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Last Update: Oct 13, 2013


Thought I was leaving at the end of the month, which left me a little time to finish up at WA. Received an email from WA, probably an autoresponder, that read "We're sorry to see you go. ..You're account will be closed in a couple days." ??? My membership is paid through October 26th. So, why is it being closed in a couple days? That means I won't have time to reach the people I want to reach before leaving. What a way to go after four years of membership. That doesn't feel good. At any rate, bye again everybody. I'll still receive private messages for the next couple days if you want to reach me.

Your buddy, J.

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Hi Joan are you still about??

Joan, I've been lurking in the background for months (I've been so busy) but your leaving has pulled me out of the shadows.;) I want to thank you for all your past kindness and help and I hope to see you back again. Take good care. ~Denise

Thank you Denise. I appreciate you too. Just might see you here again. All the best.

Hi Joan,

How strange! I've recently come back with the same offer that dec944 got and you are listed as a person following me. Did you really follow me? I had 17 people following me the minute I returned, which seems sort of strange. Anyway,I recognized your picture from when I was here before and was going to follow you back only to find that you are leaving. As for the 'couple of days', I wouldn't take that literally. Take care!

Hi Isabella. Welcome back. We all seem to be coming or going. I must have followed you. I hope your stay this time is just what you want it to be. There have been many new and wonderful things added to the site. Who knows, I might be back too. Have fun. I love your pup.

Hi Joan,
Sorry to hear you're leaving. You'll be greatly missed here, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? That seems very odd to me that they would do that, but maybe they don't quite mean a couple of days? Best of luck to you and keep in touch! -Sherry

Sherry, I'm going to miss you all. I've been happy to get to know you here. Yes, let's stay in touch. Joy and prosperity in everything you do.

So sorry to see you go. I wish you the very best of luck now and in the future. Julie

Thank you Julie. I send you many good wishes for your happiness and fulfillment in all you do. It's been a pleasure to know you.

Surprising about the "HurrY Up and Go?" I was too when I left...They mean nothing by it...It's a machine. Just do what you can..Once again, Good Luck on your Project and come back to us in your own time...Bill

Thanks Bill. That's right, you had to leave for personal reasons and you came back. It feels like "don't slam the door behind you" technique. Loyalty is a 2 way street. I'm not impressed with this conduct.

Hi Joan:
Probably was an autoresponder message since you didn't renew your membership. A "couple of days" may mean 14 days to WA but 5 for you, so it's just a matter of interpretation. Nothing personal in my opinion.

At any rate, I did get your contact into so, again, kick butt on that project!


Actually I think the disconnect is also automatic. They shouldn't disconnect until the person's membership has expired. If I'm gone in 2 days, that'll be why.

If that happens, Joan, that is not right. I'm sure Kyle and Carson would not rip you off like that. Have you contacted them about the issue?

Not directly. I chewed out the billing department.

I heard from both Kyle and Carson. Yes, access to WA is fine until my membership expires. The autoresponder message needs to be changed.

Hi Joan, I'm so sorry to see you go. I will no doubt leave when my membership comes due in Feb, unless things change by then with my life. I've been too busy with other things, my antique mall business, my animals, learning to play the piano, am taking glass classes & even bought a small microwave kiln. I'm also taking classes in chain maille and I learned to do that Viking knit so I can make some cool jewelry to sell. I got a Sheltie puppy a couple weeks ago, so it's full time these days trying to get her to learn the concept of potty training, and that the rug is not a toilet. She wasn't socialized very well, so we're enrolled in puppy classes, how fun, but she's an unruly little thing, so it can't hurt. On top of that I have another dog and 8 cats, and I'm trying to get in shape, and have this 4 story house and large yards to take care of, by myself, it's just too much, so it's time to eliminate some things. I also need to get out and around some real people, so am joining some of these meetup groups for things that interest me. Anyway, if things settle down, I might stay, more like a hobby, if not, I probably won't. I haven't done much in a year, so it's not where my passion lies anyway, although I would like to learn how to have my own website, and all that entails, so we'll see.

I hate to see you go, but understand, everyone has to do what they have to do, I'm sure you will be missed by many here. I want to thank you for your help in the past, and for introducing me to Pinterest, unfortunately I got so addicted to it, I had to put it under a different email, out of sight, out of mind, but I'm still loving it when I go there. I wish you all the best in what you are going to do next, and maybe we'll both be back here again someday, people seem to come and go quite a bit, and this is already my second time around, so you never know. Good luck to you........Cindi

Thanks Cindi. I'm sending you a PM.

Thank you Poetman. And to you as well.

Hopefully we will see you back.
Good wishes and a prayer for safety, no matter where your travels and life may take you :)

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