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IntroductionSo far I have only used this posting place to ask for help. This is because I am so illiterate in matters websiticle and computerish I had nothing I could teach anyone! To thank all those who so kindly responded with information and encouragement, I shall now share the most important information I have ever heard. BUT, it only concerns so-called "older people". "HEY, old man" I hear the "young ones" shout..."WE will (hopefully) also become old, years from now" "Ah yes" I reply, "but
I have been having a terrible time with posting. Since Site.content doesn't like me and keeps screwing up everything I do there, (probably my fault!) I switched to creating and publishing posts only through Wordpress. Disappointed that all of my Site.Content problems had followed me I went into search mode to find solutions. Elementor found me and we have been talking since. Then I discovered that Elementor is among the Plug-Ins WA has already installed in WP. So now I am going to use Elementor
February 01, 2018
Two things about Themes that puzzle me (that's a disclaimer, so you can't accuse me of being too critical!) :-))(1) I got my first theme, but without the essential image that caused me to select it. I was too busy to question it, but since a photo that I never selected got attached right under the colored horizontal heading band and it didn't show anywhere in WP-Dashboard, I looked for another theme. Found one I liked, but it too arrived without the image that I wanted. Now the question : Is
January 28, 2018
I have problems with my theme. I go Site Manager...Login(x2)...Appearance...Themes, and only 6 appear! Don't like any of them. Why not the over 2,000 available?I try a different way. I go Site Manager...Login(x2)...Dashboard...Click on "or change your theme completely" (screen clears and in small print at top left corner) "BAD REQUEST" !!?Any nice expert please help me?JeanLouis87.....but my real name is John.
November 29, 2017
Has anyone had this problem?I go to SiteRubix Content to make minor spacing changes in one of my posts.Then I click on "Publish Edit" the screen changes to a blank then a box appears with my password selected, and shaking from side to side. I re-enter my password (YES, correctly) and it shakes again, still refusing it and I can do it 3 or 4 times. Never lets me in.
We website authors go to humongous lengths to create sites that are attractive, instructive, entertaining, educational and above all helpfull, and worthy of the reader's time. Our objective is twofold; to capture and to hold our readers' attention long enough for the help we offer to be accepted and used. You all know that.Kyle has told us (I hope you are reading this, Kyle) that we do not have to be (skilled) writers, in order to write posts that can and will result in success. What he should
November 25, 2017
Yesterday I submitted a post to Wealthy Affiliate ONLY.Not knowing whether I was supposed to click on "Success Post?" in greenor on "Publish" in blue, I used Publish because it seemed more logical.My post disappeared ! So I am now going to test using the other one.If it works, please just ignore this tale of woe. If it does not work, well youwill not have been bothered while I will have to find some more help.JeanLouis87 Nov. 25, 2017
September 25, 2017
I like to think that most people want to live in a nice home.So what is "nice"? Attractively decorated, sweet smelling,clean, cosy and inviting, and above all safe!Going Green is realizing that our greater home, our lovelyblue planet, deserves to be treated the same way as we treat our individual homes. For the sake of all the animalsand plants who share our greater home, and also for ourown sakes, we the people have to pool our resources andwork together to take much greater care of our world