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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I was very busy this morning clearing some additional Wealthy Affiliate emails! Tig-Tig still wasn't having any of it though--she was still getting her beauty rest!I also did some laundry and other household chores since Monica has her hands full with kids' doctor appointments, an appointment of her own, and finally physical therapy for her knee this evening!When I did leave, I let the Blog Dogs out and they immediately ran over to inspect the new gas m
January 17, 2021
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!I got another chance to sleep in late! These don't come very often, and so I grabbed it!I got to work on Wealthy Affiliate shortly after I woke up; however. It seems that someone else did NOT!Tig-Tig still wanted to sleep, and so she did not assist me this morning! In fact, it seemed as if all the furry assistants had the same idea!The Blog Dogs must have really been pooped!No matter, I answered some Wealthy Affiliate emails and read several Wealthy Affili
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!The property exchange with the ex-wife went well and without incident.The drive out there was absolutely beautiful!I was surprised because 21 miles out there and the 21 miles back into town there was not a single car that got behind me! This was significant to me because the van I drove cannot go past a certain speed and I had a heavy load going out there and coming back an even heavier load. The highway has a lot of curves and is a single lane each way.Goi
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I will likely be unavailable most of the day. I have to deliver some things to an ex-wife of mine in the country, along with picking up things of mine there as well.From there I will likely head over to my Army Buddy's house at some point!The day so far is beautiful--as evidenced by the title image!I'll reach out later when I have the chance!EVERYONE STAY SAFE AND SUCCESSFUL ON THIS SATURDAY PORTION OF FRISTASU!From Jeff and the Gang!
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!After I got home yesterday evening, the temperatures here plummeted thirty degrees, but coupled with the high winds, it seemed even colder than that! This morning, when I let the Blog Dogs out to do their morning business, there it was--SNOW!It wasn't much, and a few hours later, it was gone, but it was there for a minute!I devoted another couple of hours to Wealthy Affiliate, as is my normal morning routine! Tig-Tig was right with me--this time in a m
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!The winds howled through the night and continued into a good portion of the day before dying down late in the afternoon! My morning started early again (Monica's work schedule had shifted for a week to very early in the morning) and Tig-Tig has risen to the challenge of keeping me awake enough to search for more treasure in the Wealthy Affiliate Community blog posts!She does look like she might be half asleep though!Come on, Tig-Tig, I need help finding
Hello Everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!I was up super early today working within the Wealthy Affiliate community, making up for lost time yesterday! This time around, Tig-Tig was involved with assisting me and inspiring me with answers to some posts here!I worked for almost four hours this morning getting caught up on things before it was time for me to leave and accompany Monica to her 8 am knee therapy session.On our way out of the door, we couldn't help but come across the Blog Dogs who were,
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!There will be a little change of pace for today! I am heading back out to my Army Buddy's house! We have some more business to talk about, and I'll likely stay and visit for a while too!I will likely return to my regular routine later in the day! Of course, I am already reading Wealthy Affiliate blog posts, along with answering other emails, so that part of my day remains intact! Tig-Tig was ignoring me and looking out the bedroom window, instead! Maybe s
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!It is days just like this one that make it difficult to stay indoors and work on tasks both on the computer in Wealthy Affiliate and elsewhere which need to be done!For part of the morning while I was still at the house, Tig-Tig was assisting me as usual.The title image is that of the Blog Dogs on the sofa catching their morning Zzz since it was quite cold, albeit sunny outside!The sky was blue but the temperature was below freezing! As the day progressed, t
Wow, that is a mouthful!Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I got to sleep in a second day straight! I could get used to this if I don't watch out! At around 8:15, I jumped on the computer to check and see how much my emails grew since i also fell asleep around 10:00 last night! Fortunately, it wasn't too bad! Tig-Tig decided to help me this morning.She can sometimes be so unpredictable!I have come to understand that this is how cats can be sometimes!Apparently, I also learned that we