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Last Update: May 5, 2016


Hi everyone,

I have a post coming out next week about Platform University and I compare it to Wealthy Affiliate (we all know who wins ;) )

I am wondering if anyone here has also tried the membership and would like to give a "user review" for me to add to the post.

If not it's no big deal. I think it would add a nice touch to the post and help put me over the top for ranking purposes.


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Never heard of these guys and wish you tons of success with the rankings

I just watched a webinar for it last night. When I looked at the program offering, I was disappointed. Sure, he offers strategies and information about setting up a blog and becoming an affiliate marketer and has a community built around it, but his program doesn't offer the hosting. So he just directs you to Bluehost (who he gets an affiliate commission from) For $10 extra dollars a month to get the hosting benefit at Wealthy Affiliate (compared to Platform University), we are FAR better off here.


I've not heard of it but good luck with your review :)

I never heard of it ether, jaron

seems to be the norm. which is very interesting

Ya but your idea is fantastic and it should help rankings.

thanks :)

Sorry Jaron, I've never heard of it :)

no biggie! I'll be putting the review into the comment stream next week so you can learn all about it :)

I'll be interested to see that :)

awesome, I was quite surprised at how 'low quality' the reviews that exist are. It should not take me long to rank (fingers crossed)

Good luck :)

thank you

You are so welcome Jaron :)

Oh I had not heard of that one sorry I cannot help with this one

don't sweat it

Sorry bro, never heard of that one.

no big deal, thanks for the reply

I've heard of it but never looked into it. I'll probably review it and write a review of it at some stage. There is a bit of a grey area regarding linking to external websites or blogs, I'd be interested to see what you come up with though. Best!

ill pm you the link when it is live

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