Are You Ready For The Christmas Rush?

Last Update: October 14, 2016

If you promote physical products on Amazon or other retail stores and have been doing this for a few years now, then you probably know all to well what's about to come. A massive influx in sales!

It doesn't matter what niche you are in to an extent, because people will naturally buy MORE stuff online in the next coming months. November, December and even January are huge months to be a physical product marketer.

I've heard/read from more experienced Amazon marketers that during the months of November and December their total income is that of all the other month's incomes combined. So for example if you earn $1000 month on average, then there's potential to earn 10k over the months of November and December.

Is this true? Well there's only one way to find out :). While not every niche/site will get 10 times their average monthly income, an increase in sales is definitely possible due to the HIGH shopping volume that goes on in these months.

I follow another blog online for my own personal inspiration about a Woman who is a Amazon affiliate. During the off peak season she is making $4k-$7k a month. But during December 2015 she made a whopping $53,000 from AMAZON!. Who said Amazon doesn't pay well. (I won't share her blog post here due to Rules)

So What Does This Mean For Us Affiliates?

What it means is that if you haven't been pumping out targeted content on a frequent basis already, now is the time to strike. Use this time of year for an extra boost in motivation to keep going, keep adding content and keep building your business to higher levels. From July onward I always start thinking about "more content" for the Christmas rush. This gives my content time to simmer away in the Google rankings and become perfectly cooked 'posts' by November/December.

This keeps me motivated to write more and more when many times I simply don't feel like it...

But what if you are only starting a new website today?. Will it have time to simmer away and get some Christmas love?. Perhaps, it's possible to put out 30+ posts between now and December so the answer is: Why not try!

Even if you are a tad bit late in preparing for the Christmas rush, think about how much momentum and content you will have baking away for Christmas 2017.

There is no losers here, only winners. If you put in the hard work!

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LH-CLUB Premium
Great advice josh, is that the new Ozzy $100 note
Josh From Oz Premium
Haha, I don't use cash nor do I have a Santa hat so Pixabay it is :)
JudeP Premium
Thank you.
JDKnight65 Premium
Thanks for the post. Will look into it too.
MrsKiersten Premium
It's so true! I've been selling women's clothes online for a couple of years and sales always pick up a whole lot in the winter, especially around Christmas.
onmyownterms Premium
Awesome reason to look forward to the holidays.
Josh From Oz Premium
Certainly is, who would have thought the Holidays could get even better than what they already were.