(Is there a turn over here at WA?)

Last Update: Oct 22, 2014


The subject people for today, Is there a turn over here at WA, Or is it my eyes?

(1) Please tell me the positive points in this program?

(2) Tell me the negative points in this program?

(3) What keeps a person driven to keep going in WA?

(4) Hope, Happiness, Boredom?

(5) The mighty dollar?

Hope to here from all the people from WA, That have something to say,Or nothing.

To what I think about WA? (I love it) KLewis

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I saw plenty of the 'something for nothing' deals out there, and passed on them. WA looked and sounded like it was different, and within a day or two I was sure it was.

It didn't look easy, but it looked like all the tools and all the help was at hand. I figured it was possible, and if it was, I could do it.

It hasn't been easy, and I'm not there yet, but I get a little closer and a little stronger every day. I'm up early every morning and I'm up late at night, because I have a purpose. That's important to an old coot.

If I never make a dollar (which I think is unlikely) the journey and the comradery was worth the price of admission.
That's what I have to say about that.

Knowledge is power,Phill as you know.WA,supplies the knowledge for the people to gain power to make money.Well said,Phil.

Here here Phil,Bravo and well said. The learning has been great

Can't say it better than most here have. I think some folks can't justify the $47 a month. My mom used to say, "10 cents is a lot of money if you don't have it." I think the other thing is folks wanting instant success. Even though that is NOT preached here at WA, many have the mindset that internet marketing means big bucks NOW. Oh, if only that were true!

Very true,Carla.Now $100.00 today does not even go far.

I think it's foolish to think there is not a turn over. But that's because it takes work, sometimes hard work. It takes time, sometimes time people didn't imagine it would take. It often takes a little more investment (not too much here, as compared to many, many other online businesses), more than many people have. Just look at the people that are having a difficult time paying the monthly premium fee. It's tough out there.
Just like any other business venture, it doesn't happen overniight. Many people do not succeed in brick and mortar business. There's a huge drop out in that, too. But the investment is usually huge, compared to what we are making at WA
Look at the list of people in your network, just run down the list and click on their sites. Many have reviews of other opportunities. You can find the research right here on those places. They cost thousands of dollars. There are good ones, but they all take time.
Why WA? The training is the best. The owners even answer questions and communicate with us. They teach the lessons. That's not true in many other places. Everyone here is down to earth.
The community is fantastically supportive. How does that potentially translate into dollars for you? Because they have no problem sharing directly with you how they have succeeded.
WA is always bringing in new members, some experts in the field in one specialty or another. They are also availble to us, and many write weekly, daily or several times a week good lessons for us to use for building our business.
Costs are minimal compared to even the least expensive of opportunities. There is little or no pressure to upsell. The upsell is mostly for those in Bootcamp. We have a different training, more intense, because the objective is to sell Affiliate memberships. Others who are members are building their websites for their other passions, be it shoes, cameras, health food, whatever. Kyle and Carson don't make it a requirement to sell Affiliations. It's a choice.
The other programs are all about selling what you have just purchased.
The tools are available for free. You can pay more for premium tools, but that's the case everywhere, to an extreme.
You go at your own pace, with no pressure. That doesn't happen anywhere else.
We talk to people all around the world. And we start at day one; Everything starts at day one. Not so in many other places.
So yeah, there's turn over, or quitters, or people who keep their membership to return years later when their life situation changes and they can devote the resources needed to accomplish what they originally wanted. There are people like that here.
Life is full of quitters and delayers and those who just sort of slip away unnoticed. That doesn't mean you have to be one. Hang in there. It DOES NOT happen overnight. But if you keep on, if you have faith in you, in your original decision and your original belief and emotion, you will rejuvenate and in the end be a winner.
You already are enriched from your experience at WA. Everyone who spends just a week here is.
Sorry, but I believe, and I'm moving slowly, but other people's decision will not affect my determination or my reality. Don't let it affect yours. Go in peace and security in the knowledge of YOU.

Donna,Thanks for the great response.You added spot on target points.Ken

I am sure there is a big turn over, but in my case I can tell you that it is the education that keeps me going. I too love it.

Thanks you Sharon, As we know without education, It can become difficult to excel.However this has been going on for a very long time.There is no short way out.Ken

The stats have always been stated by Kyle and that is 1 in 8 referrals go prem and 1 in 12 stay more than 4months

Wendy is so true about WA it take time and some people want instant success without doing the "Hard yards"..I have always believed that If it comes too easy it will disappear just as easy..and you take these tings for granted. when you have too work hard and smart to achieve your dreams you treasure the path that brought you there.

Thanks Mike,As professional is a chef,You know this,To master the art.

In order to turn over a new leaf you have to complete the training, stay positive and motivated, enjoy what you are doing, work on any skills you may be lacking, hold back on worrying about that first dollar and then you just may succeed.

That was a long sentence but it seems to flow quite nicely I must say.

Thank you for pointing these important questions out. :))

Thank you Kim, I feel that is should be important to people.And to hang in there,And learn.Ken

Absolutely! :))

Shawn, Great comment.

Hey Ken

1) A global community of like minded people who function together as a team supporting one another. Although we all are unique we are united by our desire to give back and add value to the world and to also receive back in doing so.

2) - Can not think of any.

3)When you develop a website it is more than just pixels and colour on a screen. It is energy that you have created and it grows as you grow. An expression of your passions or desire to help a group of people in the world!
The drive comes from following your passion as then there is no regard for how much time or energy it takes because you control time and your energy is limitless when you function this way.
We are also driven to see other also succeed here!

4)Happiness, love, peace, freedom, expression, unity!

5)The money comes with no predetermined meaning except that which you have given it. Like all things it is energetic and if you walk with integrity then the money that flows to you will be continuous.
Also to see abundance as being more than the dollar such as a smile you receive in the street or a kind gesture from someone or the warmth of the sun on your back. When you see that these are also forms of abundance then you are truly wealthy.

Juts like you Ken we also love WA!

Best wishes

Thank you, Lovane & Jade.

Hello Lovane and Jade ~ This well-constructed and very thoughtful response is a big part of the reason I love WA... people like you who have their hearts and minds in a place of the greatest good for the greatest number of people. I especially want to acknowledge your paragraph on abundance, the kind of everyday abundance that surrounds us. As well, your thoughts about money are so in line with what I believe to be a Universal truth: walking with personal integrity is the most conscious way we can present ourselves to the world. I'd very much like to know you better, and of course, I wish you more abundance than you have possibly dreamed for yourselves, abundance in all facets of your lives. Only goodness, Gwynn

Thank you very much Gwynn!

Well said. You should read my reply. I was on a soap box for a while. But you said it so beautifully, Jadet.

It takes willpower and a belief in yourself to be self employed in this line of work.
You must be able to follow your own schedule and be disciplined enough to stick to that schedule and get things done.
Yes, turnover is a big part of this business, but the ones who stay are usually the ones who go far with it. :)

The truth? It is what you put in it. If you do nothing to support your fellow community members, you will still be supported. If you offer support, then the support you received is that much better. I think that is what keeps people here. Not to mention the training and education you receive if you take advantage of it. Don't know if that's the answer you want but that's all I have.

Hello Mishands, Great response.

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