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Well everyone, we were supposed to get around 3 to 8" of snow on this Sunday night here in Junction City, which is a town in NE Kansas located off of I-70 right new to Fort Riley--home to the illustrious 1st Infantry Division--the famed Big Red One! I'm originally from Texas--Dallas to be exact, but I came up here to Kansas in the Army when I was 18, and never left. I'm 52 now, so you do the math. Anyhow, apparently, my wife said that we ended up getting 9" of snow--go figure--and it's still
When those times come that we feel overwhelmed by many things bombarding us all at once that many of us have no knowledge about or understand here at Wealthy Affiliate--we can start to panic and get that "deer in the Headlights" look about us. We tend to stray from the excellent training here and start looking everywhere but where we need to for the answers we are desperately searching for. The more we stray from the training and deeper down into the rabbit hole while searching for an answer
December 12, 2019
Perhaps like the puppy (which is mine) pictured above, when we first entered Wealthy Affiliate we were wowed by all we saw--way more than we could comprehend. We were on fire trying to gobble up and absorb every single thing we could get a hold of. At the end of the day it became very tiring, indeed!I believe that the keys to success here on this wonderful platform is PERSEVERANCE backed up by the proper ATTITUDE! Follow the training, which is something that I--as I'm sure many others, as we
December 07, 2019
78 years ago today--A day that will live in Infamy--FDRHere's a quick salute to all those brave souls who lost their lives on that fateful day, and to all the survivors of that attack!Jeff
I just made it to my TWO year Birthday here in Wealthy Affiliate!The entire first year, I roamed around the platform being curious. Reading here and there, and doing all I could to follow everyone, and accumulate followers. I also established a few websites, bought some additional domains, read a little here and there, and essentially goofed off when I was online here, but there were also times when I went for days without even logging in.I should be farther along on my journey, but no matter
December 02, 2019
I was working on the computer, when lo and behold this popped up on my screen. All I can say is that I don't know how long I'll hold this honored position, but I will do my best to assist and help the community as I have been, and point people in the direction of learned members of the community when I cannot!Thanks for all the assistance and kind words that I have received here during my first TWO years--it has been immeasurable!Thanks to Kyle and Carson for their faith in me! Thanks to all
Hello Everyone! Just hoping you are all doing well, and if you haven't yet, and are able to, don't forget to take the Black Friday Special here in WA! It's like buying one year and getting the next for Free---or very close to it.I did this last year, and this year, it automatically renewed at the same price as promised! I know that finances might be tight for everyone here, especially at this time of year, but you must remember that this fantastic platform and everything along with it to inc
With all the help of EVERYONE in the wonderful WA community, I have somehow managed to crack the TOP 50! I don't know how long I'll stay here, but I must say it is an incredible feeling of achievement, and even though it doesn't mean anything to the success of my websites or anything here, it is, nevertheless an incredible feeling, and I certainly intend to run with that feeling and allow the motivation to run over onto the business aspects of being here!Thanks to every one here--and this just
Wow, I preach patience and perseverance, and now it seems to have paid off yet again. APPARENTLY, I HAVE NOW BROKEN INTO THE TOP 100!!This reward is emboldening me to pick up my training again, which I've been lagging on . I know that rank means virtually nothing as far as promoting my websites is concerned, but it certainly does feel good, and I can run with that good feeling and channel into new motivation! I know it will be tough to stay up here, but achieving the goal of getting here aff
I just receive notification that I have the honor of breaking into the top 200!!I have been getting busier within the community--reading and learning A LOT of things from all the astute, vibrant individuals here, and am thankful for everyone's input and enjoy reading about everyone's success. Reading about all this is motivating me to get busy with restarting my training and continuing. So far, having failed that, I can still easily see that the sky is the limit here, and I'll be the first to