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April 19, 2015
Well it has been a very interesting 6 months and I am now following some 2,500+ wonderful people trying to edge out a place/living in the Internet Marketing/Affiliate world.Better still i have 1,300++ wonderful people who are following me. Some of the comments that have been made about my profile have been very encouraging and I thank each and everyone for their kind words. Yet since the second month I have done nothing with W.A. other than encourage a number of you by wishing you well. I have
Well one thing I can say is the lessons I have done are second to none. Personally I wish I had more time BUT I have to earn a $$$ to keep food in the belly; petrol in the car and a roof over head. One thing I have discovered over the last week is that you can take up a lot of time NOW 24 Hours in three days just making friends reading blogs watching videos and writing to new friends at W.A. This has been great BUT has severely stopped my learning progress. Although I now have just under 400 fo
I have just signed on as a Premium member of the community. This was actually after 5 days and as many e-mails reminding me of the fantastic opportunity awaiting me in Internet Marketing. I am in my 63rd year and have been wanting to get into I.M. but being very non-tech have never taken the step. The reason I signed in the first place actually saved me $1,000's of dollars as I nearly got involved with some internet marketers that charge the world for 10% of what I can learn here. Needless to s