Why it is Important to Write Goals Down

Last Update: July 07, 2018

Do you know why it is important to write goals down? When we all started our journey here at WA we was asked to write down our goals, both financial and non financial. Do you remember? Maybe you have just become a member and haven´t wrote down your goals yet... My advice is that you do it because it will help you a lot.


Do not just write them down and then go on with other things... NO! This is not the proper way and will not help you much.

I suggest you do like this instead to get the most benefits out of your written goals.

Do like this: Set a goal that is achiveable and WRITE IT DOWN, it is important that it is a challenging goal.

Then: you break down that goal in "small steps" that you have to do to achive the final goal. Write down EVERYTHING you need to do to achive the big goal of yours. Be as detailed as possible.

Then: put that list in order and put DEADLINES for each step.

Now you have something to aim for...

Go ahead and WORK. Complete every step at the list in order and do it as fast as you can.

This is CRAZY you will understand when you read it:


Important a Must Read:

The year 1979 there was a fascinating study made on the Harvard MBA program where graduate students were asked the question:

have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?

The result: 3% had written goals and plans, 13% had goals but they had not write them down and 84% had no goals at all.

Ten years later: The same group was interviewed again and the result? It was absolutely mind blowing!

The 13% of the class who had goals (in their heads) was earning twice as much the amount of the 84% who had no goals.

Now listen to this!!:

The 3% who had written goals were earning, on average, 10 TIMES as much as the other 97% of the class COMBINED! COMBINED!

I found this studie in an article from: The Forbs magazine

When I saw this I really started to take my goals seriously. I did take them seriously before also but now I REALLY take them seriously. I find this to be an extremely motivating example of why creating clear and measurable goals and WRITING them down is a key to success.

IN ANYTHING... Not only for making money online like we are here to do :o)

Now I have one question for you

How do you set and achive goals?

Maybe you have some good advice to share to make it easier for other members here. After all WA is the nr one pay it forward community online ;o)

Please let me and the rest of the community know how you do in the comment section below.

This was my first blog post inside of the community and I hope you liked it? :o)



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johncruz Premium
Good stuff my friend. Good stuff. I always set goals and it is what has got me this far. I still set them and I always set them so that I am able to achieve them and surpass it eventually.

Some advice, GET A WHITEBOARD! This has helped me and on top of these goals, I also set me a schedule. Stick to your goals and the rest is history. Great post man!
JohnMks Premium
Thanks brother! Great advice! at the moment I only have pappers :o) I will get a whiteboard. Thanks again!
nbethany Premium
Hi John. I enjoyed your blog post. It pumped some inspiration and motivation into me. I needed that. :-) I need to work on my list and keep it out where I can see it.
JohnMks Premium
Thanks a lot! It pumped me to! glad that you got inspiration and motivation that is great! Sounds like you are going to do exactly like me :o) thanks for your comment/ John
PIOFJR Premium
I believe it is important . Thank you John.
JohnMks Premium
Yes I believe it to. I hope you liked the blog post?

Thank you for your comment! /John
KOTechniques Premium
Good motivation , like it very much !! this is one of the reasons WA works , very positive people here !!
JohnMks Premium
Yes WA is the real deal I agree with you.

Thank you for your comment KO techniques! :o)

dlibreros Premium
This is awesome! I write my goals down, but I don't look at them. LOL I need to break them down as much as possible. I know they're attainable, I just need to get organized.

Awesome post,
JohnMks Premium
Yes I know! I did the same until I recently found this studie.

Thanks alot for your comment Diana it means a lot to me/John