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May 10, 2018
I recently came across a post about how to “leave” a WealthyAffiliate Premium membership. In the comments to the post (there were about 16 at the time), almost everyone agreed that there were no good reasons to do so. Although my viewpoint on this may differ from most of the comments there, in the end, I must be true to myself.There may be others who also hold this view; in all honesty,I did myself, at one time. However, I believe that is not a proper viewpoint to hold and offer my
March 27, 2018
WA Milestones Trifecta Looking back over the last five (5) days, something remarkable happened that I feel a need to blog about: I managed to hit a WA milestones trifecta. So, what were they?First Training PostFirst, I wrote, lost, found, and published my first WA training: "Is it Too Late to File My Income Taxes?" After I finished writing the training, I decided to set it aside for a day before publishing it. The next day, when I wanted to do a final proofreading and publish, I couldn't locate
March 21, 2018
I’m not above cheating; yet, I cherish honesty above all else!Doublespeak? First, hear me out; then decide! One of the tasks in the SWAG challenge is "Live Chat" participation. However, I must admit that the chat requirement is not my favorite activity. Why? Well, it has everything to do with my feelings of inadequacy in that setting. You see, I still feel as though I have very little to contribute to other members of the community because, compared to most of those using chat, I know so
When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, money was a little tight, and I felt I could not spare the funds to go Premium. However, as I interacted within the community, I came to realize that Premium had some distinct advantages that I really needed. This caused me to begin to feel badly about my situation, but I felt there wasn’t much I could do about it. Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the problem was not money—it was a matter of priorities! I needed to get
I am almost caught up with my month one SWAG goals and looking forward to month two. I have completed 14 of 18 items. Unfortunately, I lost my computer for a bit last month and fell behind. However, I am determined to get caught up, so I can start on month two items without missing a beat.Above all, I am thankful to Kyle and Carson for allowing me to participate in this opportunity; I don't take it lightly, for I know it is very valuable and will help me to achieve my goals. It will take consid
January 13, 2017
I just took the "Premium" plunge and am looking forward to learning and developing in the days, weeks, and months ahead.