Another Scammer Bites The Dust

Last Update: May 1, 2019

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Justice is sometimes slow but it always prevails. In my bio I stated that a company scammed me for over 3 thousand dollars. The F.T.C shuts them down. This company Marketed a work-at-home- scheme using stay at home moms who were claiming to have made enough money to support themselves and their families. They used celebrities who endorsed The product. I was sucked into the scheme. I was not the only one to have been scammed, Thousands of other people were scammed to a tune of 10 million dollars, One person paid over 15 thousand dollars.

A class action was filed against this company and the company lost. They were ordered to pay restitution.Refunds are being mailed out to those who were affected. The refunds are not dollar for dollar;only a pittance but the F.T.C. did it’s job.Ill gotten gains are always temporary. They cause heart break and financial problems for all who are victims. But eventually the culprits are bought to justice!

WA is a breath of fresh air!


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Hi John, I agree with you that WA is the one really honest site I have found. There are so many scams out there, and how to avoid being taken is quite difficult as there are lots of celebrity endorsements with various schemes as well, and they can seem plausible, Alan

You are right Alan; thanks for your thoughts

Hi, John.
Never dollar for dollar.
Not even 10 cents on the dollar.
Not even the satisfaction of knowing that you have won.

Where do the millions that are not recovered go?
Have they been spent?
Where did my money go?
I would like to know.

Good post John.
Thank you for sharing.


All good questions Paul; thanks!

Cheers, John.

Excellent news. We can only hope that karma will still get them for doing such things. Jail time would be preferable.

Thanks Alexander!

Unfortunately, at the moment it seems that for every one that gets shut down, another 10 start up.
What sad times we inhabit.


So true Adrian!

So great to have justice. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Kelyee!

Glad they have been caught, it's cruel to scam people like that.

Yes it is Linda!

Scammers are the worst. I was scammed in a different way last year, and it nearly destroyed me ... Scammers have no soul. They are the worst people. I am glad some justice was done!

Thanks Christine; sorry for your misfortune.

That's ok. I'm over it 😊
I am glad justice prevailed in your case.

So glad they were stopped and are sending at least partial refunds.

Thanks Fran!

That's great - they were stopped.

Thanks Shirley!

Hi John, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, as long as there are people ( and we know what that means ) there will be scammers. I'm glad they were caught and put out of business. It's nice that you will get some of your money back.

These are good stories to share here at WA and good stories to share to potential future referrals as well.

Thanks again,

Thank you so much Cal!

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