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User log-in: how to redirect to a page?

User log-in: how to redirect to a page?

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I have created a forum on my website, but I want to have it seen only by people who log into the website.

So far the wp-login brings them to a reduced backend dashboeard

I wonder how you created the forum. Perhaps you might want to make a training. Asking because there is a plugin which creates a forum and there you have all the necessary redirects. So it appears you did not use it, have a look


I have created the Forum with bbpress. It works ok - except the login. I will check out your link, thanks

Here you go, this should help you do what you want to achieve: https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-redirect-users-after-successful-login-in-wordpress/

At first seight this seems to be what I was looking for. Thank you. I will play with it!

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Recover password for wp site not working?

Recover password for wp site not working?

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I can lead users to the wordpress login page. Clicking there on "lost password" always comes baclk to the same login window, not to a recovery page.
What can I do to allow

Hey Heidi,

Hope you won't mind a suggestion for searching Google. See screen print below...

Hope this works to resolve this issue for you.

I just get the screenshot of a user who cannot enter the site. Some days ago, the very first person for whom I had created an account, could enter,

are you hosting here Heidi?
nice to see you around.
if you are hosting here it maybe the secure hosting environment that is causing a problem.
have you looked at using a plugin for this like Frontend Reset Password.
or talking to site support - they maybe able to set something up.
are you using a membership plugin and does that have anything in there to help?
i hope you manage to get it sorted.

Hi Phil,
Thanks for your warm welcome. Yes, I am still around, but hardly here on WA - but my WP sites are hosted here.
I am fiddling with setting up a Forum which shouldn't be public and only allow access to people who are logged in.
So I set up a registration page, where I manually set up the user. Then WP generates a weird password and they would like to change it. But it doesn't work. They go from here: https://thewisdomfactory.net/registration to contact me or login.

Yes, I probably have to ask support. I couldn't Google anything useful so far.

on the bbpress plugin site there are manual bits you can add into the sidebar as links to give you more control - i am sure you have come across these.

I guess so, but I usually don't know what to do with stuffmlike that.

i think it is down to the security and the customization of the version of wordpress we have here.
i have just used teh reset password onone of my sites and it does work - you don't get to choose it - it is given as an unintelligable string, and that works.just not on your site - it goes to the wrong page
might be worth going through this article.
ive added it but get a 401 error for registration.

Hi, Hiedi good to see you, it is usually a straightforward process with WordPress for password recovery.

Looking at it, sometimes there can be issues with the user, if it is a membership site and you are using a plugin it may be an issue with the plugin.

If the user has forgotten there password and they input there username or email and then clicks forgotten password and it just refreshes to the login page it will because the system doesn't recognize the user. check your users in your dashboard.

Try doing a password reset yourself.

Had a similar issue, on a site, non, WordPress, the problem was resolved by re-registering the users affected.

Hi Alex. Thanks for responding and your suggestions. I have already created an extra user from another email and used incognito mode to see how it works. It doesn't.

I am using bbpress plugin. So who knows how those things work....????

PS: the reply for Phil is also for you!

Thought so, I see that your site is still on the old servers PHP 5.6.33 when you get hold of site support see if they will upgrade you to the new servers that may be helpful, I know it sorted one of the issues that I was having on a site here in WA.

I have also heard a few folks that have had issues with, bbpress.

There may be some compatibility issues.

Thanks, I will try to get that fixed.

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How do I adhere to black-friday offer for myself?

How do I adhere to black-friday offer for myself?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Where is the place so that I can renew my membershipt with the Black Friday Offer?
Thanks for the ingo

Hi Heidi,

Just click on the Red Banner “Click Here To Get Premium For Only $299” on the top of the Dashboard.

Well, there is none. I had the same problem last year, I have disabled the ad-block extension, but no result either. I guess I have to write to support, as I understand that you and others seem to get it.
Thanks for the answer and the follow. I followed you back.

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International buyers for amazon affiliate links? - I need help

International buyers for amazon affiliate links? - I need help

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

My websites are mainly in English although I am German and I live in Italy. That means I have potential buyers from my Amazon affiliate links in US Canada, Germany, Austria, Sv

You can only link one other market to the main Amazon at a time. For instance you can link your http://Amazon.de to http://Amazon.com if you want to connect the German market. You will have to do a separate one if you want to link Amazon.uk . They can't be done simultaneously. I went through that yesterday. The main links with only one other Amazon market at a time.

You don't have to publish two different links the link you created will be automatically connected

Thanks for your answer. That ddoesn't seem the case. I found out about "One Link" which connects several (European) accounts to Amazon.com by inserting a code snippet in your website. I have no proof yet if it really works, though.

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