Get Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership For Free

Last Update: January 29, 2017

In this post I will give you an advice on how to get Wealthy Affiliate premium membership for free.

Even though I think it is pretty much for free already considering the amount of value it brings to someone who want to learn internet marketing I understand that some people have financial problems and might even struggle to pay for the premium membership.

So, this post is for you but also for someone who want to make an extra income here.


  • They WILL rank just like if you would post on your website (sometimes better) and the comments and likes will help the ranking to of course...
  • So the next tip is to follow other members here inside the Community as it WILL increase your blog posts reach.
  • And of course... MAKE SURE YOU USE KEYWORDS the way that you have been taught here...

Because you see, when someone finds your post inside google and start Reading it... after a while a "popup" will appear on the screen that says "sign up for a free WA membership"

If that person signs up and becomes a premium member later on you WILL get a reccuring Commission for that.

Let me give you an example.. Below you have a screenshot of how many blogposts I have made inside the WA Community.

As you can see I have ONLY made 19 posts here... I have been very lazy with this I know...

However, it has brought me some referrals... (with only 19 posts I have got 127 refferals and 14 of them are PAYING refferals:

Guest user modal means that someone has found your WA Community blog post and signed up through the "popup" that appears.

One tactic I have used when Writing blogposts here is that I make sure that the reader understands that it has landed on a Place that can teach people how to make money online.

So 14 paying member from only 19 posts inside the Community here...

Think about that for a second...

What if I had made 40 posts? 100posts?


So whatever niche you are in this is a way to get some extra income that can actually pretty easys pay for your premium membership here and MORE.

So, what do you all Think about this? :)

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cosmicradio Premium
Pretty good, John.
JohnMks Premium
Thank you man
Stansk Premium
My brain hurts now!
JohnMks Premium
Lol! Why is it hurting?
ArtByHeart Premium
And do they rank on Google is the question? Why not just write on your websites?
JohnMks Premium
Yes they absolutely rank on google, especially when you get comments and likes. Writing on your website should absolutely be your main focus but you have to remember that many people here don't promote WA on their websites.
LouisaB Premium
This is quite amazing. Possibilities are possible. Thanks for the share. Congrats to your success!
JohnMks Premium
Thank you
Adwestaw Premium
Great article! I'm going to start posting here more. Although I've only been a member here for a short amount of time, I've learned 10x more than I learned with all my outside research put together!

Thanks for the thoughts!
JohnMks Premium
Great to hear that, and I absolutely agree.

/Thanks for your comment