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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Though I slept well, I am still very tired. I have spent most of this morning playing "catch-up" in the Wealthy Affiliate Community this morning.Kitty joined me, but she was doing what I wish that I was doing right then!When I got finished with that, then it was time to do some chores around the house. This included getting the Blog Dogs fed too.Of course, after that, I began looking at a couple of things on my book promotion site that need some tweaki
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Whew! This week has been a whirlwind! My birthday yesterday, along with lots of other behind-the-scenes things going on! I must admit that I could easily sleep a couple of days straight!It will be noticeably warmer today than it has been in recent days. The images above and below can attest to that!I performed the normal routine Wealthy Affiliate Community perusal of the questions, answers, and posts without Kitty. She was still in the bedroom loung
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I hope everyone is doing well! I have been all morning and part of the afternoon answering all of your wonderful well wishes for my birthday! I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart!As you can see the day was perfect for my birthday, and work held off--no calls other than well-wishers!I did not do my normal Wealthy Affiliate research today, there was too much going on with the phone and on the computer, though Kitty still came and went regularly.I
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!This is just a quick post to let everyone know that today, June 28th, I was born FIFTY-FIVE years ago!The day will be pretty much a normal day until sometime this afternoon when Monica and I plan to go to the Texas Roadhouse, just like we did on her 45th birthday last month.My regular daily post will have a few highlights of the day, if these plans materialize as I hope that they will! We will also play the other few hours that we'll be together by ear!
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I thought I went to bed early enough, well, just after midnight, but I still felt tired after I had been on the computer within the Wealthy Affiliate Community for about 30 minutes.I tossed and turned, watched a movie, and finally fell asleep 3/4 into the second movie. I turned off my alarm at 6:38am, and climbed out of bed, and had been working for about 45 minutes in the WAC, when Monica called me. We ended up talking until a little after 9 am.Kitty
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!As promised, here is the post about Samantha and I's adventure with the Blog Dogs late this afternoon. It will mostly consist of images.I rode over to the house on the motorcycle and picked her up. The title image is her waiting to go as I was about ready to climb on.When we arrived at the eBay house, we put Shadow downstairs so he would not interfere while we were cutting Star's long nails. That went better than we expected, and so we decided to take
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I slept well, but was up many times in the evening. Along with my normal few beers a day, I had also drank two gallons of water! That caused a lot of dark bathroom runs. Nevertheless, I still felt tired in the morning, but I pushed on into the Wealthy Affiliate Community to see what was going on.Kitty was active for this session. It wasn't long though before Monica called me (she called last night too, but I could barely stay awake to talk) and we ch
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!What is it about 6 am? Even with my phone left charging in the office last night, I still managed to hear the alarm at 6am ringing from the bedroom. Of course, the Blog Dogs were whining afterwards, so it was time to take care of letting them outside too.This caused me to go ahead and stay up. After I took the early morning images above, I jumped right into the Wealthy Affiliate Community like I usually do. Kitty was notably absent at this particular
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I was up early again this morning after a wonderful evening! My buddy called on his way home from the graveyard shift at the railroad again right as I was getting started in the normal morning Wealthy Affiliate Community sojourns. Kitty was also present this time around too!She can seem so stoic at times! Monica called shortly after this, and I talked to her for over an hour on the phone, and then she stopped by to see me before she went to work.It was
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I never figured that I would see Monica this evening before she started her 4 day, 40 hour work week tomorrow. I simply texted her after I posted and said if she wanted to she could come see me and I would take us to Sonic for a Sonic Blast or something.She responded that Samantha wanted to come walk the Blog Dogs! I replied that I was home and she could bring her when she wanted to. To my surprise, they both showed up within an hour after the message