Exercising Mindfulness

Last Update: August 30, 2016

My goals....I've got daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. My yearly goals are the biggest and many would view these as my "important goals". I use to think the same way.

That backwards logic led me down a lot of dead end roads. And it allowed me to lose focus on my short term goals. My daily goals on the other hand provided consistent progress, mindfulness, and an awakened mindset. It became apparent with time that my yearly goals, while important, were not the stepping stones that deserved my focus.

My daily goals shift everyday. But there are goals that are always there. Exercising mindfulness is the one I'm focusing on with this blog. Mindfulness and awareness are similar. They are also distinctly different. There are many things I've been aware of for most of my existence.

  • Hunger
  • War
  • Violence
  • Abuse

I think most of us are aware on some level of the things that take place around us. Mindfulness challenges you to take your awareness further. Mindfulness challenges you to look outside of yourself and place yourself in another's shoes.

This is difficult if you've never experienced those things. But practicing mindfulness will change your tone. Not just how you address others, but how you to and about yourself.

Before responding to questions or people ask yourself

  • Am I responding for their benefit or mine?
  • Will the things I say hinder them and they're growth?
  • Am I taking part in this because I can help or am I taking part in this because I want to say I tried to help?

I tell my kids what we are doing isn't nearly as important as the why we are doing it.

Practice Mindfulness in a situation tomorrow. Give growth to someone and allow yourself to focus on the why's of what you're doing. Mindfulness for a year changed my life.

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cosmicradio Premium
Thanks, Jennifer. I've heard it said "There's no such thing as a totally unselfish act," and there may be some truth to that. Even extreme acts of altruism bring warmth to the heart. You're a good person! :)
JDunyon Premium
I agree with that saying. I feel wonderful after helping others and i love that feeling lol
JudeP Premium
Great food for thought Jennifer, thank you :)
JDunyon Premium
Thank you for stopping by and reading. :)
Heidi56 Premium
Yes, mindfulness is the only way out of personal and collective problems. Mindfulness and knowledge and the willingness to understand things from the broadest possible perspective
JDunyon Premium
I agree so very much
LinDash01 Premium
What an amazing post Jennifer. I congratulate you on making me stop & think for more than just a moment in time. I think this has changed my view for a long time. Blessings, Linda
JDunyon Premium
Thank you. We all benefit from stopping and thinking. I never understood how much it can do for us.
theresroth Premium
It reminds me so much of care working, Jennifer.
Extending one's feelings to include the impact on another person.....
Imagining one is the person receiving the care.........
JDunyon Premium
I think it's something that should be required when choosing too care for others. Without mindfulness and awareness abusive situations develop