$4.7K Month - SEPT 2018 Monthly Report!

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An amazing month has just ended. September 2018 was a very exciting month full of ups and downs for me, which I'll explain in just a second.

Here's my affiliate income for September 2018:

As many of you know, I made it to Vegas earlier in September. In fact, it was on 4 Sept...

VEGAS Baby! Here I Come!

And, I've also bought my very first laptop fully-paid by myself which is a Customized MacBook Pro 2018:

NEW MacBook Pro 2018 - My Vegas Gift!

So, things are going really great.

In my Vegas update, I said that I would stop writing myself because I'm hiring a full-time writer, which I've done it successfully.

I have a full-time writer who is writing 5 posts per week for me, handling most of my content creations.

But that wasn't an easy task for me. I read lots of articles online, watched lots of YouTube videos before I'm finally mastering it...

Note on Outsourcing Content Creation

"Outsourcing content creation is all about hiring the best writers and then you can free up your time for higher ROI tasks."

I wish it was that easy.

This will always be the biggest myth and misconcpetion because the first thing when we think of content creation is all about whether the person is a good writer or not.

I'm not saying you should hire something who is not good at writing. All I'm saying is that the quality of their writing is NOT the biggest determining factor for you to decide if you are to hire the person or not.

Instead, what I've learnt is that the most important quality for your ideal worker is their...

Ability to follow instructions closely & pay attention to details!

There are a lot of good writers out there who simply couldn't follow all the instructions and they'll miss out on the small details.

So the most important thing for you is to find the ones who are detail-oriented and they can follow your instructions closely because the core of outsourcing lies in TRAINING!

In fact, when I first hired my writer, I created a 5-day training (including keyword research, competition research, product research, writing tips, Thrive Architect tutorial, etc...) and also a mini test for him to go through. And I even paid his salary for going through my training because I don't want him to just skim through and treat it lightly. That's why I decided it's a good idea to pay him for going through my training.

Most people thought the process of outsourcing is done once you've found a good writer and he/she started writing for you. In reality, that's only the beginning.

People who think that way will most likely be very disappointed at their worker's work and may even fire him/her after some time because the works are not meeting their expectation.

Little do they know it's all about training and giving feedback, which is mostly their own fault.

Once my writer started writing, I constantly provide feedback for him to improve. I even do screencast just to show him and teach him things I want him to learn. And now, he's slowly getting the hang of it and knowing my expectations.

Little by little, he will be able to handle everything on his own without me spending my time worrying about this stuff.

To be honest, I can teach you A LOT about outsourcing because I've gained so much knowledge and experience in this. But I'll just end this part here. Hope you gained some value from this.

Mediavine Ads

Starting from September, I've also launched my Mediavine display Ads on my site since I hit 25K sessions on my site in the previous month. (That's the requirement for you to be approved for their Ads)

I'm really amazed by Mediavine Ads. They have such a high barrier to entry for good reason. They're really good at display advertising and making sure all parties are profiting as much as possible, especially the advertising companies and publishers (people who own websites).

Just because of the addition of Mediavine Ads, I earned an additional $616.79 in September. I didn't do anything else.

But I didn't inlcude this earning in my accounting as it will only be paid out in Decmeber. What I always do is I only count the payments I've actually received for the month and not the income I earned because many require a certain period to be approved and paid out.

So, if you have a site with lots of traffic, do consider Mediavine Ads. I think it's better than AdSense.

Traffic Roller Coaster Ride

This is the main struggle I encountered towards the end of September.

My traffic dropped A LOT from 2.2K visitors PER DAY to 900+ visitors per day.

In fact, 2.2K was the highest traffic I got in a day so far for my site and 900+ per day is also the lowest for quite a long time.

It's very extreme. That's why I called it a roller coaster ride LOL.

Because of this, my referrals per day drop from 30+ per day to only 7 on the lowest day.

I didn't do anything different from what I usually do. That's why I was very worries.

Upon further research, I found out that Google had another update on 27 Sept that's affecting a certain amount of websites. (Congruent with my stats here.)

That's what they called the "Google Birthday Update", LOL.

Also, September was the end of Q3 so due to all these reasons, my traffic suffered.

But fortunately, it seems to be getting back since 1 Oct from what I'm observing.

So, if your traffic also suffered towards the end of September and you didn't do anything different, just continue to monitor your stats.

It's probably because of the Google update and the transition to the last quarter of hte year.

Are You Willing to Work for FREE?

I'll end off this post with this...

A few months back, I've written a WA post called "Are you willing to work for FREE?"

I talked about the difference in mindset regarding working for a paycheck and working to build your own business.

And I showed this image to illustrate my point:

You know what?!

Recently, I was doing personal accounting and here's how my income growth looks like from Jan 2018 till Sept 2018:

Isn't that amazing?

It's exactly the same as what I illustrated a few months back!

I'm doing this full-time since Jan 2018. So, if you're working on other jobs and having other commitments, you're expected to take a longer time to achieve such results.

But the most important thing to remember is that Wealthy Affiliate works.

And whether it works for you really depends on YOURSELF!

P.S. Black Friday is coming. Have you started preparing for your promotion? I'm all geared up this year. Really excited for it!

What are your advertising strategy, if any?

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That are verrrryyy nice numbers Jerry:)) One question, have you ever thought of quitting in the first months?

Nope. Because I was very determined. I had my clear goal which is Vegas for this year.

And you made it:)


Thank you for sharing. It’s very motivating and shows us that we can also do it if we concentrate and put effort on it.

Thank you for being honest in letting us know exactly what it takes to succeed.

It's my pleasure Grace! Thank you 😊

congratulations on your achievements...

Thank you Kevin!

This is awesome dear Jerry. You always inspire us. Wishing you much success

Thank you Rania!

Jerry, congratulations!! You are such an inspiration to me. I love your updates. I can't wait to see your graph in 6 months time, even 12 months time? The sky is the limit!!

Thank you Melissa! Yea, sky is the limit :)

Thank you Jerry and congratulations. Your posts always inspire many people.

My pleasure Emmanuel!

Cheers mate! Readings blog like this gives me inspiration to just keep forward!

Good job!:)

Thanks. It's my pleasure Oystein!

Awesome Jerry! halfway to 5 figures...and only 21! well done :-)

Yea man! Thanks Derek!

That's a Huge amount.
Keep rocking and sharing.

Glad that you made it to Las Vegas too.

Thank you H!

Big congrats on your progress.

Thank you Carolina!

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