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Last Update: Oct 19, 2018

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A couple of hours ago, I've just posted a question asking if anyone is interested to hire a writer and want to discover the secrets of how I hired a quality Full-Time writer at just $400/month:


I received lots of response so I'll go ahead to prepare the course for you guys.

I already have a course outline but I'm just curious to know if there are any particular questions you have regarding outsourcing content/hiring a writer...

So, let me know in the comments below what are the most burning questions you have in your mind with regards to hiring a full-time writer for your website👨🏻‍💻

I'll try to answer as many questions in the course as possible!

Please go ahead and ask questions. Let me know what you want to know about outsourcing👇🏻👇🏻

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i would like to know your thoughts on when to start thinking about hiring someone. 400 a month is quite a bit if your site earns nothing. or is it worthwhile to get yourself established quickly

Depends on how you look at it. $20 per post for 20 posts a month is actually a really good deal. Yes, understand hard to pay for it if no money is coming in but you will likely pay more per post for freelancing.

Yup, that's a good question. I'll talk about that :)

I'm looking forward to your course. When you hire a writer, is the article ready to go as is or will I need to edit it.

Great question! Thanks Holly!

Hi Jerry, I would like to see how you get a writer to write for you on a regular basis. All of the sites I have been on are writers that do articles on a one time basis, or they charge their fee based on a 500 word article and when you ask them to do 1500 to 2000 word articles, they just come back and say " I charge $xx for 500 words and thats that".

so, how you get them to do the work on a regular basis is where I would be interested in learning.

Ya, but in reality a 350 article would be worthless for me

Yup, that will be cover in the course so don't worry. Thank you!

My biggest question is how much editing should you expect to do after receiving the article from your writer?

I know that no writer is going to give you exactly what you would've written and there is going to be a period of time when you'll be giving quite a bit of feedback until you're both on the same page. But how much editing is reasonable when hiring a writer?

Looking forward to the training!

I appreciate the advice!


Great question. I'll cover that in the course :)

I'm concerned that if i make them an admin on my website, they will steal or delete stuff.

You have the option of adding someone as a contributor, so you wouldn't need to give them the privileges as an admin user.

That's right! I'll share more about this in the course as well!

Thanks for sharing, Jerry.


I'd be extremely interested Jerry. I outsourced to a writer once. What a horrible experience it was. I ended up going through several writer's for one article. In the end I wrote the article myself. Jim

Pretty much my experience as well. Just made the whole thing sooo stressful.

Don't worry! You'll learn how to find the most suitable writer for you at an affordable price :)

Don't worry Ann! I'll teach you :)

My questions are all the "how to execute" questions.

I've had one outsourcing experience for creative on Envato. And it was absolutely horrible. The final output of what I got vs. what his "portfolio" examples did not compare. I even wrote very thorough design info of what I wanted. And it was like he only got 25% of what I wrote down. What you said about detail was absolutely true with my experience.

So for hiring a writer, (I like the idea of full-time...):

What source did you use to find your writer?
How did you narrow down to a few test writers? What criteria to use / look for?
How did you get writer to agree with great cost: ($400 / 20 posts = $20 a posts.)
How did you create the training for writer? PDF, video tutorials?
Do you have some written agreement / contract with writer for how long you pay him / or ways to release him if it doesn't work?
Tips on building a lasting partnership with writer the benefits both sides.



Excellent questions Kim.


- How to prepare any documents for tax purposes?
- How to know if ESL writers are good?

I mean for me English is also a second language, but I've lived in Canada since I was 14 and went through high school and university here... what about those who don't live in the English-speaking countries?

Yes, great Qs.

Also great questions Zarina...

Those are great questions Kim. They're definitely going to be covered in the course. Thank you!


Awesome! Can’t wait Jerry!

Like Candp said coming up with how much to pay is a start. But I am curious just as to how it all works like do I give them limited access to write the post, or how would you get the articles and prep them to be posted. And with hiring a writer do you still post it as if you wrote it?

Great questions. Interested in those too.

Thanks for the questions. Noted!

Well, we would be curious how you came up with a figure of $400 for a full-time writer. What constitutes "full time"?
We are sure you will cover it in depth. We have read you and know how thorough you are.
Really looking forward to it and so much appreciate your doing this.
Colette and Philip

Hey CandP, thanks for your question. Will definitely answer them in the course :)

Hey Steve,

I'm not hiring writer on a freelance basis. I'm hiring on full-time basis. So I don't pay by word count.

I hire from Philippines so $400/month is a good amount of money for their living in Philippines.

Different scenario from what you're talking about.

Will share how to do that in the course.

I'm definitely not underpaying them :)

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