Thank You to My Fantastic Mentor.

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I lost my original Wealthy Affiliate Mentor some four years ago. I'm not sure what happened but the person that led me to WA simply disappeared off the radar.

Unfortunately because that person left so early in my affiliate marketing career, they missed out on four years of income.

You heard me correctly, they threw away their potential income.

For the first three years of my membership with WA I paid my dues monthly. That means they would have earned around $840 in that time period.

I have no doubt that they would have had to have put in a fair amount of work on their MMO website in order for me to find them online and to join up

Sadly, they would have lost another $235 in income for my fourth year and yet more coming up to my fifth.

Let's add up just how much income they would have lost from just one person joining and staying for four years.

The Total is $1075.

If they had been smarter than me and continued their own membership on a yearly basis for those four years it would have cost them around $1200.

What am I getting at here?

Simple really. The income they would have received from having managed to join me to this fantastic affiliate marketing platform would have almost paid for their own n membership. It certainly would have totally paid for it in the first three years.

My membership dues would have allowed them to build on their business at no extra cost to them. Obviously he or she had the correct formula going with their MMO Website, or I wouldn't have joined. Who knows what their income level would have reached by now.

Did I miss out because of their Decision to Leave?

Certainly not. I actually gained because of it. I gained the best Mentors available at WA.

Can you guess who took over the Mentorship role?

Kyle and Carson..

Which brings me to why I consider them to be the best Mentors.

A few weeks back I received a private email from Kyle telling me that he had checked out my old gardening site. He made a few suggestions to be on how I could improve it. These included a couple of titles I had for various posts that could be improved and links to the Wealthy Affiliate program that probably shouldn't be placed on a gardening site.

Kyle is a busy man and he really didn't need to do this, but he did. Thank you, Kyle for not only being my mentor but for caring enough to look at my site and encourage me to take necessary steps to improve it.

What does All this mean for you?

Don't be too quick to give up. For those in the MMO niche, once you manage to bring one new member to this platform it should encourage you to stay. Two members and you are making a profit.

Never Give up.

Do you still have contact with your Mentor?

Please leave a Comment Below.

All the best. Jim

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Unfortunately, I never had any contact with the person who I signed up under. As near as I can tell, he hasn't been active in over 3 years. Too bad. It would have been nice to have had some interaction but it is what it is. Life goes on :).

Mary Ann

It certainly does Mary Ann.

You speak very true words here, Jim! Someone named Frank--I believe he is still here, though is not active in the Community--is, I supposed, my Mentor!

These members that join and stay long term are a boon to hose who brought them in. Of course, for all of those active in the Community, they can all be mentors by their wise advice, answers to questions and simply downright encouragement! This is one big family!

Kyle and Carson are the best!


Thanks Jeff, they certainly are

You're very welcome, Jim! I hope your new week started off well, my friend!


It's been a very quiet start to the week. Much of the weekend and the next week will be focused on the passing of Queen Elizabeth.

I'm glad to hear that, Jim! I can certainly understand the focus on the Queen. It was such a sad event!


Very thought provoking. I have sat here for several minutes thinking about this. My “mentor” is still around and has contacted me in the past. More often than not, when the upgrade is
Even though I look at everyone here as a mentor and visa versa, it would be good to have someone to bounce ideas off with..
I think we as professionals should be committed to helping those we recruit as much as possible get to the goal of making money.

You can bounce ideas off of me anytime, Stevoi! 😎🍺


We are very fortunate that we have so many friends here to bounce ideas off Stephen.

That’s a given buddy.

Haha! Thanks, Stevoi!

I've never had a Mentor at Wealthy Affiliate. I knew who that should have been. She was a WA Ambassor with her own very successful business. No doubt she was very busy but not once did she approach me to enquire whether I needed help.

Kyle is exceptional with the help he provides. Whenever I have approached him for help he has always responded promptly.

I'm very pleased for you Jim, that that Kyle is your Mentor.

I enjoyed reading your very interesting post.


Thank you Valerie. I understand that once someone has joined up a few hundred people that it becomes difficult to stay in contact with them on a regular basis, but you would think that they could check on them now and then.

I agree, Jim. Even just for the first few weeks. I remember feeling completely lost but I'm very pleased I found my way!

Well, when I read a blog about WA, it said "I will be always here to help you as your mentor". And the man really meant it.
I sometimes feel embarrassed for constantly sending him mails full of questions, but he is always polite, helpful and encouraging.
Also, there are a few other WA members who helped me a lot to improve my site. I appreciate that very much!

That's fantastic. An active mentor is a real bonus.

Yes, his support means a lot to me. He is very patient with my ignorance and I really appreciate it.

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