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October 18, 2020
I Just wanted to let people know how active Pinterest can be for you.I personally believe it's one of the best of the social media platforms Below is a screen shot of how the impressions on my boards have increased over the last month.What is so incredible about this result is that, due to my back issues, I haven't actually added any new pins of my own in a few months. Mainly because I've been unable to write blogs.I decided I would only undertake simply tasks, and what could be easier than sav
October 13, 2020
It's been an arduous journey for me but I'm slowly healing. I just wanted all my many friends at WA know that their prayers, thoughts and kind words have made a gradual difference to my life.For the first time in she's I'm able to get off my bed, walk around and even sit in a chair for short spells.Each session with my Acupuncturist Neville has helped me to better deal with my pain and to have some hope for the future.My Grandaughter Jaimie brought Neville to our home because I was unable to ge
October 09, 2020
Just a quick update for my many friends here.I had the acupuncturist treat me two days ago.Did it help?Yes, for about 24'hours.I managed to get up and walk with only a little pain.Unfortunately the pain came back yesterday afternoon and last night was almost unbearable.I'm a bit more settled at the moment because I have a heat bag and taken pain killers.The pain killers are supposed to last up to eight hours but they only give me some relief for two hours.I have no alternative but to try the ac
This is just a quick blog.As many of my friends at WA know, I have been experiencing incredible pain lately.I have a herniated disc in my upper back, lower back issues plus I suffer from osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.These issues were sitting in my body like a bomb waiting to go off, and a few months back they finally did. unfortunatelty I developed sciatica from the ruptured disc. Due to my other issues the treatment I can pursue is limited. For example, I can't undergo a spinal alignment, a
Affiliate marketing PossibilitiesThis is a new weekly post I am introducing to help fellow members looking for profitable affiliate marketing niches.To access most of these Niches you will need to join CJ affiliates or RakutenTodays Niche is Finance.Here are 5 Finance related affiliate marketing programs for you to research.USA based1. BBVA BanksAffiliate commissions between $50 to $75 2. Lifelocks affiliate marketing programUp to $110 commission per sale3. Lending Tree affiliate program$70 per
Do we really believe that everything we write is original?Many years ago I was undertaking a bachelor of business at Swinburne technical college in Melbourne Australia. This institution is now known as Swinburne University. One of the subjects I was taking was business law. Business law is a very complex, ever-changing, topic. I was amazed when we were told we could take our text books into the exams with us.I asked my lecturer why this was allowed because at high school we only went in with ou
I have read a number of posts recently that were centered around purchasing Domain names as an investment.Because I have been doing this for a number of years now, I thought I'd provide you with a brief anaylysis of how to approach this style of investment.There are several ways to go about this.1. Purchasing a domain name and simply sitting on it in the hope its value will increase.2. Adding a niche to the domain, building a website. Writing content and than when the site starts producing a co
September 22, 2020
This is a tribute to a very special Ambassador.Israel17He has developed 584 training modules here at WAYes.You read correctly.584 Training modulesI know my friend Israel will most likely be embarrassed with this accolade.But I couldn't think of a more fitting title for him then the ...'King of Training' Not only does he produce training at a consistent pace, it's also of the highest quality.I have placed a link to one of his training modules below. This is lesson is important to all affiliate
September 17, 2020
Are You looking For Content Training? I have noticed a growing number of questions lately centered around content writing. Once you become a premium member your world is opened up to heaps of blogs and training on this subject .Rather, than rewrite what has Already been written about so often here, I have decided to provide some links available to this training .The easy way to find this information would be to place the word 'Content' in the question box on the top of your profile page. But ma
September 12, 2020
This is just a very quick blog to say that I've reached a new milestone.9000 followers. I'm truly blessed to have so many friends.Wealthy Affiliate truly is an amazing place to learn affiliate marketing.All the best.. Jim