you just to learn the basics of Wordpress with the old method, you now have a fully functional site that is ready to scale.

Comparing the NEW Way (with Wealthy Affiliate) to the OLD Way

I'm going to draw you a clear contrast between the old school methods of launching an online business and our NEW, innovative approach here at Wealthy Affiliate. It's important to understand just how much the landscape has shifted.

The typical 40-hour setup that used to be a barrier for many (most) is now radically reduced with WA. If you've ever found yourself burning the midnight oil trying to get your first website off the ground, you're going to appreciate the next piece of information.

Here is a breakdown between the NEW and the OLD.

The New WA (no pun intended), is 3 steps and 35 minutes to get the foundation of your business and website set-up. This includes your niche direction, your brand, your Wordpress website + initial plugin set-up, the framework content pages, and your first keyword-rich page.

With the 'Old Way,' the way that other companies are still forcing you into, is 17 steps and takes close to 40 hours to learn and accomplish the same thing (not to mention a lot more money).

This changes the dynamic of WHO can start a business now. Hobbyists who previously might have been intimidated by the complexity of building an online business, can now manage without needing to dedicate eight-hour days just to get rolling.

People with nothing more than a dream, can now create fully-functional businesses, faster than ever.

Times have truly changed, and the OLD way is a thing of the past. As we forge into 2024, we are going to be revealing a great deal of advancements into our core platforms we have just recently released.

Hubs is going to innovate and evolve quickly.

The Article Designer is already getting new features that will make the content design process more efficient than ever, and to give you even greater control.

AI Authors has updates and innovations coming to it right through 2024 that will blow your mind, and assist you in creating content faster than ever, and at a higher quality than ever.

So my question to you today is, are you ready to take advantage of this shift and what is available to you within WA? When it comes to building a business online, the times have changed for the better.

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This really is SO exciting!

I have been a WA member for years (embarrassing to say just how many years of doing nothing!) and have started/stopped several times over the years. I was overwhelmed with the amount of learning that it was going to take to really immerse myself in to the world of online entrepreneurship. I doubted my abilities to do so. But, it's always been in the back of my mind to one day get back to it and finally do something with it.

Something kept prodding me to come back and check things out, yet again. I finally did about a week ago and I am SO glad that I did! What before seemed overwhelming and daunting is now so exciting and I can't wait to move on to the next lesson. I picked what I call my "practice" niche - I picked it because I am super passionate about it, even though I am not yet sure how I'll make money with it - I figure that I can really immerse myself in the training and if I need to change my niche at some point, I will. In a matter of two minutes, AI wrote what I think is a great About Me section for my website and I can't wait to get back in to the training and move forward!!!

Thank you, Kyle and Carson for creating such a fantastic community to learn in. I've already shared it with a couple of people and look forward to sharing it more and more, as well as learning how to really make my business thrive! :)


No better time than now, Richelle.

All the best.

hi Kyle, i found that when i wanted an article written by the new method (AI Authors) that if you don't have enough credits, then you have to go back and ask the question to article designer. However this may seen okay, but when they give you headings and subheadings to go by (using Chatgpt) you still have to explain all the details of each subheading which usually ends up being way more than the 12-1300 words you initially wanted to cover. My last page ended up over 3,600 words because I had to go into detail within subheadings but skimmed the info of some of them as it generally tended to be repeated under a different heading, but it still took 2-3 days (putting in approx 6 hours a day) to do it.

Great read Kyle Thank you. Creating an online business can be a challenging yet rewarding journey. One approach is to appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of a 3-step process compared to a lengthy 40-hour step-by-step method.

The beauty of a 3-step way lies in its ability to provide a clear path towards success. By breaking down the process into manageable chunks, it becomes easier to focus on each step without feeling overwhelmed. This approach allows for a more efficient use of time and resources, enabling individuals to get their business up and running quickly.

On the other hand, a 40-hour step-by-step process may provide a more comprehensive guide for creating an online business. While it may require more time and effort, it can also offer a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved. This method allows for a thorough exploration of different aspects, potentially leading to a more refined and polished final product.

Ultimately, the choice between these approaches depends on individual preferences and circumstances. Appreciating the simplicity and efficiency of a 3-step process can be empowering, especially for those looking to kickstart their online business quickly. However, for those who value a more comprehensive and in-depth approach, a 40-hour step-by-step method might be the way to go.

Regardless of the chosen approach, what matters most is taking action, staying focused, and adapting along the way. I have some great determination and perseverance, creating a successful online business is within reach. I can see it I just am on the tip of grabbing it. I see the hub gradually improving and look forward to exploring the new features it has to offer.

Well there is no reason to have to spend 40 hours building something that can be done in 35 minutes now. Also, processes like creating high quality and helpful content have been condensed from 5-6 hours to under 3 hours.

This allows you to focus on OTHER aspects of your business, focus on being more creative and creating better content than ever, and also focus on reclaiming newfound time in your business where you can solve bigger problems.

