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Question for amazon-us affiliates from eu?
This is for non-US based Amazon-US affiliates. When I add a link or linked…
2 months ago 4 Replies
Are images included in yoast sitemap?
This is for Yoast users. I do not see an option to include images in sitemap.…
2 months ago 3 Replies
How to remove amp errors?
Now, some 20 months or so after removing the Amp plugin which was only…
4 months ago 5 Replies
Payoneer wants government-issued photo id, why?
I am in the second year of using Payoneer's service, no reason to complain,…
4 months ago 3 Replies
For experienced amazon affiliates - discontinued product?
I received two comments recently that products on Amazon were not available.…
5 months ago 2 Replies
Removed dates in serps. how to keep rating stars?
I removed dates from posts and after a month or so they vanished from…
5 months ago 6 Replies
Amazon reports not accessible today, anybody else?
Cannot see the reports all the day. This is only for the US store. Has…
7 months ago 6 Replies
New name box under the comment box, how to remove?
New WP adds a Name box under the Comment box (this you can see only when…
7 months ago 6 Replies
Supsystic plugin stopped working, they want admin access?
​My Supsystic plugin stopped working after the latest update. Contacted…
9 months ago 5 Replies
Unusal login activity in my paypal account?
I received a warning about "unusual login" activity from this email,…
10 months ago 11 Replies
Question about ad inserter - ad between chunky paragraphs?
I see options for 'after' or 'before' a paragraph with N words. This gives…
10 months ago 5 Replies
1873 errors in new webmaster - all noindex tags, what to do?
See these contradictions:1. In one site, new Webmaster (Search Console)…
10 months ago 2 Replies
How to add amazon-linked images to pinterest and flipboard?
Have seen this a lot, both on Flipboard and on Pinterest. The pictures…
10 months ago 3 Replies
Updated wp does not allow changes in functions.php file?
After the latest WP update it is not possible to make any change in functions.php…
11 months ago 4 Replies
How to remove date in serps only?
This is essential for i) older sites and ii) for lists posts. Example:…
11 months ago 17 Replies
Sites are down again today, anybody else?
How is at your side? I want to migrate my sites from WA immediately, but…
1 year ago 151 Replies
Sites down all the day?
Several sites are either down, or interrupted all the time, or the connection…
1 year ago 90 Replies
Where has my site disappeared?
My site seems to have disappeared. I was working on it and restarted computer…
1 year ago 43 Replies
Question about amazon tax reports?
I have statement that the account "did not receive any U.S. source payments…
1 year ago 9 Replies
How to move amazon's iframe box to the right in the text?
I would like to use 'Text and Image' option from Amazon. How to set the…
2 years ago 15 Replies
How to shift banner to the right?
I have to use banner inside the text of a page. How to push it to the…
3 years ago 17 Replies