WA Milestones Trifecta

Last Update: March 27, 2018

WA Milestones Trifecta

Looking back over the last five (5) days, something remarkable happened that I feel a need to blog about: I managed to hit a WA milestones trifecta. So, what were they?

First Training Post

First, I wrote, lost, found, and published my first WA training: "Is it Too Late to File My Income Taxes?" After I finished writing the training, I decided to set it aside for a day before publishing it. The next day, when I wanted to do a final proofreading and publish, I couldn't locate it.

However, WA Live Chat and Eric Cantu (along with some others) (thanks again, Eric) saved me from a gory fate worse than writer's block. Just the thought of having to rewrite the training was frightening. Fortunately, I didn't have to, and everything ended well.


Next, I hit the milestone of 1000 WA followers. As I write this, I am being followed by 1015 members. This is significant for me because it demonstrates that I am engaging, helping, and socializing with other WA members.

Establishing and maintaining such connections will be good for my business going forward and will enable me to help more and more people. Plus, the experience gained from these interactions will be invaluable.

Below 200 WA Ranking

Finally, this week, for the first time, my WA Ranking is below 200. As this goes to press, I am at 186 (on the WA scale).

The specific breakdown is:

Helper Rank--193

Creator Rank--84

Activity Rank--253

Member Rank--186


Of the three, ranking is the least important to me. However, I can use it as a guage of how well (or poorly) I am functioning within the community. Thus, apparently, I have cause to celebrate.

In a regular horse race, a trifecta is a big deal and pays well! In WA, a trifecta is also a big deal, and it also pays well...in so many ways!

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jaedot888 Premium
Great job Joshua. Keep that great momentum going! all the best to you.
buffetearns Premium

MiaL Premium Plus
Well done to you! Cheers
LDawkins1 Premium
Awesome Accomplishment!
Wishing you all the best!


MSnargrass Premium
That’s awesome, well done!
God bless,