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Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate! It has been raining off and on all day! We even had a little hail for good measure!You can see some of it here! I also got stuck outside in my van for a few minutes while it was coming down! It has been doing this all day so far! I haven't even felt like getting out today!It has also made me a bit sleepy too! I've been trying to upload the manuscript for my latest eBook, but there have been some issues. Instead, I am experimenting with another eBook rig
Hello Everyone--Here is a quick update on my domain sale!We are halfway through the auction, now 7 days left! I have nothing else to report. I do have a bit more info on domain sales, but I haven't gotten it ready to share yet!Keep wishing me luck, everyone!
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!I spent the morning formulating the outline for the fourth book in my new series, the third book is finished and edited, but I cannot get it to upload today for some reason. Books one and two will likely be re-edited in the future, but for now they can remain live on Kindle!I always worked on my email responses this morning as is my normal custom. I was not alone on either endeavor, at around 6:00 am when I started, Tig-Tig was "assisting" me!I went to the 1
September 25, 2020
Hello all my Wealthy Affiliate friends!I worked feverishly on the third book in my newest series and it is nearing completion! I also did my normal work answering emails and some additional research as well!The weather was nice today with the sun shining, and I believe that it got to the mid-eighties!I went to the eBay house to take care of some business, but it wasn't long before Frank called. He wanted a ride to the salvage yard. I hadn't seen him in a while, and even though I had a few th
Hello Everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!I got A LOT of work done on my third book this morning! Even though the weather was mild and sunny, my phone was silent. The sunrise was nice! I also did a lot of work in Wealthy Affiliate as usual!Finally departing the house at 1:15 pm, I would soon begin my normal daily rounds. The first thing that I saw was the Blog Dogs sunning themselves at the far corner of the yard!I laughed and then climbed into the van to begin the drive and soon, this was what I
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!The morning was BLAH--cloudy and gray! the kind of day that makes you want to roll over and go back to sleep! The first couple of hours was spent wading in the Wealthy Affiliate community to answer emails and see what else had occurred while I slept! I also produced about another 5-10 pages in my latest book! I left the house around 10:45am.On the way to the 15th Street locksmith shop, the streets seemed desolate and the traffic was sparse! After I was do
September 23, 2020
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate! Here is a quick screen shot of the Flippa auction stats with 10 days left for my domain! Apparently, I did elect a reserve, which is alright since this is my first run! It reminds me a lot of an eBay style auction in a lot of ways! There is still a lot to explore. Chances are that any and all of the watches and looks are from the community, but that is okay, because the auction is live to all others!I'll report more later! I have a lot more research and
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!The mild weather and easy sunrise did not belie how timid this Tuesday turned out to be!I was able to work on my third book some more, do a little research on the domain thing, and work within the Wealthy Affiliate community all the way until about 1:00 pm, at which time, I departed the house and headed out to the eBay house to do some more clean-up.On the way there the skies looked like this:When I had been at the eBay house for a few hours, the skies looked
Hey everyone! I had a quick thought and felt I should share it with you all!In a great many of my blog posts here in the community, I write about my daily activities to illustrate how I can still manage to fit activities in Wealthy Affiliate into each day despite what my work load may or may not be!I know many of you are in the same boat--fitting WA into your daily lives: job, family, etc., and the list goes on and may vary greatly for each individual member here!Wealthy Affiliate and the esta
September 21, 2020
Hello all my friends here in Wealthy Affiliate!My morning rushed by in a blur. I did manage to add a few more pages to my latest book and also answer some emails and such, but not nearly as much as I wanted to do!I had a scheduled job at 11:00am to go to a defunct auto dealership's warehouse and unlock a door. (the top image--a little blurry as I took it in haste!) Here is the view of the gloriously mild weather we experienced today as I sat in the drive waiting for my customer to arrive!You