This is an exciting time Tamika, and we are going to help you embrace this with the new tools and platforms here at WA. :)

Will the older training remain available longterm, and when will the additional hubs training show up?
So far I have only seen and long worked through the two units available. They were fantastic although a little less in depth than the previous training so I looks forward to continuing through the new additions and stepping back to review all of the previous training as well.

The older training will end on 1st March.

That's good to know, Louise :)

Additional hubs training is going to be there by the end of this week. I anticipated it last week, but came down with a crazy cold and nobody wanted to hear me sniffling in the vids. lol

So expect the rest oft the core training to be in place by the end of this week! :)

Awesome, thanks for the update and happy to hear that you're no longer sniffling and hopefully feeling better too!

Yes, I am definitely on the mend! Recording is taking place shortly and this training will be in your hands by the end of the week. :)

I have noticed that in hubs with the ready made suggestions on my website they do not rank as fast, so I click on the jasper link and they are not the top keywords the ai is suggesting, before I went straight to jasper and found my own keywords and they ranked in a few days. what is the best way to use hubs for this? should I look at the keyword it suggest and go to jasper to see how I can change words around? or use as is?

The suggestions are phrases and content ideas that are very common, and when you create your headlines, you can use the entire keyword, or you can perform Jaaxy keyword research directly within it.

Jasper doesn't have access to proper keyword data, so you have that advantage and you can perform additional research.

When you publish your actual article, you want to make your titles captivating as well, while retaining the keyword within the article.

How are you going about creating the actual content, are you using the AI Authors here?

I love the conversational AI .. I’m just waiting for my credits to renew so I can write more .. none of them were indexed as of yet but most of the post I wrote going through your training with jaxxy has.. I’ll try to use your advice with ai and see if there is any change ..thanks!

This is amazing Kyle! I've been on this platform for a few years now and initially wanted to do affiliate marketing, but instead went down the route of having my own coffee brand. I never got into the blogging part, finding it too difficult to write blogs, but now with the help of the platform and AI integration, you have simplified it so much! Can't wait to finally start making blogs for my coffee website; here's to 2024!

Yeah, that is often times the case...even experienced bloggers and writers get fatigue or they run out of daylight to get everything they want done, done. This is solving all of those problems and you are definitely going to be able to ramp up the traffic on your coffee blog in the year ahead. :)

That's the goal for sure! It would be nice getting some organic traffic finally to the website.

For sure, it's gonna happen!

This is outstanding!
One practical question. If we post 365 posts in a year, realistic. Guess the average is a minimum of 2 images per post.
As I use a feature image, I can´t use more than one in the site content.
Guess, too, without knowing that the average size of the "title photo" is 50 kb.
So, will we have a problem with the media library about the size later?

It really depends on the post, and no this should have no impact on your media library or your website speeds at all. Posts in your media library don't impact your SiteSpeeds. :)

Happy New Year, Kyle!

WA has truly evolved to include impressive features and AI innovations.

Using the platform's Hub wizardry, Article Designer, and AI imagery creator have improved efficiency, speed, and overall productivity.

Instead of pondering on what I can't do, with the New WA, I am continually impressed and WOWed by what I can do.

After being fully monetized, I plan to upgrade to Premium Plus. This is a move I wanted to make last year. Clearly, I was not ready because learning and building a solid foundation come before earning.

Thank you kindly for sharing this blog post..

Maxine :)🎊


Excellent Maxine, so glad you are enjoying the Wizardry and within the Hubs platform you are going too be set on the research side of things. Jay just ran a class outlining how you can get a year of content ideas, in an afternoon (actually it was 6 years).

That's just how much the game has changed. And I know you are going to love the P+ experience when you make the move, but whatever makes the most sense to you and your situation. :)

Yes, Sir. I am definitely all in!🙂


Hi Kyle, This is great information and improved support from WA. I am actively using HUBS across all my websites on the WA platform, and starting to make more traction regarding Social Media. I am hopeful that this will enable me to further improve my position in 2024, Thanks very much to you and Carson for the great service you provide, cheers Alan

The operational side of things in business has become much faster.

However, ( This is a good however) I am still spending as much time as I was before.

But now in my posts I am using my own videos and all my own content. ( Videos done by AI).

I now have the time to go through my whole blog with a fine tooth comb to improve the message.

Is this making my posts better? I think so, but better than my opinion is Googles. I had not had any of my posts indexed for the last 8 months or so, I tried everything....but eventually went phhttt.

But now, my posts are indexed at a rapid rate.. #-5 in the last 2 weeks alone...I will say no more so I don't jinx it.

For me though, AI has been a lifesaver and I for one can't wait to see how this year goes.


The thing is you can spend as much time as you were before dedicated to your business, but accomplish a lot more. Moving into 2024 here within WA, we should all be able to accomplish 5-10x more than we could have outside of WA and the platforms available to you.

We can create better content than ever, be more organized than ever, and be more productive than ever. That is the new world we are living in!

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