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Google anounced yesterday they want to sell domains and they launched an invite-only service called Google Domains. Google want to help small medium businesses to register and manage their web addresses. Google said in a blog: "We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains" and "Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business -- whether it's .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains tha
Many of our websites could be in risk of compromise if we don't update "All in One SEO Pack" plugin. The new version will fix serious vulnerabilities.Why?! Well Sucuri researches (This a Web security firm) found two flaws in “All in One SEO Pack” If your site has subscribers, authors and non-admin users logging in to wp-admin, you are a risk. If you have open registration, you are at risk, so you have to update the plugin now. the Sucuri researchers wrote in a blog. In other words, The fi
April 27, 2014
Yesterday, I received a nice gift from Kyle and Carson. It was my signed Ambassador package. I am so happy. :D Kyle PM'd me some time ago with "I have little something for you" and said he will send it to me in El Salvador, just for being a helpful member at WA. I couldn't believe it! I was considered by Kyle and Carson "a helpful member"! I always helped folks without expecting "something". What about my rank? I think most know rank measures activity. Maybe you noticed I am not in the Top 12
I'm asking the question as yesterday I saw a new Premium Member say that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam and they want a refund. I have been a Member for around two years so I asked myself what I had expected of Wealthy Affiliate.Back to 2010 I was in my 2nd year at university studying computer science and looking for online opportunities when I accidentally found Wealthy Affiliate. It was a choice of Wealthy Affiliate or Affiliorama. I compared both by just reading the sites and I thought Wealthy
March 10, 2014
Hi guy as maybe you know @RICH. is back! Couple days ago. I sent message to him. Well I tried to send 2 or 3 messages every week when he just gone off chat. Suddenly no answer from him. :( The last message he just said "I'z fine" and that's it! After the second week I was really worried about "Poster Boy" just gone. I remember when I asked to Steve (@IveTriedThat) and he even didn't know about Rich then I thought he was in Vicky's dungeon *oops* basement in a secret project called "2014". I PMe
I get this question sometimes. This is why it's worth protecting your personal information when registering a domain.Okay. What's domain privacy?! It's simple all your sensitive information such as: Name, address, phone number, etc got hide from Whois Records. That mean if someone cannot see your private informations. Here if you add domain privacy you'll see something like this: Godaddy: Between $7.99 to $9.99. Namecheap: First year free, next year $2.88 per year. What's the "Pros"?! Avoid g
Google is adding a new feature that auto-suggests G+ contacts when you are typing in the email receipt. Now you're probably asking yourself. 'Can I receive emails from my Google+ contact even if they don't know my email address?!' Oh yes you can. You can even get emails from people that aren't in your circles! Ugh just ugh isn't it?! This feature will be rolled out in the coming days to all Gmail users who have a G+ profile. You may also be asking 'Can someone see my email address when they
I am building a new website and I was thinking about my profile and about me pics. I ask @RICH. for advice. "The majority of About Me pics. look like the subject was facing a firing squad and they'd just have to grin-and-bear it, either that or they've escaped from a maximum security home for the terminally bewildered and their only priority was to find and clutch the nearest flea-infested stray. I suppose those are better than being presented with a webcam shot or a quick selfie taken with a d
Namecheap celebrates 13th birthday and they are giving away 8 domain per hour, additionally you can win one iPad 4 (16GB WiFi), one Pad mini & 3 special t-shirts.What do you need? A namcheap account - if you don’t have one, you can create one here: Twitter Account - once again if you don’t have one, you can create one here: Follow Namecheap at twitter. A lot of luck. :)What do you need to know? Namecheap will post a
I see many people asking in chat which is the best domain name registrar. It's usually a question of Namecheap (the WA recommended choice) vs. GoDaddy. In my case I have used both. GoDaddy seems to win a lot because of very cheap prices. But even if you ignore the upsells many people do not always ask about other costs. GoDaddy charge a lot for domain privacy when the first year is free at Namecheap. A year ago I bought a domain and privacy because there was an offer at Godaddy $2.98