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Everything loses it's luster over time.This even goes for your niche site. It may be new, exciting, and fresh now but over time the luster will ware off and you'll be left feeling mundane.This is a very pivotal time for your blog. It's when you find out if you really want to be doing this or not.Many people will end up quitting. Not out of frustration but out of boredom.Typically there is very little action during this stage. Such as no commenters or a plateau in web trafficJust like when we ar
I am often told how great my blog looks, how there are is a ton of value for the readers, and that I'm bound to go far within internet marketing. I get consistent page views everyday and have loyal readers that click through and read every post I put out.I'd consider myself successful. But I still get discouraged.It's typically once or twice a month that I find myself in a funk. Doubting everything I've done. Feeling it's all a waste of time because I'm not able to quit my day job and have the
May 05, 2016
Hi everyone,I have a post coming out next week about Platform University and I compare it to Wealthy Affiliate (we all know who wins ;) )I am wondering if anyone here has also tried the membership and would like to give a "user review" for me to add to the post.If not it's no big deal. I think it would add a nice touch to the post and help put me over the top for ranking purposes.Thanks!
May 04, 2016
May the 4th be with you!What are you doing today to take your blog to the next galaxy?
April 30, 2016
Got a pro to cut out some the background of a photo (i could do it but why not get a pro eh?) I need to know do you like the top or bottom better?
Hi everyone!I recently made a 8 tools cheat sheet for an email opt-in incentive. I decided to share them with you all.CoSchedule - If you read my blog you know how much I love this web app. So easy to use and makes planning out blog posts a breeze. I am already booked for a month worth of blog posts. All typed and ready to go.ProWritingAid - Another web app that I just released a review of yesterday. Help me out a ton when it comes to grammar. I'm not an English major so I need all the help I c
April 28, 2016
Having a slow website will keep visitors from coming back or even landing for the first time at all. Below are a list of plugins that I am using to help speed up my site. I will also include what plugins I've found to increase the load time for a website.Increase Your Site Speed Speed:WP Smush or EWWW Image OptimizerThese both will help reduce the load time of your images. I am currently using WP Smush to test it out in comparison to EWWW. One thing I like about EWWW over Smush is that EWWW all
April 23, 2016
I'm looking to see what you all think of this quoted text I added to my site (it's not quoted there just quoted here). How can I make it better?I feel I'm in a good position to help people find out about this wonderful community, I'm just not getting many fingers to sign up for the free account to see what it's all about.What Wealthy Affiliate is Not.Wealthy Affiliate is not a Multilevel Marketing strategy. Signing up with my link and then getting referrals yourself does not make me any money.
Humble BeginningsI made many sites over the course of my life. The first when I was only in the third grade. It was the late 90's and a simple landing page that has text and a background image (I think it moved too). It amazed my class that I owned a website on the 'world wide web'. I was hooked.Since then I have had many sites with various niches. None of which I enthused me to write on the subject. My main website was just a dumping ground for anything I wanted to write on. As you can guess t
April 20, 2016
After a huge site revamp about a month ago to focus on a nice for my main website I am ranking for and getting clicks for the keyword "how to start a blog"!And it's super competitive. Thank you everyone for helping out with the comments and freeback![update]My main site was always just a dumping ground for whatever I wanted to talk about. I have other sites that are focused on a niche and I chose to jump in the deep end with my main site and focus on something I know a lot about and that I am p