ONLY those approaching retirement (or already there) may read this post!

Last Update: March 13, 2018


So far I have only used this posting place to ask for help. This is because I am so illiterate in matters websiticle and computerish I had nothing I could teach anyone! To thank all those who so kindly responded with information and encouragement, I shall now share the most important information I have ever heard. BUT, it only concerns so-called "older people". "HEY, old man" I hear the "young ones" shout..."WE will (hopefully) also become old, years from now" "Ah yes" I reply, "but by then the entire planet will have changed completely, and if today is any indication of where things are going, definitely for the worse!!"

Anyway, my admonition above ....(see title)....should ensure all the young people will be reading this now. Sorry, you are wasting your time.

The point is....

DO you want to LIVE LONGER?? Of course you do!

Go to your laptop (or desk top) and find No cost. No registration. No signup needed.

Open up "Discover"...then "Topics"...Scroll down to Click on "Health"....

Scroll down to Click on "Talks about Health" (on the Left)...Scroll down to "+-245 talks on Health" (Left, small print)...Scroll down slowly looking for Neuroscientist "Lisa Genova", about 7 or 8 rows down.....Click on her photo and you have landed on her talk...only about 16 minutes and probably the most important quarter hour you ever spent !!!

Send me your impressions. email

No need to identify yourself if you prefer not to. NONE of these (any??) email adresses will be retained. All I would like to know is how this talk is being received, so that I can decide whether or not to refer the readers of my website to this phenomenal news.

Have a better than great day!

John aka JeanLouis87

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Nick-at-WA Premium
Thanks John this is excellent information...more reason to read and learn more.

N33 Premium
Mon cher Jean-Louis,

Vous me faites découvrir le monde. Un tout grand merci. Nous n'avons pas cette culture de talk show, il faut un peu de temps pour s'y habituer. J'ai dû écouter deux fois, parce que cette merveilleuse femme parle assez vite. Mais c'est excellent et l'information évidemment si importante. Vous avez bien raison de l'intégrer dans votre site. Et je me réjouis de lire vos nouveaux articles.

Excellente journée cher Jean-Louis et à bientôt.

JeanLouis87 Premium
Chere Anne

Je me trouve TRES soulager depuis que j'ai abandonner WA !!

Maintenant j'espere commencer (finallement) le livre que j'ai dans ma tete au sujet de la poesie classique Anglaise. Vue que je suis poete moi meme, il est temps que je le fasse! Avec le printemps
(en retard cette annee) qui arrive finalement, et nos multiples plans pour notre jardin, le temps me manquera, donc il faudra que je me garde au moins deux heures chaque soir pour ecrire. Mais c'est commancer qui est le plus difficile.

WA a l'aire d'avoire changer son style. Je ne peut plus trouver ou vous ecrire en privee. Si j'arrive a le faire je vous enverrez un de mes poemes. J'aimerai votre reaction sincere.

Dernier para. dans cette tentative de vous rejoinre, tres chere amie,.....comment va votre progres chez WA? Mon experrience a ete tres mauvaise (mise apart le bonheure de notre rencontre).

A bientot, j'espere.....

Jean Louis
TaniaHersel Premium
This is TED talk everyone needs to listen to. I have shared it on Face Book. It is excellent information.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, John.
DianneBee Premium
I am fascinated in new breakthroughs in health. I am also frustrated with the breakthroughs that only the very wealthy can benefit from.
But curious as I am, I will look at this as soon as my work is done!
GlenPalo Premium
I enjoyed watching Lisa Genova's TED talk. I wonder what her thoughts are on our diets and whether the Standard American diet is a major contributor to cognitive diseases. I have seen literature referring to Diabetes of the Brain (Diabetes Type 3).
JerryMcCoy Premium
I am only 60 do I qualify to read your post.
JeanLouis87 Premium
Don't know why my (internal) post disappeared so fast....though it is listed "ONLY those etc under list of my posts.
hagstf Premium
It could have been deleted due to the posting of your email address and asking others to email you which are against the rules here.
JeanLouis87 Premium
You could be right. By the way, where are the rules?...I have never found any
hagstf Premium
Sorry about that, here you go
JeanLouis87 Premium
Whistleblower !!!