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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Very soon today, day 2 of my friend, Kevin's visit begins!Right now I am doing my morning run through the Wealthy Affiliate Community to see what has transpired during my 6-hour absence to replenish my sleep! There is always something exciting going on there!Tig-Tig even made a brief appearance too! Haha! She doesn't look enthused though!The Blog Dogs always seem happy to see me though! Except, more than likely, they wanted me to feed them again!Moni
Hello everybody here in Wealthy Affiliate!Today was the day that my locksmith buddy Kevin finally was arriving here in Junction city for the long-anticipated visit which almost had to be canceled by a medical emergency that he experienced on Monday!After having a nice visit with Monica last night, I fell into a fitful sleep full of anticipation for the coming few days that my friend is visiting.I finally woke up and got busy working the Wealthy Affiliate Community early! Tig-Tig was in Samanth
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Even though the sun is out, we have varied in temperature from the mid 50s to low 60s (Fahrenheit). That might not seem so bad, but there is also a stiff breeze which has been blowing most of the day!Of course this has been forecast earlier this week, since there is a Canadian cold front blowing down into the States!After getting Monica on her way to another 4-day, 40-hour work weekend, I set about working some more within the Wealthy Affiliate Communit
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I finished up my Wealthy Affiliate Community routine fairly quickly this morning! I talked to Kevin most of that time. He is doing a little better, but still has a little pain!Tig-Tig was in the room too! She looked like she might wish to help!When I finished this task, I let the Blog Dogs outside for a bit! Monica had already left to assist her sick daughter at her house!I then headed to the eBay house to tackle a little research and other tasks! T
October 13, 2021
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Hump day Wednesday began, as usual, with my normal morning routine of getting caught up from the overnight responses and posts in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Tig-Tig was absent again, but no worries, I found her later, as you will see!Monica had some early morning errands to do, and she was going to have to "baby"-sit her sick 17-year-old daughter at her dwelling across town, so I had better things to do!The title image and the above image of me driv
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I received an early morning phone call from my Locksmith buddy, Kevin up in Nebraska! He was having to go to the emergency room. There was some pain in his abdomen that was almost unbearable!At the time of this call, I was just starting into my normal daily routine perusing the Wealthy Affiliate Community blog posts. This surprising call set the tone for this temperate day.Monica had already left on some errands, one of which was dropping her middle d
Hello everyone in here in Wealthy Affiliate!I must say that the weather today is spectacular! Surprisingly, this is after almost an entire night of rain! I certainly cannot complain!Monica was in a bit better of a mood this morning, and she got off to work without incident!Next on my agenda was the normal Wealthy Affiliate Community computer run through! I had already done a little of this earlier!Also, Look! Tig-Tig was present too! Knock me over with a feather! When I finished that work
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!It turned out to be an interesting day to say the least! Monica was a little moody this morning, so I gave her space and just deep dove into the Wealthy Affiliate Community, instead!Tig-Tig must have been in the same mood because I think she slept in Samantha's room overnight! Perhaps it is me, who knows?After I finished the initial run on the computer, I decided that the better part of valor would be to leave and get a head start over at the eBay hous
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!This morning the sun seemed to be trying to take over the morning sky!I was assisting Monica with some morning tasks preparing her for her 10-hour work shift this morning! I was, of course also working on my normal computer trek into the Wealthy Affiliate Community after a good night's sleep!I had to rile up Tig-Tig a little in an attempt to get her in the mood to assist! With or without her, I still got most of it done!After I finished, and Monica was
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I didn't get a lick of work today, and Monica needed me to stay home for as long as I could to watch my stepson, who was off from school, but his sister still had school! I told her I would stay for as long as I could!As it turned out, I was able to stay all day! That is not to say that I did not get a lot accomplished though!I did my normal surf through the Wealthy Affiliate Community with no problems at all!Tig-Tig seemed to be completely on board wi