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Last Update: January 21, 2017

I'm no social media guru by any stretch of the imagination. In fact my efforts with social really need to be worked on. It's not my main source of traffic so I do the bare minimum to get by.

Anyways, I saw this awesome tip for increasing the 'Reach' for your Facebook fanpages and I thought I would test it out, and show my results.

How I WAS Posting To My Fanpages

If you don't have a Facebook FanPage set up for your website you can learn how to here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/training/increase-...

I have Fanpages set up for all my websites, but like I said I do the bare minimum. Occasionally interact, share and like other Fanpages in my niches. So I haven't grown my likes very high at all :( (on the to do list for 2017)

But I always share my posts from my websites onto their relevant Fanpages. I write a basic description in the description box where it says "Write Something"... Then I leave the link to my websites latest post. I "like" it and then move on..

Here's The Results From How I have been doing it:

As you can see only a handful of people actually see my post on my FanPage. Some of my Fanpages have 100, 200+ likes etc but only 5-6 people actually see the fanpage post appear in their feed!. So nobody is getting my message. Shame on me!

The NEW Way I Share My Website Posts - The BIG Tip

So the BIG tip is: Instead of leaving the link to your website in the FB post, leave it out altogether. From what I learned, Facebook doesn't like to show my Fanpage posts in others feeds as it has a link on them to LEAVE Facebook. When you think about it, it makes sense. Facebook want their people to stay on their site!.

What I Do NOW!

Instead, write a brief description of your post and in the description say something like "Learn more by visiting the link in the first comment below". Publish your Fanpage post and then add a comment to that FB post leaving the link back to your website. Of course 'Like' your post as well.

The Immediate Results

As you can see form the first 3 FB Fanpage posts the amount of people reached has grown by more than x8. From getting just 5-6 people reached to 43, 49 and 126 people reached all from leaving the url of my website out of the fanpage description.

The last post was a test (I forgot haha) to see if I was just going crazy or not. I posted my website post's url on FB like I had been doing it - By putting the URL in the description my post only reached 3 people which is pretty dismal.

These results are all from the same Fanpage and I am getting similar results on all my fanpages across all sorts of niches. So why not give it a go yourself and see if you can get MORE eyeballs on your FB post!

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WilliamBH Premium
Great Tip Josh .. I like it. Cheers, William
MrsKiersten Premium
Great idea!
lomulomu11 Premium
Thanks for the tip Josh, I shall being doing this from now on.
Josh From Oz Premium
Would be great to see if you get similar increase in 'Reach'.
lomulomu11 Premium
Will get back to you on that one
LH-CLUB Premium
I am going to try this looks good thanks Josh
DreamAngel Premium
Great post Joshua! Thanks for sharing!

Josh From Oz Premium
Thanks Barbara