Jaaxy Doesn't Work Like it Used To

Last Update: Nov 9, 2020


Is Jaaxy STILL the best keyword research tool for the money?

Have you noticed that Jaaxy Lite doesn't quite work like it used to?

In the past, Jaaxy Lite was so easy and intutive to use, I could search and find one main keyword, then by clicking on the main keyword in "one click" would get 10 to 100 related keywords.

Not anymore!

Yes, I agree design and tech changes are needed periodically to keep up with the changing times. WA has made at least 3 design changes to their website since I've been here since March 2017 - but I have to honestly say I'm not very happy with the UX of the new "top heavy" WA site.

Most of all, in particular Jaaxy Lite. It used to have great intuitive usability, and I could easily rely on Jaaxy for finding many great keywords in one click.

Now apparently, I need to type in each long-tail keyword separately in Search. This makes keyword research in Jaaxy Lite no longer time efficient and unnecessarily tedious.

Sadly Less Value for More Money

I have a feeling that the prior user-friendliness of Jaaxy has been taken away, and now is only included in the paid upgrade (to Jaaxy Enterprise or bundled with Premium+), which is unfortunate.

What made Wealthy Affiliate such great value in the past was that the utility and user-friendliness of Jaaxy in "one click" - yes even the basic Jaaxy Lite which costs separately $19 per month - was once a great keyword tool for the price and was always bundled in the annual Premium package for $359 per year (or $49 per month).

I hope I am wrong, but if this is now the case, this could be a deal-breaker for me. Jaaxy is central to everything we do, it was such a great tool.

Without having the same usefulness of the old Jaaxy Lite - or if now being required to pay an additional $200-$600 per year to get that same old utlity we received as a Premium member for years.

This is a tough blow. For the first time in 4 years, without the old Jaaxy I will now need to reconsider (with renewal coming up) whether everything else is still worth the price.



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Jaaxy has not been altered. Jaaxy is giving you this result because there is only one result for that actual keyword (and it is the same keyword...thus why it is not linked). You would just end up in the exact place

NOTHING has been changed with Jaaxy, still the same platform and people have access to Jaaxy Lite with Premium (as they always have) and Jaaxy Enterprise with Premium Plus+.

We also have some future changes that are going to be rolled out in the coming months and year that we are really excited about.

I hope you are right Kyle. Hopefully this is just an anomaly with Jaaxy Lite.

In the past if I would type in a keyword like "corona mayhem', I would receive back many different permutation of that "coronavirus" keyword, and since "coronavirus" is such a popular single keyword (try the alphabet soup technique with "coronavirus"), I would expect to see a long list of related keywords underneath as I had in the past.

The fact that there is a space between "coronavirus" and "mayhem" should also trigger more related keywords in the Search.

On a separate note, I am also assuming here those of us who have been with WA for a long-time are still grandfathered upon renewal with the same perks we received from our original standard Premium membership package without paying for any additional upgrade, i.e. up to 50 websites.

Hopefully, that status has not changed.

Your post made me to run to check my Jaaxy. What I saw was: there is a default word, "what is premium plus", come on, take it out, who need to see it! Looks like nothing has changed but I have never used Brainstorm and had no idea what was it. Too bad, they took it out.

I appreciate that, thanks for sharing it, Tomoko!

Hey Kaju, been a long term follower of your work.

I haven't noticed any change to Jaaxy and you still get Jaaxy Lite as part of your premium.

Perhaps your have just hit a wall with your keyword research (it happened to me a couple of years ago)

Don't forget to use things like the alphabet soup to get the most out of your tool and you will be finding excellent keywords again in no time.

You can still use the click here to get a new list of keywords as long as they exist.

Hoppe that helped.


Hi Mark,
Yeah, I believe it may have simply been only specific to that keyword.
Hope you are doing well, have a great Holiday, and Stay Safe:)


Hi, I'm currently using Jaaxy and it works fine for me. Maybe it's just a bug you're experiencing... When I dig for more keywords it works...

I love the new interface, even tho it's still very slow, but I hope it'll come back to normal very soon. And now it's much better on mobile.

However, something I realized and I don't like is the fact that the support has become very slow for premium members. Before I used to get help as soon as I send a ticket to the support.

But now they get back to me after 1 or 2 hours. This doesn't make any sense. I know now the priority is for PP members, but come on, 2 hours is just too much.

You will find they are attending to bugs and glitches in the system as they come across everyone's inquiry to tech support.

Yeah I though the same

Thanks for letting e know about the slower Support. I have not needed Support in awhile, so I just learned something!

If you verify your assumptions using other keywords, you will see that you get multiple responses - just like before the WA platform was changed.

I typed in "coronavirus mayhem" like you did and got only that keyword as a response.

But, I typed in "freeze dry onion" and got a multitude of responses.

It just depends on your keyword, Kaju.

Nothing's different.


Good to know, Jim. Will try it. I just haven't seen this happen before with any keyword (and I've been using Jaaxy a long time), so it shocked me.

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