Terrific Trembling Tuesday Tends To Triumph!

Last Update: Jan 31, 2023

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Hello everyone here in Wealthy Affiliate!

I tended to stay up later than usual last night, and it came back to bite me since I slept in until 8 am. When I realized this, I immediately jumped out of bed to get the new day started!

I let the Blog Dogs outside to tend to their business, and then got started on the morning fire, which, believe it or not was still smoldering from the night before! That was a stroke of luck!

With that going, I had other tasks to attend to! Then it was time for me to venture into the Wealthy Affiliate Community for the morning's first foray!

Kitty showed up briefly for this one too.

I completed that in short order, and then looked at the time, and decided that I needed to get the truck warmed up so I could head to session #2 of Monica's five-day therapy session marathon. this week.

While I was doing this, I also captured a few images of the new day (which started out in single digits). One of these images will be the title image.

Truthfully, the day seemed to be warming up quickly at this point. (Thank goodness!)

That's the way I like to see a supposedly cold day progress!

Then it was time for me to leave for Monica's Knee Therapy session.

The drive over was scenic and pleasant.

I had no complaints.

The final drive there was coming up.

When I arrived there, she was already there early since she had to do some paperwork. There always seems to be something that she needs to complete.

Then she got right to work with some knee squats right from the start.

Right after that, there were some more going up and down the stairs exercises.

Then the head therapist bent her knee some more, and this time it seemed to be exceedingly painful for her. I felt so bad for her!

Then there was finally her final rest period, along with some electronic muscle stimulation.

I took an image of the therapy center as I was leaving. (Monica had already taken off). The parking lot was almost empty at this time since everyone was headed to lunch.

From there, I headed over to the locksmith shop house, since I needed to do a couple of tasks there.

I passed by my warehouse complex and snapped an image of that, as well.

When I finally arrived at the locksmith shop house, the sky over there was quite nice too. At this time, the temps might have been at about 18 degrees, so it was not as bad as previously forecast.

I also had a couple of errands to run before I arrived back at the eBay house.

When those were completed, I performed a few more chores there--one of which, was feeding the Blog Dogs their main meal of the day.

I added a little milk in their food this time around. After that, I decided to go back outside and capture a few images of the afternoon scenery.

It was beautiful, and felt a little warmer too.

Then, shortly into this task, my buddy Kevin called on his way to work at the railroad--which is a routine occurrence!

Then it happened, as I was capturing the last image for the day. Humphrey photo-bombed me again while I was still talking to Kevin.

I must admit that I was a bit startled, but it did remind me that tomorrow is already another HUMP day!

After this, I put the battery charger on the truck, since the battery seems to have died.

I will be tending to this, as well as being back on the computer in the Wealthy Affiliate Community again too!

I will also be doing some more writing to get my Kindle Vella Episode #10 completed

to round out an abbreviated Wealthy Affiliate research portion of the day.

I must admit that it has seemed like a long day for me!



Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

Sincerely, Jeff, the BLOG DOGS, and Kitty

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Recent Comments


Sounds like a busy day Jeffrey!

Happy to hear that the temperatures weren't too unbearable and great to see the youngster out and about as always!

Have a fantastic HUMP day my friend!


All is well, so far, Nick!

Happy Hump Day!🐫


Great news Jeffrey and very much appreciated my friend!


Hope yours is too!




Hi Jeff, thought I’d pop in and say hello! Sounds like you’re still keeping busy. Monica’s therapy sounds painful. I hope it gets easier for her as the days progress.

I’m still with WA but I’ve been working on another program, how to publish books on KDP and also how to create audio books on audible. As you’re well established on KDP I wondered how you’re finding it?

I noticed that the program I’m on has an opportunity to involve an additional person, friends or family. There’s no cost involved as I’ve already paid for the course and the second person doesn’t get the free bonuses like coaching calls, but you do get the rest of the program, which is very comprehensive. I wish I’d found this years ago!

I’ve actually just published my first book, about food of course! But the rest of the books will be written by a ghost writer, then narrated by a professional voiceover artist. True passive income!

