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August 30, 2016
My goals....I've got daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, and yearly goals. My yearly goals are the biggest and many would view these as my "important goals". I use to think the same way.That backwards logic led me down a lot of dead end roads. And it allowed me to lose focus on my short term goals. My daily goals on the other hand provided consistent progress, mindfulness, and an awakened mindset. It became apparent with time that my yearly goals, while important, were not the stepping st
August 29, 2016
In most peoples lives there is that someone that says "Do you really think you can do that?" They aren't trying to be mean or hurtful and their intent isn't to belittle you.....and yet.... there you are belittled. With the utter of that one question you can suddenly second guess everything you had just done or thought of doing. Isn't crazy how doubt can come from one sentence, but belief in yourself takes a million good sentences and some shove for you to almost believe it.When people in your l
August 27, 2016
It's a lot like dejavu,To be where I have been.Something so familiar,Between my now and then.Some pieces are so different,I'm not sure of where I stand.But memories come flooding back,Of events from on this land.I've been here in lifetime,I've stood right here before.This time I am smiling,I'm ready for this war.I look back and I see it,The lesson I had missed.Whether it was something big,Or something like a kiss.Every time I end up,In places that I know.I either have to grow,Or learn to let it
August 23, 2016
In my life I'm provided with many opportunities to remember to be grateful. Today provided more than usual. A child I care for was dropped off today with her mother in tears. Now, when people cross my path in tears I make every attempt to make sure they live with a smile. I asked what was going on and if there was a way I could help. She tells me about the recent news this last round of invetro didn't take.I became instantly grateful for having as many children as I do have and also to be trust
August 22, 2016
Day in and day out we log in, we check emails, respond to blogs, and answer questions. We dedicate time and energy into our websites and seek to improve our names reputation on the internet. Today, as I was doing those things, I hear an odd conversation taking place between my kids.My son: All you have to do is stand up.My Angel: That's a dumb answer.My older princess: I don't believe you know the meaning of dumb. What you should say is that's a stupid answer.My youngest: hey guys what's the an
August 21, 2016
In my endeavors to educate those closest to me, I've found the most common question to be what does it mean?Affiliate, by definition, means- A person or organization attaching themselves to a larger organization.We attach ourselves to established companies in order to gain a steady name for ourselves. It doesn't always work how we plan, but done well it does work. Of course this leads to question 2.Why would a larger company allow you to piggy back? That's very simple to answer. Its the old mot
August 19, 2016
I'm the thing that lurks at night,I live beneath your bed.I get into your dreams,I invade your head.I'm that little whisper,That single shred of doubt.Just when you think you'll make it,I make you go without.I am the thing you focus on,The thing you'd like to kill.I try your every effort,To make you do my will.I've stopped many in their tracks,In races they should win.I'm the thing that holds you back,When you think you should begin.Just that tiny shred of doubt,That hides within your mind.I am
August 18, 2016
Yesterday "Breaking Silence" became live on Amazon. I am excited about that. My two oldest daughters are in highschool I am not so excited about that. LOL.I was ready, I swear, I was even excited for them. I'm not anymore they could back to elementary and I would be okay with that. One day in around older boys and they've already got number's, and friends, and admirers.... I am happy that socially they do not face my problems, but I'm so sad by the realization that soon enough they will not NEE
August 16, 2016
The kids head off to school again next week. I am excited for the work I will be able accomplish while they improve their minds, but I will miss our adventures. Book number 2 is ahead of schedule. That means I get to relax just a little and take time to put it together exactly how I want it to be done. That being said I have NO CLUE how I want it done LOL! I am so indecisive when it comes down to tedious choices.SO....I'm going to ask for adviceWhich would you prefer....A book that had categori
August 14, 2016
Here at WA we are pay it forward community. You know the type of community in which "if I scratch your back then you'll scratch mine." We don't believe in getting first and getting later.Donating your time can make a difference not just for you, but for your fellow members here at WA. What this means specifically is that....1. To receive comments on your websites we ask that you first leave comments on other peoples websites. The program is set up so that for that every 2 comments you may requ