$100K Week. Hard Work Paid Off Huge!

Last Update: March 23, 2019

Last week, I Pre-Launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course and I made over $40K in 4 hours time.

You can see my blog here: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/jerryhuang/blog/40k-in-4-hou...

One week has passed and my Pre-Launch Offer has just ended.

To be honest, there's no word that can describe how happy and excited I am.

I worked hard for months. And all the hard work just paid off HUGE.

Over the past week, I made over $100K with 500+ active students...

(Stats in the screenshot doesn't include all the bank transfers which add up to around $16K. So total is over $100K.)

Like what I've mentioned in the previous blog, Wealthy Affiliate is the foundation to all my successes today, including this one.

Thank you Kyle & Carson and all the helpful members inside this awesome community who has helped me. It's impossible for me to achieve $100K in a week without you guys.

As you can see, just over a year ago, I was still asking questions like THIS inside Wealthy Affiliate.

But through my hard work, consistency and patience, I made my first 4-figure month in WA.

And then I made it to Vegas, and then I made $7.4K in a week because of Black Friday...

And now, $100K in a week, which is what I could never imagine just over a year ago.

A lot of things can be changed in a year if you really work for it.

Time to get back to work. Now I have 500+ students to serve...

Stop complaining and start working.

It's easier to complain than actually doing the work. That's why most people complain or blame other things/other people...

So, let's work!

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tommo1968 Premium
Way to go Jerry, that's one heck of a payday. I still have to work on my WA website I started one a while back but decided to concentrate on the Amazon one to see if I could prove to myself and others that this can work.

I am now making steady money on the site but still not where I want it. I may need to rethink the WA one as I'm not getting to Vegas without it. :)
EdwinBernard Premium

You inspire me. Anything is possible with vision, persistence and hard work. I'll have to check out your Blogs to glean how you accomplished your success. I know that it is different for each person. I also know I can learn a lot from those who are successful too.

I am about to crack the 100 rank barrier soon after just over 3 months here. I am working to make my online pursuits income earning as well. Don't know when but I know it will happen.

I've decided to follow you.


VictorF22 Premium
That's the advantage of being single, no kids, no major responsibilities, and having the commitment to work hard but mainly the minimal responsibilities.

When you have time and can take the risk, then you just need to work hard.

So, anyone here that is single and has the time.. work hard and you can accomplish your goals!!! USE YOUR TIME!!!! See this guy as an example. One day, you will regret not going for it!

Enjoy the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ brother!

I will keep playing the PowerBall :)
Shwni Premium
Excuse my french but that's F@@@##G awesome!!!
You never cease to amaze me top man with all your progress and success.
I have read a lot about making websites more convenient for other languages and mandarin seems to be the language that a lot of top webmasters are leaning towards
I have been thinking of buying a new domain to put all my content from my sports website into Mandarin to see if that could boost my sales
What do you think?
MaryFRM Premium
Hi Jerry!
Looks like you have found a huge underserved market. This is how people become millionaires!
Great success!
I wonder, should I try this in Russian :-) My feeling is that their market is not that empty. And I have no idea how to get the audience. But something to think of in the future.
Congrats again!
Ioan64 Premium
Hello Jerry
It's amazing what you've been able to do in a year through WA, but you're a good guy, good in everything you do.You really are great.I entered in your network because I want to learn from you things that can help me in my own online business that I want to open.

Best regards a beginner in online affairs.

BobMargroff Premium
First, I want to congratulate you on this huge milestone!!

Second, I want to thank you for this post. I needed this. My posts are getting indexed and since I am still in the Affiliate Bootcamp, have not had the time to research some of the other training here.

I started to look at your Affiliate Bootcamp Hacks and decided to bookmark it as it is very comprehensive and I need to go through it again. The biggest takeaway I have is that I need to do more product reviews...ugh, I am like Kaju and am not a fan of them.

BUT- they are necessary, I see that even more now.

I wish you the best!!

DBlanchard Premium
Jerry my man!!!

This is just unreal! I am so happy for you! 🙂
You will be a millionaire in no time going on at this rate!

Another real testimony of how to apply and work with what we learn here! It is just so awesome!!!!

Thank you for sharing and motivating everyone here!
Roybretton Premium
Hello Jerry,

That is amazing, congratulations and well done Jerry! In the best possible way, I am aware that these opportunities are open to all of us, you have worked extremely hard and taken massive action!

I totally agree with your last couple of sentences!

Wishing you even more success.

JerryHuang Premium
Thanks Roy! Wish you all the best :)
Roybretton Premium
Thank you Jerry, much appreciated.

agychin Premium
Congrats on your big success! Hard work pays off in such an abundance and amazing way. Your road to success motivates me to work harder to achieve my goal. It is proven that WA works and this gives me the confidence to succeed without any doubts.

Looking forward to your sharing and trainings. It is indeed a great help to all of us here.

With gratitude,
AnaB7 Premium
Hi Jerry,

A huge congratulations! Thank you for posting. It is super nice to see your success. I love this community too. I am sure all of us here not making money yet are inspired because the systems works. You and many others that posts the successes are definitely an example to follow. Kyle and Carson have created an awesome platform.

Also Jay’s training every Friday is a huge help.

Again what fabulous news for you, and for us an inspiration to follow.

Thank you for sharing.


ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening my brother, with all of my heart and spirit I congratulate you. You did it my brother and you did it big I am so very proud of you, you did not give up you did not stop you believe in yourself and you believe in W,A. also you believe in what you were doing. This is some of the very important ingredients for success. My heart is giving you a standing ovation at this very second. May Prosperity always be with you.
CAdamsJ Premium
Hello my name is Charles but I prefer Chuck, I've been married for almost 32 years with three daughters and one granddaughter. I'm looking to dive into or make time in a constructive manner because my life change a few years back that I have to observe things differently. Nothing bad but challenging.
Shalei67 Premium
I love that phrase: "Stop complaining and start working" Jerry! Kudos and congrats to your success. Definitely a shining example to the rest of us that this system works if you use the tools/resources/training and do what it takes to achieve your goals (and then even MORE that you anticipated - so true!). Definitely motivating me - mahalo!
Memorylaneuk Premium
Wow and just wow again ! You truly are an inspiration to all of us at WA. I know how much time and work you have put in .. but you followed the training and it does pay off if you are prepared to put in that time and effort and also if you do not deviate from the the training,
Congratulations to you.
With Grace and Gratitude
Anthonyhu Premium
Wow, Congratulations!
directJ Premium
Holy crap that is awesome Jerry, so happy for you and your success. WA is awesome!
shrestha Premium
Wow, this sounds great! Congratulations
AlejandraB Premium
Congrats Jerry! that's amazing!
ExpatMark Premium
You are an inspiration my young friend. And congrats on your success. I am going to do the exact same thing in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Germany. Eastern Europeans some of the most highly educated people on Earth. Gonna kill it just like you. Pre-launch starting Jan 1, 2020. You make my little 40k profit in the last 90 days I made seem so small. lol Continued success to both of us!!!

Make a living, make a difference.

sagerossph Premium
Wow! That's amazing! Congrats!
StunningBell Premium
When I saw the heading, I knew it was you, Jerry, WOW...STUNNING PERFORMANCE!!!!!!😃😃😃😃

Wishing you 10 times more, because you deserve it.
NigelTH Premium
Wow! Good work!
Wolfe222 Premium
Now THAT is a goal well reached! Congrats Jerry!