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Does anybody know anything about growth ai?

Does anybody know anything about growth ai?

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I happened upon this site on Twitter: http://www.growthai.com/

I've requested an invitation to join an

It's been nearly a month since I signed up for this and I still haven't heard back from them, so I sent a second request to join (from another email). This time I got no response. Not sure if this site is shady, or just hasn't got their act together.
Was anyone else able to join?

Since they're in 'closed private beta' this site is just a way to suck your email out of you. Even if it's legit (and it probably is), it could take months for you to actually gain access. I've waited over a year before on similar opportunities.


Hi Joe,
Just signed up and waiting. It seems that it would be ok.

Anyway, thanks for this tip!

Curious about this myself Joe. Signed up and waiting.

great information to have

I have never heard of it but must be a new company. I signed up too. Can always unsubscribe if it of now value. So thanks for bringing it up.

Yes, I'm very curious.

I signed up too Joe. Thanks for sharing!
As Chris said, we can always unsubscribe if it turns out to be of no value to us.

Just got an email back from growthai.com and it seems those of us who sign up are being asked to select which "growth opportunity we want to see automated. It is though we are helping them select their niche.

Sure is different ... gotta' give them that.

I checked about half of the selections from their list.

LOL, well Joe that ain't about ta' help them ... but then, I never responded to the email myself.

Not sure about this. This is pretty new to me, and seems a bit over my head. But thanks anyway.

I'll be sure to let people know if this is worthwhile.

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What's your experience with iwriter or upwork?

What's your experience with iwriter or upwork?

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Authoring & Writing Content

I've seen a few posts about these sites. I'm wondering what your experience is as either a writer or a client.

At first I was thinking about using one of these to get s

I used iWriter several months ago when I needed a quick article. The first writer gave me a poorly written one with grammatical errors and misspellings. I rejected it and submitted my article requirement again. The results were fine. I just had to do some light editing so that it read more like how I write. With iWriter you don't have to pay for any articles you reject. I would use them again if needed.

Thanks Glen. I haven't pulled trigger on this yet, but I probably will soon. Thanks for your input.

Joe - I used Upwork once and had to rewrite the posts provided. I provided outlines, keywords and project guidance, but the finished product was not what I was hoping for. I think there are good writers on both sites, but it takes time to find them and the cost can be prohibitive, as most of them are of elite status.

Thanks Patrick, This is in line with what others have told me.

Ii have written and continue to write for both of these article brokers.

I have also been the requestor for articles on iWriter.

One of the main issues with ANY of these services is to KNOW what you want and being able to spell it out in the 'special instructions' block!

As a writer, looking at some of these requests, I know exactly why they need someone else to do the job!

1. Give them keywords/phrases to use.
2. Offer them a format if you need it in a specific one.
3. Do NOT insult them; you want their best.
4. Offer them a per word price that helps them understand how important this piece is to you.
5. Most of these sites run the submissions through Copyscape.com (a Plagiarism detecting program) to protect you when buying.

Yes, there are many people writing for all of these sites that do not have English as their first language! Many of them try harder for this reason and others simply rely on available translators, which, as you may have found out, do NOT really work for your purposes!

For another conversation about this, send me a PM.


Thanks Mickey for this detailed answer. Your suggestions are very helpful. I will send you a PM.

Have not worked with or investigated either one. To work with them I'm sure you need to have a good operating server!

Thanks Michael

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