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If you are looking to build a list, having a good lead capture page and system is very important. I have found a good source that lets you use their system for free with no credit card. You can collect up to 500 leads and send 200 emails per month. I have set up a capture page with this system and it is doing quite well. Go check it out here and set up a free account.
I just posted my Jaaxy review and a show and tell post 2 weeks ago. I checked my stats, the referral came from my show and tell post. It's probably the simplest post I created on my site! That is exciting, and gives me a boost in confidence. It has also encouraged me to take my next month to simplify my content and show benefits just like I did on this post. My time has been extremely limited with my full time job, my vending business and coaching football 3 nights a week and Saturday game days
Anyone looking for Free and Open Source screen capture software, I have found one that I really like. Go to and check it out. I like it because you can add annotations and edit easily. It's not a recorder, but is a great upgrade from the snipping tool pre-loaded on Windows. Give it a try. I used it on my latest post. My Jaaxy Review – Keyword Research on Steroids Let me know how you like it.
September 16, 2014
One of my posts hit the top of page one on Google!! It's the little things that get me excited. 2 months in and really seeing some positives!
In the last 10 years of my life, I have been involved in some form of internet marketing and there is one thing that stands true... Relationships are the KEY! My very first attempt at an online business was a complete failure. Not because I didn't have the right tools. Not because the products were horrible. Not because I didn't do everything I could to promote it... it was because all of my focus was on me. It wasn't until I learned the key to success was helping others succeed. My first real
Photos and Illustrations really make a blog or website stand out. In most cases, we can take our own photos. Sometimes, we need some help. There are several different sites we can find either Royalty Free Photos or Free Photos. There is a difference. Free Photos and Illustrations are just what the say. You agree to a set of terms, and you are allowed to use the photo on your website free of charge. Royalty Free Photos and Illustrations do cost an upfront fee, but you only pay one time accordi
August 15, 2014
You can make the new page a child of a page already on your site.
In my planning and solitude time, I reflected on why I chose to follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member. It took me around 4 hours to upgrade after navigating through and seeing the testimonies of users from around the world that all share a common goal. I read through a particular user's progress on his profile and was totally amazed at how he started with practically no prior marketing experience and through the Bootcamp, he was now earning enough to work full time as an
Most of us have heard at one point or another, some form of Sharpen the Axe or Sharpen the Saw. Any owner of a Franklin Planner has seen there is time set aside each day on the schedule for sharpening the saw. There many different variations of this old adage, but they all have the same meaning. A wise man was given the task of chopping down a rather large tree in 6 hours. He was asked, "How do you plan to accomplish this feat in the amount of time you were alotted?" His answer was "I will spen
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July 23, 2014
So, I came into Wealthy Affiliate Sunday, July 20th 2014. The day before my birthday. I immediately fell in love with this community. I had went to the East Tennessee mountains (Gatlinburg), for my birthday weekend with my wife and son. I had been working through some issues with two of my websites that I had running. I had been building some momentum with my sites, and found them fall flat because I had geared all of my content to an old algorithm. My vending business is quite new and not doin
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