Tumultuous Tuesday Tends To Trend Terrifyingly Tumultuous!

Last Update: May 23, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

After an evening of conversation with Monica and book editing, I slept a somewhat fitful sleep, but still felt a bit refreshed when I awoke, and immediately did my dive into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to get this day started on the right track.

WHEW, that didn't take as long as I thought that it would, especially since Kitty somewhat participated this morning.

She always gives a slight motivational boost. She never stays very long though.

I have a slate of activities scheduled today (barring any locksmith work) which I feel might make the middle of the day Tumultuous. I am hoping that they don't though. One of those activities is to go discuss the exorbitant clean-up bill with the city, so wish me luck!

Before I left for those, I captured some images of the new day, including the title image.

We were in the 70s at that point, but we ended up in the mid 80s later.

I was hoping for a good day, but I received far from that though.

Humphrey made an appearance though, so it will be another HUMP day soon, it seems. I cannot say that I was surprised!

Tuesday has been even more tumultuous than I thought, but I have my faith!

Then, after a phone conversation with Monica, it was time to head to the city building to argue my case with the city inspection department.

The drive over there was pleasant enough, but little did I know what would eventually transpire.

I arrived there in short order. I talked to someone I knew from there, and scheduled a 1:30 meeting time.

When I departed, and I am using a cane right now, I received a call from one of the guys keeping an eye on the warehouse complex that Sylvester had broken down the gate and was getting more of his stuff out.

I headed right over there, since it was not that far away.

The day went south from there. There were arguments, cursing, and all sorts of nefarious activities going on.

I eventually called the police, and they showed up in short order. They all know this guy, and what he is about, but the law is so screwed up that he was also able to take my trailer out of there because I could not readily prove that it was mine. So, he can steal that too!

They needed my driver's license to verify who I was, and.......wait for it.....apparently my driver's license is suspended too!

(Our State has a bad habit of not sending a notice that one's driver's license is suspended. What world are we living in? That is called entrapment.) It's a long story worthy of a book, but there is no criminal activity involved, I can assure you!

Therefore, after all of that, I had to leave my truck there, and Tommy Williams, my next door associate had to take me home. Monica will pick me up later and we will get the truck home. He also witnessed a lot of what was going on too.

To say it has been a nightmarish day is putting it mildly.

I did put a call in to the city inspector, and I disagree with her assessment. Legal action, whether I like it or not, will have to be exercised. You try to help someone out, and this is how you are repaid.

Again, my faith remains strong!

This just goes to show that when one thinks they are having a bad day, there is always someone else who has a worse one. We should always understand that, and be supportive.

This too, shall pass!

I'll keep going forward, no matter what! (Hanging on by a thread, of course!)



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


I did not comment on this post.
Post was not clear to me.
I realized that you have lost your license.
I thought there was a mistake in the paperwork and that they would return your license.
Really, amazing decisions in the law.

I'm sorry that this day turned out to be bad.

Hold on, it will be solved too. 🙏
Slavka 👋

No worries, Slavka! I know what it is about and it is total nonsense. I just have to get it reinstated!

Thanks for your comment! It will be solved one way or another!


What a terrible day. These type of days are dumped on us to test our spirits I am sure. Hang in there buddy. Patience and persistence gets rewarded in the end. This Sylvester guy sounds worse and worse each time you mention him. I am astounded that he could take your trailer. If it was Vietnam the neighbors would beat on him.
Vietnamese are very law abiding in general ( apart from drink driving) and will deal out swift punishment to those in the wrong .
Anyway, I hope you get this guy and
get your stuff back. I have become very Vietnamese and it is lucky I’m not in the USA as I would be quickly incarcerated.
Hope you get everything sorted soon.

Legalized theft is what it is, but I will write it off! What comes around goes around!

At this point I would just like him to stay away!

I'm sure it will be sorted out one way or another, my friend!

Have an excellent day, Stevoi! We all have problems to deal with no matter where we are!


Hi Jeff,

I'm sorry to read you are having so much dumped on you at once.

