My First Hour with WA Premium

Last Update: October 09, 2014

I have just signed on as a Premium member of the community. This was actually after 5 days and as many e-mails reminding me of the fantastic opportunity awaiting me in Internet Marketing.

I am in my 63rd year and have been wanting to get into I.M. but being very non-tech have never taken the step. The reason I signed in the first place actually saved me $1,000's of dollars as I nearly got involved with some internet marketers that charge the world for 10% of what I can learn here.

Needless to say I am looking forward to working out how I create a home business that will make my retirement years more lucritive.

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AlfredoC Premium
Hello and Congrats, I recently did the same thing. I must admit it is a bit overwhelming at first with all the tutorial videos and courses, (information over load). However they are extremely helpful and so is the community. Good luck!
LLeary Premium
Congrats on taking what could be a life changing decision. I wish you all the best here at WA.
AllynBeekman Premium
As the others have said, you won't regret being Premium. There is a lot to learn, so dig in and get ready. You'll love it. By the way, I'm in my 63rd year also.
Congrats i will follow you very soon God bless
AngelaHall Premium
Congrats on taking that step! You won't regret it. WA is amazing! If you have any questions you can click on activity dashboard (black button - top left) and then on the right side of the page is live chat. You can also ask questions by typing in the question box at the top of every page or clicking on the pen icon in the top right corner.
Looking forward to working with you. (Do you have a picture to put on your profile?)