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I hope everyone here is doing well both in health and wealth! It's been a long-time since I wrote a post here on WA, we have been super busy building our business. (Also on a totally unrelated sidenote, I received my 2nd vaccine shot last week).With this in mind, I wanted to give everyone an update on our podcast Talking Taiwan. Talking Taiwan Business is Growing SteadilyTalking Taiwan prides itself in being able to interview a wide variety of guests in the arts, culture, politics, sports, and
To all who celebrate this great holiday we call Thanksgiving that originated with the Pilgrims - a tradition in the United States that began in Plymouth in 1621, where the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared an autumn harvest feast - I hope you have a wonderful and safe day.,With the Covid-19 pandemic currently raging with the highest daily case, hospitalization, and death rates ever, this will be the most unusual Thanksgiving.Please stay safe, celebrate in small groups, we
Black Friday 2020 is here, and I wanted to make 2 exclusive offers to my referrals.Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020 (Nov 27-30) is better than ever! This year Wealthy Affiliate has added a higher level of membership, Premium+.I created a short video about the Black Friday 2020 deal, check it out here!Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2020We Are Podcasters!I’m a blogger, You Tuber, and an online marketer.But my signature is podcasting.I’ve been creating podcasts for over 2 years now,
Is Jaaxy STILL the best keyword research tool for the money? Have you noticed that Jaaxy Lite doesn't quite work like it used to? In the past, Jaaxy Lite was so easy and intutive to use, I could search and find one main keyword, then by clicking on the main keyword in "one click" would get 10 to 100 related keywords.Not anymore!Yes, I agree design and tech changes are needed periodically to keep up with the changing times. WA has made at least 3 design changes to their website since I've been h
Thank You to my wonderful 5000 followers and friends, the great relationships I have made and shared, and the meaningful service you have allowed me to provide during my 3 1/2 years here at WA.The counter hit that number today.It's been one great ride!I will keep this post very short. It reminded me why there are 5000 reasons WA is such an amazing place to learn while socializing in an ever-growing global community.Wealthy Affiliate is STILL by far the BEST place to interact with kind and like-
October 04, 2020
It’s so easy to get excited and caught up about the numbers, especially when you are in a GROOVE, when you are writing content at a frantic pace on your website, and your productivity is sky high.Believe me, I know very well. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, with such a wonderful and supportive community, we all want to share our successes right away. In fact, the founders Kyle and Carson want us to do so, this is an integral part of the company culture. It’s also such a natural thing, an
October 01, 2020
Believe me, I was being very high-minded by using my original title “Mud-slingers”. Forget rudeness and impropriety. These are real trolls!After I posted my recent video ”Drink Celery Juice Daily” on some of my usual subs, these ruthless blood-suckers on Reddit accused me of peddling “pseudo-science” and viciously attacked me! They started throwing hay-makers and bombs from flanking positions at me like it was an absolute s**t show! I was caught in the cross-
My last post “Drink Celery Juice Daily” became such an unexpectedly popular post, that people were PM’ing and asking me to make a video about it. So by popular demand, I created this video called “Drink Celery Juice (in 5 Easy Steps)”, which is my first video on my new You Tube business channel related to my website, I never realized it was such a hot topic! But I want to Thank You all for your support , because this inspired me to do something I’ve been putt
September 23, 2020
Drinking celery juice daily has been a game changer. I never thougt I'd recommend it, but now doing this for nearly one month I can speak from my own experience. It provides enormous detoxification benefits to your system. I'm not in the health niche, but I recently went on an all plant-based in my diet since September 1. Let me tell you, I feell great, and have not been so mentally clear and focued in years. Wrote this Article to Inspire Some to WriteParticularly, I wrote this quick article to
Did anyone here happen to attend the Biggest Virtual Online Event, Tony Robbin's "Unleash The Power Within" (UPW) Event held in Florida from July 15-19?I know I'm a bit LATE (the understandment of the month!) with this post, I'd been meaning to post this when I first wrote most of it after the event, but a video I watched (by Roope) where he talked about last year's LIVE UPW Event made me decide to finish it. During the weekend of July 16-19, I became involved in part of history, as one of 23,8