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Removing amazon images from wordpress post?

Removing amazon images from wordpress post?

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Everything Wordpress

Because I have not sold anything within the time prescribed as an amazon affiliate, my affiliation has been cancelled for now. I am removing all amazon links but figure out how

Hi Judith,
Why should you be removing all amazon links? Just make your post a draft in WordPress back office. Unless u want the post to be visible on your site, of course.
Images can be removed by opening the post in WordPress back office, clicking on the pics, and deleting them.

I had to do the same thing. I did it by going into the html version of my post in wp and locationg the amazon text and deleting it there.

Thank you. I will attempt that tomorrow.

Omg! Isn't that dangerous?

So that worked! Thanks again.

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How is it that site support is not working? what is the alternative?

How is it that site support is not working? what is the alternative?

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Website Development & Programming

How is it that Site Support is not working? What is the alternative???

I agree with Keisha. Are you able to supply a screen shot? That way one of us might be able to contact site support on your behalf. Jim

Just sent one.

Site Support is working 24/7/365. Are you sure that the problem is not with your browser or your computer?

Could be the browser. Good point Marionblack as Microsoft seems to be pushing Edge over Chrome. I will try Edge but there are other issues that have nothing to do with browser...

Reach out on this link

AbieAJ: This is a page which is not working. After you click that you have an issue with your website, the page will not permit you to input your problem. You cannot choose a category or ask a question. I'm going to run with MarionBlack's suggestion that it may be the browser and try Edge...

hi Judith ....

that's unusual .... what's happening? ....

would you be able to screenshot it for us so that we can assist you more effectively? ...

Thank you but there appears to be more than one issue. I have been away for awhile so it's not anything I have done and would like some assistance. For starters, trying to deal with Google Site Kit I get the message that my URL, theseniorlifestyle.net is invalid?
I also notice I have ARTEZA paint ads on inappropriate pages on my site - which someone else has put there after I had problems with Amazon links and I have no idea how to remove the ads where they are in fact inappropriate...?

uhm .... just today, when accessing this site, a couple of pop-up warnings came up so WA may be working on something .....

did you receive an acknowledgement from Site Support on your question to them? .... otherwise, how would you know that Site Support isn't there? ... that's what I meant by providing us (the community) with a screenshot ....


When you go to Site Support, once you have identified your domain the system will not allow you to input "Choose the Category of the Problem" or "Question."

I sent you a screenshot from another computer Keisha. Did you receive it?

... hi Judith .... hope you've reached Site Support? ....

we've been very busy this past while on other major issues here...

If your issue is already resolved, super!

If it has not been, then, you need to initiate a service request via the Help Center directly to Site Support ... it will ask whether it is your website -- you say yes and follow the prompts .... they will need your url, title / name of your website, any and all helpful screenshots, and the specifics of your concerns / questions.... if it involves more than one website, then send a specific request in for each....

My experience with Site Support has been superb to date and they have always answered promptly and have resolved everything to satisfaction.

Hope it all works out well for you .... :)

Keisha: You cannot chose the category of your issue or describe your problem on that page after you input your site address. I don't know how to make it more clear.

What do you mean by not working? SiteSupport operate 24/7/365

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Where is the add media button?

Where is the add media button?

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Everything Wordpress

I am in the template for content, creating content and cannot locate the "Add Media" button in order to add pictures. Where have I gone wrong?

Do you see the kind of blueish picture that looks like a mountain? Hope that makes sense. I've attached a screenshot to show you. If you click on there you will be able to add a photo if that's what you're looking to do.

Thank you carla. I know the icon you are referring to but the page Kyle demonstrated with an actual "Add Media" button does not appear to be there within the template, nor is the rightside panel where you add tags etc?? Plus I don't think you can situate images with the cursor using that particular icon...so I guess I'm still confused.

The right panel where you add tags is in Wordpress editor so that must have been where Kyle demonstrated. There is an "Add Media" button on there as well when you are editing your post.

Once you publish your post from the Site Content template, you can go into Wordpress to edit it further. Hope that helps!

Thankyou. I did eventually figure it out. The lesson is you learn by doing...

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Site feedback disappeared before I was able to post?

Site feedback disappeared before I was able to post?

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Everything Wordpress

So I just completed some feedback for someone, got to the end of it, obviously pushed the wrong button and the whole thing disappeared. Can I find it again? And How?

Happened to me as first time mistake. So, I have to wait for the next.

Hi - if you click away from the feedback page, it gets offered to someone else. You can't get it back.

Thank you Diane: I had a very long feedback prepared and then the "Submit" button was nowhere to be found. The text window just kept moving down the page...so I'm not certain what I next pushed but you're right -- it's gone.

This has happened to me too. Unfortunately, I couldn't find another way to retrieve it. Unless it ends up popping back up, I don't think there's a way. I could be wrong but this is from my experience.


Thanks Melissa. Glad I'm not the only one....

You're welcome.. just wanted you to know that you weren't alone on that issue. It's not fun!

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