If this is something you would like to do Jeff please let me know. Or if you can think of anyone else who would benefit send them to me. I’m not getting a commission from this but I would like to see someone else benefit from this. Preferably you Jeff! Let me know your thoughts 💭

Congrats Karen on your first book! I've been using KDP for several years and enjoy the passive income.


Hello, Karen! It is very nice to hear from you! I hope all is well! Monica's therapy is painful for her, but she seems to be progressing.

I have enjoyed KDP, and no issues other than I need to do more work on my book promo website and start doing some promotion on Social Media!

Good on you for deep diving into this. You will be glad that you did, since once you have all of that established, you can drive traffic there.

It really sounds like you have gotten a great handle on things. Keep me posted on your progress since it sounds very exciting, indeed!

You can certainly PM the details to me, and I can take a look! How kind of you to think about me on this, my friend!


Thanks Mel! Do you write fiction or non fiction?

I write non fiction, but the majority of my 1200+ titles are reprints of books in the public domain.


Hi Jeff, look up Audiobook Income Academy. It’s owned by twin brothers called Christian and Rasmus Mikkelson and they claim that if a student follows the course to the letter there is a 100% success rate! You can write the books yourself but the program teaches you how to find ghostwriters and narrators. All you have to do is provide an outline for the book and they give you a template for that so it’s really easy.

I thought of you Jeff, because I consider you a friend, but also because when I read your blog posts you sound a bit short of cash. That’s something I seem to suffer from too. I put the cost of the program on my credit card, it was almost $2,000. But I think it’s worth it because you can make thousands a month from this.

Let me know if you want to go ahead, I just need to fill in a few details and you can get started. And it won’t cost you anything 💙

I'll take a look when I am back later in the afternoon, Karen! Thank you so much!


You're very welcome Jeff!

Always appreciated, Karen! 🙏

Morning Jeff. Just reading Franks's post - I'm the opposite. I work best early morning and it's early to bed - early to rise as they say.

I'm glad we sorted out the hump issue about Humprey having two humps or one. I have no need to make an appointment to see the doctor today. Anyway, he's booted me out for wasting his time complaining about Humprey's hump.


Haha, Paul! Happy Hump Day, my friend!🐫🐪

I work best throughout the day except when things come up, but have been going to bed a little earlier when I am able to.

🤔 You could always find a different doctor though too!🤣

I can't Jeff. The other doctor in the village booted me out too. I went to see him and asked if it was a crocodile or an alligator who photo-bombed my photo. I was really worried about it. What with crocodiles/alligators and camel humps I'm in a right mess.

Doctors hey. What do they know heheh.


That's why I hardly ever go see them Paul! I have rendered my opinion on your first round with Maria, pending her rebuttal!


That does sound like a pleasant day, Jeff! And such nice sunny skies. I enjoyed the same and it was much needed. Glad to hear about your day as always. Hope you have plenty of firewood. 🙏Have a great evening with the furry assistants.

Susan 🐶😹🐶

I was really pleased that we topped out at 20 degrees, Susan! We might even be getting some warmer weather in the next couple of days! I do still have a lot of firewood, thank goodness! 🔥

Have a pleasant evening! We plan to, as well!


A good day, Jeff. Why did you send your frigid temps down here? Our pipes are trying to freeze up on us, even though we have a 100-watt light bulb keeping them warm. Just kidding.

But because of the weather, I might not get to do my normal Wednesday routine.

I will be back later.


Haha, JD! Good one! We have been a bit warmer than forecast, so I am loving that!

I hope you get everything done that you wish to accomplish, my friend!


It has been 20F all day. Still not sure about tomorrow, but not expecting to go.

Thanks for your optimism.

Blessed Be


Wow, JD! A bit Chilly down there in Texas too, I see! Hang in there, my friend!


We are. 🥱Good Morning 5:56 am (I got up at 5:30). Today is supposed to be my long day. I might not get to get out of the house though.

Oh wow! I hope the temps improve. We are at 12 degrees right now this morning. 🥶🔥

@ 2:45ish pm. it is 24F. Not that bad because of no wind. My uncle came and fixed the faucets. We thought the pipes might have been freezing. I guess not.

Stay Warm


Sounds like it was a productive day, JD!




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