6 Month Progress - One Step Closer

Last Update: April 24, 2017

The last week as been quite unproductive as i havent been able to post due to personal issues. However about 3 weeks back I went into a better routine and started posting everyday and ive started to see considerable progress in referrals and traffic since.

I havent made a great deal of money yet but im making good progress and every month i work on my site is another step in the right direction for me and I know that the money will come in time.

I also made another investment and brought a new niche site 'www.footballbootsreviewed.com' within the niche of football boots. I probably wont work properly on it until ive got my first site making consistent money as i dont want to fall into that trap of overworking.

Goals for May:

  • Reach 110 posts (Currently on 72)
  • Get 200 comments (Currently on 169)
  • Reach 12 posts on my second site by the end of may
  • 140 organic searches a day (Currently on 70-90)

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MKearns Premium
Great job and progress!
KMeyer Premium Plus
Well done!
eagleswealth Premium
Thanks for sharing your progress. I will have to change my routine also.
reanna1 Premium
Well done!
This is motivating.

My website after the only month and a half have 10-15 organic searches a day.
And it's growing since a few days ago, I am so happy to see that making great content actually pays off.

However, I haven't earned any commissions yet, just a few dollars from Google AdSense.
joshua1999 Premium
Glad to have motivated you:) Looks like your doing great! Keep up the good work and you will see them commissions coming in very soon!
Thanks for the motivation.

And thanks for sharing your story and your progress so far, I always love to see those because in 4-5 months I am going to be where you are right now :)

Which means closer to success!

Keep working hard mate, I will do the same.