I don't have any of those feel good platitudes so many dish out when one finds themselves in such positions. It sucks and no amount of those sayings change one bit of it.

All we can do is move forward in what at many times seems the speed of molasses till we clear up what we can and learn how to make our adjustments to the new normal that wasn't desired that we can't clean up.

You're in my thoughts buddy.


I appreciate that, Jason!

I managed to catch a job, had idnner with Monica at the house, and then we went to Sonic for Sonic blasts! God is Great!


Hi Jeff,

You do love your Sonic, although I suspect anywhere would work for you as long as it's time spent with Monica. :)

I'm thankful that amid all your troubles you are able to see clearly the blessings as well.



Thanks, Jason! You are right. Though those Sonic Blasts are delicious!

Despite all my trubles--and everyone has them--I am still alive! We have the make the best of all situations, good and bad!

Happy Thursday!


Morning Jeff.

Sounds like you didn't have a good day yesterday! That's bad news about your licence as it will affect locksmith jobs that may come up. Rather than turning down the jobs would a friend drive you or even get a taxi? I know this would cost but it might be better than having to turn the jobs down and the customer goes somewhere else.

I hope your next blog holds a solution to these problems for you. Things will sort themselves out.

Laters Jeff,


Thanks, Paul!

There are no taxis here, and besides I would need my truck because I have a lot of tools in there that could not be easily carried in a taxi if there was one available.

I will be on the phone with the state today at some point. That will take a lot of time.

Have a Happy Hump Day!🐫


Hi Jeff. I hope you get the matter resolved with the state today on the phone. In some ways, it might be better to call in person to the department and discuss the matter face-to-face with someone. IMO this resolves matters far better than speaking on the phone.

Good luck and I wish you all success in getting this issue sorted out.


I wish I could, but the Capitol is over 60 miles away, so that isn't likely ot happen, Paul!

I'll get it sorted out one way or another, my friend!


Ahh Jeff what a day. I have always admired anyone who takes a stand against anything that is wrong with this world, no matter how trivial or huge. You are right in taking a stand, be encouraged. Your road, although tough at times, is made by our maker, who will always be looking out for you

Thanks, Dale! I appreciate that, my friend! I am not only a fighter, but a writer! The pen is mightier than the sword!


Sounds like "No good turn, goes unpunished" , Jeff!
What a nightmare of a day!
I hope you didn't have to weld your cane on that guy:)
Yes, this too shall pass! "Could you hurry it up, please, Lord" ? LOL
True! We can always put our problems in perspective by seeing those of others.
Hope things settled down, so your evening is more serene.
Hang in there, Jeff!

Thanks, Barb! It has been one heck of day, for sure!

I wished I would have, but God is in control! It will work out the way it is supposed to!🙏

You are right, there are so many people out there way worse off than I am!

The evening was fantastic. My neighbor bought 2 cases of beer, so we have been busy in the evening!

I will, Sis, and I appreciate that very much!

Take care!


My pleasure, Bro!!
Keep on truckin'!!

Thanks, Sis! I will, and in fact, I trucked on over and made it back from a job estimate!


Dang, so sorry for you having to deal with all of that, a tumultuous day indeed.

Momma always told me there'd be days like this. May tomorrow get you over the hump and on to a better slide into FriSatSu. 🙏

Thanks, Cynthia! I will! If God Brings me to it, He will bring me through it!


Oh my goodness, Jeff. I'm sorry this is happening to you. I hope this is resolved favorably for you, Jeff. This sounds like a really tough situation.
PegPeg and I are sending our very best wishes.

I can't say that I have been through worse, but very close to it, Melissa! Thanks for the kind words, and if PegPeg is involved, then all should be resolved in short order!


What a horrific day. So sorry to hear about that. I agree with you, this too will pass but it's the waiting for it to end that is so hard. You sure have a good attitude about everything. That's what everyone needs when things go wrong.

It was, Darlene, but we also have to look at the end game too! What other attitude can we have when these things befall us? I'm not the only one that has ever experienced it--there are so many people out there that have it much worse, and I pray for them! Thanks for the kind words!


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