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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!It was hot today, but not as hot as expected!Tig-Tig made an appearance and seemed to be willing to "help out" a little with today's Wealthy Affiliate work!We shall see if this is the beginning of her coming back to work!Blog Dog Shadow seemed to be more interested in his toy bone, and Blog Dog Star ran into Samantha's room!Ah well! Maybe they needed a break today! The day outside turned out to be quite beautiful, and fairly mild early on!I spent a lit
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I began the morning with my normal Wealthy Affiliate Community run-through!This time Tig-Tig spent the night with Samantha again! Maybe it is cooler in her room!The Blog Dogs, on the other hand, were more than happy to venture outside! The temperature wasn't too bad today, but by tomorrow, they will likely want that pool filled!I did my job that I had scheduled this morning and I still need to get ready to bill it out!The drive over was beautiful, as y
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Monday started off overcast and cool--as promised by the forecast!After I finished my morning foray into Wealthy Affiliate, I let the Blog Dogs go outside and enjoy a little of the cool weather before the sun came out!It was a little damp outside because it had rained overnight, but they still enjoyed "grazing" on the little weed flowers for lack of a better thing to call them!Tig-Tig actually helped a little, even though she seemed a little appalled at
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Even though it is Father's Day, it remained a very quiet and simple one for me!Of course, Monica had to work, and I still had things to do, and since her children are only my step children, there were no father's day wishes. Tig-Tig was relaxing in the bedroom, since the temperatures were still quite high today.I got a beautiful shot of a Blue Jay sitting on the power line at the eBay house when I arrived there this morning while it was still a little c
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!As the title implies, today was very serene, and even though I slept well last night, I still felt very tired!Apparently, I wasn't the only one! Tig-Tig was in Samantha's room, and when I went out into the living room, the Blog Dogs were lazing on the sofa next to Jacob.Shadow was snoozing until the camera woke him up!Star was trapped behind Jacob, also awakened by me! It is a wonder how air conditioning lulls us into lethargy!Even my normal Wealthy Af
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I was finally able to relax a little today since I had completed all my locksmith work yesterday, and did not get any new work today!With the temperature still over 100 degrees, I was only too happy not to have to be out in it long!The Blog Dogs were relaxing inside the house when I was getting ready to leave!I don't think that they wanted to go anywhere with me though!In fact, Star did not even seem to want to budge from where she was sitting!Even Tig-T
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!As expected, towards the middle of the day, the temperature climbed to as high as 107 degrees Fahrenheit!I slept rather fitfully last night, so I was a bit slow working in the Wealthy Affiliate Community!Tig-Tig stayed in Samantha's room, and the Blog Dogs slept with Jacob! I didn't have a chance to get a picture because I had to do an early morning lock job involving rekeying three locks and installing a deadbolt on top of that!This was one such door o
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!I was up early and at the eBay house so I could back orders which sold on eBay! After that, I caught a job for the county fixing an errant panic bar! That netted me $90, and they sent me out with bread, rolls, cake, donuts--you name it!These were going to be disposed of in the next few days because there were not enough people taking advantage! I was happy to be in the right place at the right time!I carried those back home to the kids so that they co
Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!Today marks the beginning of a mini heatwave that we are expecting for most, if not all the week! I think the high temperature today is supposed to reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and by Thursday our temperature will be over 104 degrees!Hard to imagine looking at the beautiful and innocuous sun as it starts its daily climb!While I worked in the Wealthy Affiliate Community in our bedroom, Tig-Tig was roaming around soaking up the air conditioning!I cannot s
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate!The mid-morning Sun was a beautiful start to the first day of this new work week!The sun had come out early, and Tig-Tig had been happy to see it!She still wasn't much help at the computer though, as I did my normal morning journey into the Wealthy Affiliate Community on my own!The Blog Dogs just enjoyed the sun while it lasted! Shadow (above), and Star (below)I allowed them to stay outside until I had to leave for the eBay house, since the cloud cover was c