Got my First Jaaxy referral this morning!

Last Update: October 01, 2014

I just posted my Jaaxy review and a show and tell post 2 weeks ago. I checked my stats, the referral came from my show and tell post. It's probably the simplest post I created on my site!

That is exciting, and gives me a boost in confidence.

It has also encouraged me to take my next month to simplify my content and show benefits just like I did on this post.

My time has been extremely limited with my full time job, my vending business and coaching football 3 nights a week and Saturday game days, however I am blessed to have this opportunity here at Wealthy Affiliate.

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AZechinato Premium
Congratulations John! It's always so invigorating to hear good news. Encouraging too! As busy as you are, you are still finding a way to succeed here at WA. Keep up the good work.
JohnWiser Premium
I am doing my best to keep my head from exploding, but always keeping a positive mindset. I listen to subliminal Law of Attraction audio all day and it is the one thing that keeps me sane.

I have learned over the years to measure success in more ways than income. Income is a bi-product of success. I look forward to getting to a point where I can be a positive influence on a new marketer and pay it forward just to hear good news like this!
sstokes76 Premium
Great job John! I think your approach is a good one. I also feel that explaining something in uncomplicated terms and emphasizing the benefits for the reader is the best way to go. I think you just unlocked the key to this for yourself.
JohnWiser Premium
I believe you are right. Instead of beating my head against the wall, asking myself "Why am I getting so many bounced sessions?" - I am going to fix all that unnecessary content and use the K.I.S.S. method
kholmes Premium
Congrats, sounds great! :))
cookma54 Premium
Woot! Woot! M
Incognito007 Premium
That's great! Well done. That's the way to do it :)