Empathy in Business

Last Update: August 22, 2014

When I check my Google Analytics and Feedjit for my sites, I see people reading my site virtually from almost all over the world. There are countries that are familiar, and there are countries or places that are not familiar to me. I realize, after checking out, that some of these countries are third world countries, and from really poor countries. I would imagine someone who reads my allobooksblog.com to be someone whose child needs help with his reading or writing skills, or someone who needs to be updated on anything new about education and books.

I sometimes try to put myself in their positions. These people may actually need information on educating their children. Information that they don't get from their communities, or even from their children's schools. This is why, I try my best to update my site, by making sure that it is valuable, it is reaching out to people who need advise and information.

Looking at empathy on a larger scale, it is actually applied in marketing and in business as a whole. I read about Hyundai's marketing strategy. If someone who buys a Hyundai, and cannot keep up with his payments, can actually give the car back, without questions. This car company has spent time in trying to understand the minds of the customers. Hyundai's Assurance Program/ buy-back scheme has been very successful, that their sales have significantly increased since then. (This is in the U.S. btw).

Oftentimes, we try so hard to create a great looking site, and write contents that we think are good enough for people to see and read, and hopefully buy our products. What we're actually doing is, we are trying to put ourselves in our own shoes, not in someone's shoes- we are just trying to please ourselves, not our readers.

Hard as it is to do, but we have to see other people's views. One thing I do is I always check out other member's website. I do this, not to make a comparison, but to put myself as a genuine visitor. More often than not, I see impressive sites. Sites that I think are worth coming back to, and ultimately buy.

Make it a point to read others' sites, not just to give feedbacks, but to really read their sites, as visitors. Let's learn from each other and eventually earn.



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