50 Days In and $187.00 in WA Commissions!

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Happy #HumpDay fellow WA'ers! 😎

So, I joined the WA community back in early July and received my first PayPal commission deposit of $187 with $108 being released on September 16th.

As some of you may know I was a WA affiliate back in 2015 for just over a year and saw some great results as I was earning at my highest month around $1750 in commissions every single month. I had some things come up and kinda gave up on it( I know, what was i thinking)!

Anyway, I just wanted to post this to show and to let everyone in this AMAZING WA community know that you can too see these type of results with a little hard work and determination. I'll be back next month to hopefully share that these commissions have at least doubled if not tripled.

#itworksifyouworkit #staystrong #yougotthis

All the best,


P.S. All this was achieved without a website, although I am in the process of creating one.

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What did you use instead of a website? Clickfunnelsetc?

I just used direct linking via PPC. It takes time & a little cash but well worth it down the road.

Direct linking with PPC?! How much did you spend in Aug for that $187?

Last month I spent $455.51 but that got me 69 conversions/referrals. It's a total numbers game when doing PPC as a lot of the referrals have yet to go Premium. I have 11 Premium members so that equates to $258.50 a month and obviously that number goes up daily...

Wow Kevin, that is a great conversion rate from Starter to Premium. Cool, are you using obvious "WA" keywords or more "work from home" type keywords?

I'm surprised by this direct linking for Google Ads, that's very interesting.

Great job! You're doing very well on your campaigns.

This is awesome. Can you share how you did it I am super intrigued.
Debs :)

I did it or do it via Google Ads... takes some cash & tweaking but when you get it... o' my!

Thats brilliant. I am going to start some PPC myself. If you have any tips I would love to hear about them. If you don't mind sharing that would be awesome.

How do you place an ad without a website?
Intrigued to learn more

Just use the WA referral links is all.

Trust me, it takes a lot of time & testing. I just created a "Responsive Search" ad with some good copy and have just tried to scale it. I've been using Google Ads since it's inception some 20 years ago and this is by far my best-performing ad and I've spent over 300K with them in this time.🤬🤑

Wow that is some money spent. Thank you for getting back to me. I need to do more homework on this but you have given me more ideas.
Thank you again :)

You are so very welcome! One of my PPC mentors is Phil Adair and he has a ton of free trainings on everything PPC. Here is his YouTube channel which is where I do all my learning minus here of course. And no, this is not an affiliate link...lol!


Wow thank you so much I shall check this out.
You are a diamond. :)

I just did a case study video training that can fill in the blanks. You can check it out in my "training" tab. It shows the direct linking method using Microsoft but the same would apply to Google.

Thank you Tiffany I am going to take a look :)

Here is part one of the training Debs: I just recorded it last month and I'm using the same method.

I am annual so that is awesome for me Tiffany :)

High 5 Debs! Annual membership to this amazing platform takes precedence to putting money into ads in my opinion.

It is certainly about time I took that path for sure. :)

That's awesome!! Is this promoting WA?

Yes, just promoting WA.

Thanks for sharing . Your work is your true reward. Best of luck forever my friend.

Thanks, much & good luck to you as well!!

What a great work! You will reward a lot because of your persistence.

Wow, amazing! Congrats keep rocking and please keep posting your results!

Will do & Thanks!!

Congrats! Way to go!

I presume you're using paid traffic. Which platform are you seeing more success with? Bing seems to be quite popular here.

I use them both but have been seeing great results with Google. The conversion rate is off the chain at an average of 19% to sometimes 28%

That's way higher than the average Google Ads conversions. You seem to have mastered it well - keep going!

Hi, I see some members have a sort of Badge that says “Ambassador”. Pls what does it mean. Just curious

It just means they have been on the platform for a while and are in the Top 50 here at WA. #nextgoal

Ambassadors are the top 25 most active and helpful members at WA at any given time. I was there for all of like 2 days, very hard to maintain or for that matter reach.

Oh nice. Thanks

Ok I get it. Thanks

very nice. WA is definitely a place to make some money

Wow congratulations. Just shows what can be achieved even without a website!

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