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Last Update: August 14, 2014

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I purchased this beautiful home on the Chattahoochee River in Helen Georgia. It was clear of any debt as I paid cash for it. Ok taxes and insurance but that was it. The kids were grown and all on their own. So it was just me and my beautiful wife Susan.

The house had a beautiful view of the Chattahoochee rapids below. The view was breathtaking. On any given day there was only the sounds of the river rushing by. So along with all the necessities our home was stocked with blow up inner tubes, rafts and fishing gear.

All our bills were paid except for the utilities and they were taken care of by automatic deduction from our bank accounts. Most anything we wanted except for groceries we ordered online and delivered directly to the house. Three days a week our maids would come in and clean up so the only things we had to worry about was our health and what we chose to do each day.

I Became a Golf Pro at the Local Country Club

One night really late I couldn't sleep so I went out on the deck off the master bedroom, got comfortable in my lounge chair and got to thinking. I thought, this was perfect. It was like heaven on earth. We could do anything we wanted each and every day. Some days we would just watch old movies on the wide screen. Some days we would tube the Hooch or go fishing. Susan liked to read and I was always working on that book I wanted to finish. Every morning we would do a little working out in our gym just to keep the blood flowing. And for the first time in our lives we could actually afford to eat only healthy foods. Healthy always seemed so expensive!

And then I got to thinking about everything I had gone through to get to this point in my life. In the 70's and 80's I worked myself to death in the sales and sales & advertising management profession. By the 90's I was a drop out of that rat race. I was a pretty good golfer so I became a golf pro at the local country club. I even got so good I got my PGA card and taught many the game. At the same time, I began my search to make my living online.

I Was Heading For an Early Grave

Pretty soon my online life took over. I had made my first money online and now I was addicted. I thought this is great. You can do a few point and clicks and people send you money. What could be easier. So I joined every MLM I could find. I went from one to the next like poop through a goose. I got to the point I was working sometimes 18 hours a day and not really making that much. I woke up one morning and looked in the mirror and saw this!LittleJohnhttp://eventualpiecesoftruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/LittleJohn.jpg">

Ok maybe the bags weren't that big but they sure felt like it. I was on my computer constantly. Promoting splash pages, emailing, sending out through safelist and all the things I thought you were supposed to do to make it online.

At the same time I was drinking, smoking and eating my way into an early grave. I was so unhappy that some days I would start drinking in the morning right after a sausage and bacon breakfast. Eventually I began getting chest pains. My cardiologist gave me medications and nitro in case I had problems. And the problem came. But I was too busy trying to make money online to stop and take care of myself.

The Chest Pains Came Back

They say that once you take a second or third nitro under your tongue, you should get to the hospital you're having a heart attack. But I was taking 100 a week for almost a month. Finally I decided I better get some help. So I jumped in the car and started heading for Crawford Long in Atlanta. It was about a 30 mile drive and right when I got to the exit, my heart started feeling better. So I said ok that's good. So I turned around and started coming back out of Atlanta.

Within about 3 miles the chest pains came back. I knew the exit coming up and I knew there was a liquor store on the left. So I bought a pint and went up on the side of a hill over looking the evening city lights. I drank my pint and then said, "I think I'm ready".

Being drunk it took me a little longer to find Crawford Long emergency entrance but I finally went in. I told the nurse while belching that, "I think I'm having a heeeaart attack". She said are you drunk? I said yep, but I am having a heart attack.

I Spent 3 Years On My Back

This is where things started going into slow motion. After the bypass it took me 8 days to wake up. They said I was detoxing from all the alcohol and nitro. Four times over the next three years they brought my family together and told them I would not live until morning. It was a combination of heart and infection problems.

Finally in November 2011 I came home. Still in a wheelchair of course because I had spent 3 years on my back. But I had another chance at life. Another chance to do it right. I decided I was to somehow work less and make more money. I just had to figure it out.

Then I came across a website that impressed me. I joined for free to check it out. Best thing I ever did. They taught me everything! They taught me to find my own 'niche' and create my own website. They taught me how to have people come to me instead of constantly trying to sell people something. And the rest is history.

The website of course was... Wealthy Affiliate

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cookma54 Premium
And now you get to really live life ... exactly the way you want to! So glad you are here with us. Melody
jthopkins Premium
You can say that again... and again... and again!!!! LOL
silver53 Premium
Glad your'e here.
gboone Premium
Time to live your dreams. Life is wonderful. Remember but spend very little time looking back. You can run into something ahead of you.
jthopkins Premium
Thanks... good advise!
mrpeter Premium
Yes, glad you are with us!
jthopkins Premium
Thanks... proud to be here!!
CarlaIves Premium
Now THAT'S a story for your About Me page! Sorry you had to go through all that, but glad you're here!
jthopkins Premium
It was all worth it! Thanks