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September 16, 2014
Yes, you're guess is right. I am leaving WA. I remember posting my previous blog. I mentioned that if I was going to leave WA, it's because I have learned and grown as a person ( still learning and growing, of course). Nothing negative, nothing personal. Nothing but praises and a million thanks to the community that has helped me grow as a person, aside from learning affiliate marketing and creating my websites. I hope to come back again. Big question, when? I don't really know. All I kno
August 31, 2014
So everyone wants to get out of their daily jobs. A number of blogs will have the headings 'Fire Your Boss', 'Walk out of Your 9-5 Job', 'Free Yourself from Your Boring Job', "Have the Freedom You've Always Wanted', etc. as if our bosses or employers are the most hated people on earth. therefore, everyone, let's join the bandwagon…be an affiliate marketer! I think this is one of the many reasons why people get turned off by all these slogans. Instead of walking away from their jobs, they w
August 25, 2014
Recently, I received an email from Attracta, an SEO company, about the latest news on Google's rank booster for website owners. Google is encouraging all website owners to have their websites secured with SSL Certificate. This means that when you purchase an SSL certificate from an SEO company, (Attracta) or form any domain host, your site will be facilitated with an HTTPS . This also means a boost on your ranking. An SSL (Security Socket Layer) is a protocol for transmitting priva
August 22, 2014
When I check my Google Analytics and Feedjit for my sites, I see people reading my site virtually from almost all over the world. There are countries that are familiar, and there are countries or places that are not familiar to me. I realize, after checking out, that some of these countries are third world countries, and from really poor countries. I would imagine someone who reads my to be someone whose child needs help with his reading or writing skills, or someone wh
August 21, 2014
Yesterday, I made one of my regular visits to my client who is diabetic. It was just one of those ordinary work shifts I did. While I was about to start with the care, I was surprised by the wife's offer of their Greek coffee. Having tasted one before, I accepted her offer. It was the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life. I came home googling on Greek coffee, and to my delight, I saw the exact tray, the glass of water and the similar nice cup that was offered to me (no Turkish deligh
How many of you have been trying to figure out what it is you really want in life? Are you spending more time on your chair thinking than actually doing,in order to get what you want in life? There are a lot of things that we certainly do with ease, in order to achieve something. A good example is trying to get to a person's house for the first time. All we need is a map, or as many are now using, a GPS. ( Is still like using my very reliable Melway Map, though). What step did we do to
August 19, 2014
Believe it or not, I have been stuck with this question myself. All I know is that, simple is hard. Hence, I googled some articles on this phrase. I gathered a few articles to read. I was rather pleased, not really surprised, at how this question or phrase has been blogged about by different people from different fields. Here are just a few of the similar question: 1. Why is Simple So Hard -
There is one way to remove the 'eye sore' underneath the comments box. I found this easy and it worked with my websites. Go to your Dashboard>Appearance>Editor. Then under the comments.php, look for this: comment_form( ); towards the end of the file. Then change it into: comment_form( array( 'comment_notes_after' => ' ') ); Click Update file. Do not delete or add anything else. Pls. remember that you are editing the editor section full of HTML codes, so be careful. If n
August 16, 2014
According to, stress is a person's response to a stressor such as an environmental condition or stimulus. Stress is a method of reacting to a challenge. Looking at the above meaning of stress, we are actually reacting maybe unconsciously, to a certain challenge. This challenge may be a result of the stressor- i.e. the circumstance or incident that has arisen, because of something else, which then stresses us. A good example is, when we get caught in a traffic, we become anxious,
Lately, I've been reading profiles of successful women. One of those who struck me was Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of the highly influential Vogue magazine. She was born and grew up in London, and her father, Charles Wintour, was a newspaper editor during his days. Obviously, Anna's father had a big influence on her. The education, upbringing, exposure and privileges that Anna acquired since birth, have brought her to where she is today. As I read on about successful women who rose t