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Years in the construction trade, bad accident changed things so I physically can`t handle it.Just got a new computer and WA help me be very successful.
I have a lot to learn you will be seeing my many questions.
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nevrob Premium
I just started in July of 2016 and have learned a lot since then . I noticed that you have been on board since 2014 , now i need to learn something from you .I will be following you so we can both teach each other.Success to you on your journey. Make it Happen.
MikeMartin1 Premium
You have made a great decision to become premium.
I wish you every success.
pparadise Premium
Great, Congrats and welcome to the WA community were real online marketers are made and businesses are grown. The training is key use it to your advantage and this will become simple.

Warm Regards,
GlenPalo Premium
Way to go! Welcome to Premium! There is so much more you can do with Premium!
BriniqueB Premium
Welcome to Premium Kev!

Wishing you much success!!
BrunoMA Premium
You have really made a bold and a right decision to go premium.
Ensure you go through the entire training while doing all the tasks associated with them and you will love it
Tasna Premium
Hi, Welcome to WA Premium. Wishing you all the best with your online journey.
MikaelM Premium
Welcome to Premium. Looking forward to following you. All the best.

leaningwest Premium
Isn't starting over fun? Ha ha! We did it once, we'll do it again.

It's what we do!

See you in the success ring!

tbass1 Premium
Hi Kev, and thanks for the follow. Best wishes. Tom
PhilRou Premium
Hi, Thank you very much for your follow back and all the best here at WA!
LorenRopp1 Premium
Thanks for following
josephtai Premium
Hi Kev, thanks for the follow. Wish you big success at WA.
jadeseef Premium
Thanks for the follow n_n
rebeccas Premium
Thanks for the follow, Kev! I am happy to connect with you.
I wish you a prosperous journey as you build your dream for online success. Let me know how I can help you. ~Rebecca

P.S. When you get a minute, here is a training resource to help you:
Gordi Premium
Thank you for the follow. Welcome to WA
stopscamming Premium
Hey there,

I am writing to thank you very much for returning my following and to welcome you to the WA community.
You have made a good decision because this is a helpful community.

If you need any help, if you need any help please just shout, if I am unable to help, any member here can come to your rescue.

I wish you all the best success here at WA and with your online business.

Best regards.
judebanks Premium
Thanks for adding me, Kev. Great to meet you! Enjoy the learning experience. ~ Jude
caylynn Premium
Hi there Kev. Was nice seeing you in chat. How are you doing? Here to thank you for clicking follow me. Look forward to your questions and following back on your progress. ^_~
Funmine Premium
Hello Kevgeick, and thanks for reaching out.

I wish you well and be strong.
Jenna7 Premium
Hi Kev, it's nice to meet you.
I'm sorry about your accident.
Thanks for the follow, and just ask if you ever need help with anything. :)
PhyllisE1 Premium
Hi and thanks for following me. God bless you.
JennPGD Premium
Nice meeting you here, Kev. Wish you the best of success.
Mustard seed Premium
Hey Kev, welcome to WA and thank you for following me. There is no shortage of help here so I do hope you have great success in all you set out achieve.
mariamcm Premium
Hi Kev, thanks for the follow and sorry to hear about your accident, but good on you for getting on with life and finding WA. I'm sure you'll learn everything you need to be successful here. It's a great community and we all wish you well!
hcgrace Premium

Thanks for the follow & wishing u all the best in WA.
Sui_generis Premium
Thank you for following me. Kyle does a great job with the lessons but if you have questions just ask. As a side note, for inspiration, check out ZouZou's profile (he's probably in the 15-20 rank area). Best wishes to you..
kevgeick57 Premium
I`ll do that THANK`S.
dynamite8 Premium
Hi Kevgeick67, thank you for following. Much success to you.
JohnTerry Premium
Hello kevgeick57, thanks for following me. I wish you much success in meeting your goals in your internet business.
KD6PAO Premium
Hey Kev thanks for the follow and welcome to the WA Family!
Cheers, Joe
zora2 Premium
Hey Kevgeick57. I am glad to see that you are going to put that brand new computer to good use. Welcome to WA. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. I even know a little. Ask questions in that box at the top of this page or in chat. Thanks for the follow and I am following back.
cookma54 Premium
Hello - thanks for the follow. I trust that all is going well with your adventure here at WA. Glad to have you on the team! M
KC9564337766 Premium
thanks for the follow.... 25+ years in Wireless Cellular Telecommunications as a Construction Manager..... got tired of my 30 something bosses telling me how to do something I had been doing since they messed their first diaper.... Work from anywhere on the planet with a computer and high speed internet connection....Works for me...... Have fun
kevgeick57 Premium
I was a forman in Arizona for Keiwitte on bridge ,a 25 year family office guy made a 130 thousand dollar mistake. Almost killed 8 people.
KC9564337766 Premium
a powerful thing to happen to anyone....sometimes the most important lessons come from the most horrible events
KatieMac Premium
thank you for the follow wish you every success
benzburg Premium
Thanks for the follow! . . Dream Big, Focus and Work Hard for it.
Wishing you success in your goals through WA . . . You can do it!
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
cubandane Premium
Hi there Kev,
Thanks for your follow which I happily return. Welcome to WA and a warm welcome to Premium, the platform from which you can really take off. I wish you every success on your journey to financial freedom. Just call me or anyone here, if you get stuck on anything, we are all happy to help. Please click on the like icon to the left under the avatar. This completes the follow cycle. Many thanks.
All the best, Simon
Sugarbird Premium
Hey Kevgeick! Thanks so much for the follow, and welcome to WA. I honestly think this wonderful community and all the valuable instruction is one of the best things going. You will make so many friends and learn a ton! Best of luck to you and I'll be keeping an eye on your progress!
Skip2tsr Premium
Thanks for the follow. It's a great community of fellow starter-outers willing to lend each other a helping hand. Good Luck.
JSot Premium
Thank for the following friend. Best of luck here!!!
Ken-Pringle Premium
Kev, thank you for the connection
lillakiara Premium
Hi, and thanks for the follow, wish you great success! Kristina
MontieE Premium
Thank you for the follow!
Best wishes!
veteran Premium
Thanks for the follow Kev, Best wishes for your endeavours.
kmor32 Premium
Hi Kev thanks for following it is good to welcome you into my network and WA wishing you all the best.
mrpeter Premium
Hi Kev and thanks for the follow. I hope you are enjoying WA as much as I am and I wish you lots of success!
Steve Premium
Hi Kev, nice to meet you, I can totally relate! bit fik, but if I can help, I will!
Tallell97 Premium
Hi Kev and thank you for following me. I hope all is going well and I wish you all the best. Debbie
VickiG Premium
you can also send me the domain and I will try it from my end
VickiG Premium
Hey and welcome, I seen your question and left you an answer. I you do not have any content on your page it will not come up, if you do then try checking to see if you put in the right WA server address
Secondary: NS2.MYWAHOSTING.COM, if so then you need to either post a Support ticket here or at namecheap hope this helps Vicki
kevgeick57 Premium
Did both , thanks.