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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!After a nasty, cold day yesterday, the melting of the snow has begun, since the sun decided to grace us with its warming presence!The morning began around 6:45 am when my buddy Kevin called me after finishing working a sixteen-hour shift at the railroad! I went to the computer and began the morning sojourn into the Wealthy Affiliate Community, while the temperature was still in the low 20s (Fahrenheit).Kitty showed up a short time later after eating som
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Brrrr! As expected we did get snow, but only 2 inches of it, if that! The temperature was only 19 degrees Fahrenheit when I snapped the title image and the next ones below!After coming back inside, I jumped on the computer and did my normal morning sojourn into Wealthy Affiliate Community!Kitty literally must have been right behind me, because when I swiveled around in the chair, there she was with an accusatory look! When I finished with that, I then
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!What a difference a day makes! Winter weather will soon be visiting us again here this evening! Kitty and I slept in until almost 10 am! Wow, it was refreshing though!I got dressed and got on the computer and caught up quickly within the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Kitty even seemed more eager to get into the action too! After this, I immediately performed some more Wealthy Affiliate research as well!Done and dusted! While I was expecting some work
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!The bed was so warm and comfy this morning that i absolutely did NOT want to get up! Nevertheless, after I fought my way out from under the covers and got dressed, I finally shuffled to the computer to get an excellent start to the day in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Interestingly enough, Kitty did not look that enthused; however! It was more of a "Let's get this over with, so that I can get fed" look!I stepped outside and took pictures of what was
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!It was a bit colder this morning--in the mid 20s (Fahrenheit)--when I reluctantly crawled out from under my nine blankets and shuffled slowly into the "office" to sit down at the computer and start my morning sojourn into the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Kitty seemed to be feeling the same way when she dutifully followed suit moments later! I really cannot blame her since we had been SO warm moments before! I took a quick break and captured some other i
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!It was another rushed morning after sleeping a little later! Not to worry, I was up and had just gotten started in the Wealthy Affiliate Community, when Monica called! She was at her ex-husband'a house, and he was locked out!I took the below image and the title image while I was warming up the jeep to go over there!The weather and temperatures are much better today, so far!I've known Jason for as long as I have known Monica, in fact, I knew her before
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I slept in again! It took a while for me to get warm yesterday! Before I went to bed at 1:00 am, I reconfigured the nine blankets, and this time around Kitty and I were able to get some warmth!When I did crawl out of bed, I dressed quickly and dove into the Wealthy Affiliate Community on the computer! Of course, I learned more new things like I always do.Kitty was not too far behind, eagerly awaiting to assist me once again like she always does! She
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!This must have been the Frisatsu for sleeping late because I did it again!Once up though, I jumped on the computer and went right to work within the Wealthy Affiliale Community!Kitty was quick to join in on the fun! After all, I did wake her up! Shortly thereafter, I worked on some more Wealthy Affiliate research--not a lot this time, but something done, at any rate!That is the most important part! It's not how much we do, but the fact that we do some
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I hibernated last night at around 8 pm last night and watched TV and slept off and on until 6 am on this fine cold Saturday morning!When I crawled out of bed, I went immediately to the computer to get caught up on everything that I missed within the Wealthy Affiliate Community!This is one of my favorite parts of this excellent platform! Besides the training, there is so much to learn from these members from around the world, and it is an oft overlooked
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I was bold and stayed under the nine blanket layer on my bed until almost 10 am! I already felt like I was behind the eight ball when I finally did get up and get dressed to begin my normal routine Wealthy Affiliate Community sojourn!This was Kitty--best picture I could get of her under the covers with me--when I finally decided to escape the warmth under the covers this late morning!After that sojourn, I then did my normal Wealthy Affiliate research! N