Google is a new registrar?! Really?!


Google anounced yesterday they want to sell domains and they launched an invite-only service called Google Domains. Google want to help small medium businesses to register and manage their web addresses. Google said in a blog:

"We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains" and "Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business -- whether it's .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web,"

Pow! With this move, Google will competing with companies they partnered with. The most notable is Godaddy. Now Google will be a rival of GoDaddy.

Also one of the big benefits that Google offers some perks that other companies don’t, such private registration that allow you to hide your personal information. Also Google didn’t quoting prices yet but considering the image that Google show in their website could be $12/year.

Google Domain will be not be public right now, it’s encouraging to potential customer to request invite code to test. Why?! Google says:

“we’re giving a small group of people the ability to buy and transfer domains through it and send feedback on their experience. (You currently need an invitation code to do so, sorry!) We want input on all the ways we can help make finding, buying, transferring and managing a domain a simple and transparent experience.”

You can request your code on Google Domains.


Of course, It's Google what do you expect?! Well many folks will accuse Google on favouring domains registered with them!

Now tell me. What is your thoughts.

P.S. I requested a code so I know the answer won't be automatically and I have to wait. If I got that code, I will test and let you know. :)


Image credits: Google Domains

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Hi - I don't think this is a bad thing at all.

I use Google Docs, Analytics, Trends, GMail etc etc - and have a lot of respect for them building things that just work.

I agree, it may be bad if they ranked their sites over domains hosted elsewhere - but do they not already do that with G+ posts? I have only seen people say good things about that (I may have missed some negative posts).

I do think though, that with the number of already established domains registered, that they would not see a lot of people transferring domain hosting to them any time soon. Too many people with domains/sites, would be worried that the transfer would mess up their site (but if you know what you're doing, it shouldn't).

However, with the domain registrars cashing in on all the new TLDs - why not Google too? I see those other companies, or the people who manage the TLDs, to simply be cashing in on us folks, as they're instilling a fear that someone else may grab "" or "" or whatever.

So to sum up, just my opinion, but I don't have a problem with Google becoming registrars.

Cheers, Mark

Hey Mark,

I use the same services and and I love it. Those services are very good to me.

You are right there a of people about transfer a domain is not easy.

I really love the idea to buy a domain at Google to see what happens. One of the things I love if the free private domain registration. :D


We will have to wait and see?

Well you have to request the code here:

Just wait and if they send you the code. Enjoy! :D

Thanks Jorge, All done!!

Most welcome. :)

Very interesting! Thanks Jorge.


Yeah it's very interesting. We have to see what's happen. :)

I just watched the exact same video on Google myself. Good or bad? Not sure. Trust Google to dabble in everything internet. Shared this post on FB


I think Google wants to be in everything in our lives, Cars, smart house, ISP. Wow. :(

Agree with Steveo, if Google favoured their own domain names there would be reactions like none ever seen before on the internet and Google would end up being the big loser.

Exactly Simón! I hope they don't do that. I love Google services, are very stable to my personal point of view. Let see what happens. :)

wow, thanks for info Jorge! I wonder what made Google want to get into domains now?! Hmm, well, guess we'll see how that works out.

You're so helpful and always giving such good insight and advice!! Thanks man, I hope to be like you one day!!

Ok there, now send that $5 to my paypal please. :p



Yeah Google is late for registering domains. In fact, they are making some test to see if will be have popular or give them more revenue. Who knows.

LOL. $5. Joy. :(

I am also wondering on how well will such sites rank on Google hmm I wonder?

That's why the controversy Andre, If only those domain hosted at Google ranks very well ranks, Google will be in a serious problem.

Or once again maybe Google wants to track how people use their domains and change the code for searches in the future. Who knows!

Wow, this is a huge setup for them to lose their credibility. This is certainly a very dark grey area for Google.

Hey Tony,

Yeah you are right, this definitely will be a dark gray area to Google. Hmmm I can't wait to test, because they are offering some interesting perks. I also love the possibility about "Private domain registration" is free on Google. :)

If you use the feature and search for a domain name, you will automatically get an invite. That's the rumor, haven't tried yet.

Hey Craig,

I tried to transfer a domain and show me a popup about if I have the invte code type it and enjoy if not request one. I did it.

If I have that invoite code I will test and let you know. :)

Interesting question. I think that if Google were to favor domains sold by them, they would lose credibility as a viable search engine and not sure they would want to risk that. I think their advertising revenues will still outweigh the profits from domain sales.

Hey Steve,

I love Google but as you know some folks are against Google. If Google does, yeah they will lose credibility and no body will search on Google, well maybe not at all.

That's why Google is beta test mode to see will be viable or not. :)

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