8 things that kills your motivation - and how to fix them

Last Update: December 09, 2017


If you do not find the little things to be grateful for, it will be much more difficult to find any good things at all. Once you've had enough days in a row without being grateful for something, you will end up in a negative spiral.

  • Find the little positive things during the day such as a phone call to a friend, ice cream after dinner or a cocnac in the sunset. Be grateful for what you have.

Jealousy and envy

By focusing on what others have that you do not have, you will be blind to what opportunities you have yourself.
You will then be in danger of giving up before you have started at all.

  • Try to accept that their situation is different, and you do not have the ability to influence it. The sooner you accept this, you can focus more on yourself and your own possibilities


This is the biggest obstacle for most, as we are programmed to expect results yesterday.

  • It is important to create realistic plans and goals and focus as much on the process as on the end result.


You take on too many tasks that make you less effective, more stressed and in general, in a poorer mood.

  • Focus on the few tasks you can handle and complete them before starting new ones.


Getting started with something is the most motivating thing you can do. If you wait for your motivation to come to you, you may have to wait a long time.

  • Start before you feel you are ready. If you wait until you "have it all worked out" you will never get around to starting at all.

No purpose

If you feel that what you do has no value or purpose, then you will definitely lose all motivation.

  • Make clear what is the reason or meaning behind your actions so that you know what goal you are working towards.

Zero risk

If you do not bet something you can lose, it's much easier to just give up when you face adversity.

  • If you are at risk of losing something, it will motivate you for the next steps.

Crappy people

If you are surrounded by pessimistic and negative people you will end up being one of them.

  • Surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and motivate you. Ignore the negative people in your life.
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An awesome blog, thank you, sir
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Thank you as well
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Beautifully presented with a deep understanding human mind. And my mind where the obstacle is created nonstop by overthinking.
The starting point for me to change my attitude and "all".

Thank you
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Glad you found it useful. Thanks for reading
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Word of "high" wisdom my friend!
I have a handful of members I listen to dearly
and you are one of them.



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Thank you so much
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All good points.everybody probably feels a least one of these from time to time.
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Yes we do :) Thanks for reding
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I like your headings. The last one, I think can be the most detrimental and I think it is sometimes the hardest one to avoid.
Our own families and closest friends, although meaning the best may tell us it's not possible.

I think that is why this place is so fundamentally important. You can get support for all the things you have mentioned here.

Great post. Thanks once again for sharing such huge insight.
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